Buy Jon Olsson’s unique glacier spike tires at Yaytrade

Are you having a hard time getting the most out of your sports cars’ horsepower in the rough February cold? At the new, innovative marketplace Yaytrade you can give your sports car a better grip by acquiring the unique set of spike tires that got the well known skier and car enthusiast Jon Olsson to the top of a glacier.

Jon Olsson’s spectacular Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 was equipped with custom-made spike tires when he drove up the 1,450 meter high glacier Fonna in Norway. He also drove the eye-catching car down the glacier through a slalom course – just to make sure that the tires could handle the icy curves. Were the tires’ up for it? Well, you’ll be the judge!

Watch the video clips of the remarkable ride:
See pictures of the tires:

The Hankook tires that Jon used is 19 inches wide at the front and 20 inches wide at the back and every 16 millimeter nail stud is placed on the tire by hand.

– Driving up a mountain like this in a rear-wheel driven Lamborghini with 640 horsepower and 16 mm nails is hard to beat! I had an absolutely incredible grip and I really love these tires, said Jon Olsson triumphantly after the breathtaking ride.

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