About Us

Xergi designs and builds biogas plants. Based upon more than 30 years' experience, the company has developed plant concepts which are flexible, robust in their construction, reliable in operations, and easy to operate. Xergi focuses on ensuring the customer gets maximum yield on investments. It is our experience that a high quality plant ensures stable operation and a high gas production. As an active partner in all stages of the project, Xergi can assist with project development, dealing with relevant authorities, project design, procurement, construction, commissioning of the plant and its subsequent operation. A skilled teamWith more than 50 biogas plants as references, Xergi has built up a large field of expertise in all professional areas - including biology, chemistry, engineering physics, procurement and finance - necessary to ensure a successful biogas project. International experienceXergi always develops and implements its biogas projects based on local market conditions and legislation. Our list of references includes biogas plants in the US, UK, France, Germany, Denmark and several other European countries.