WYG strengthens Turkey’s EU positioning


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06 March 2012

WYG strengthens Turkey’s EU positioning

WYG, a leading global company in wastewater projects is helping Turkey reach EU standards by facilitating improvements to environmental protection and living standards for two eastern Turkey cities.

Through its appointment on two wastewater projects, one in Siverek and the other in Ordu totalling nearly €5m, the global multi-disciplinary consultancy is supporting Turkey’s ambition to join the EU.  The country is investing heavily in improvements to water supply, sewerage and wastewater treatment, and integrated solid waste management in order to meet the requirements of the European wastewater directives.

Working on behalf of the Turkish Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, both projects will help Turkey provide the two cities’ combined population of 265,455 with improved hygiene, fully functioning sewerage and drainage systems, proper sanitation facilities and wastewater treatment facilities. 
Levent Erkan, Regional Managing Director of Middle East, North Africa (MENA) and Turkey, WYG said: “These two wastewater projects play a significant role in helping Turkey to meet the required standards expected under the European wastewater directives whilst improving the living conditions of its people.

“Working out of our office in Ankara, we will provide technical assistance for both projects, through administrative and technical capacity building to the municipalities’ water utility departments.  This is expected to significantly improve the efficiency and sustainability of the departments’ management activities, leading to better operational and financial results.”

The two projects form part of the Turkish Ministry of Environment and Urbanization’s ‘IPA Environmental Operational Programme’ (EOP). The programme aims to improve environmental protection and living standards for the Turkish people by supporting investments in the environment infrastructure sector in accordance with EU standard.

Mr Ercan Tortop, Director of the Department of EU Investments (the Contracting Authority) said: “Ordu is the first project of the Department of EU Investments within the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. As Ministry personnel, we have spent extra efforts to accomplish the tender procedures of both the Ordu and Siverek projects in collaboration with the relevant municipalities and would like to see the completion of the works for related water/wastewater investments within the following two to three year period.”

The project in Ordu, which began in November 2011, will provide an integrated approach on wastewater management in the region through establishment of wastewater treatment plant, sludge handling facilities and a marine outfall system which will contribute to achieving the targets of EOP. 

Siverek has a population of 120,000 and, at present, there is no properly designed sewerage system and no wastewater treatment facility. The works for Siverek wastewater treatment plant began in January 2012 and will be an activated sludge plant for carbon removal producing stabilised sludge.

WYG will assist the Siverek Municipality in developing and operating an efficient water and wastewater department, providing construction supervision services for the wastewater treatment plant and construction supervision for wastewater and storm water collectors as well as facilitating the rehabilitation of Esmerçayı Creek.

Both projects are anticipated to be complete by November 2015.


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