Ten reasons to choose a brand new home

Is it better to buy a brand new home or to move into an old apartment? There are rational and emotional reasons for buying a new home.

1. No renovation worries Moving into a brand new apartment means there are no renovation worries. You can forget pipe repairs and facade renovations as well as small facelifts.

2. Fresh indoor air A big plus in a new apartment is fresh air. Thanks to machine ventilation, indoor air is fresh. Construction materials and technology are modern—for instance, certified materials and working methods are used in wet areas. The temperature stays sufficiently low and there is no draft in a new apartment. Low-emission construction materials also have an effect on good indoor air. A new apartment is a good choice if you have allergies.

3. Save energy A new apartment is more energy-efficient than an old one. Ventilation restores heat and structures are compact. In addition, the household appliances in a new apartment save energy and the water supply fittings save water.

4. Modern equipment The technical solutions are contemporary. A new apartment comes with integrated data cables and a sufficient number of aerial and power sockets. New apartments have machine ventilation and the apartment-specific water metering is increasingly automatic.

5. Functional space These days, space solutions take functionality better into consideration: every square meter is in use. This also means that you can have a functional home with less square meters and can avoid paying for extra space. In other words, the total price of a new apartment can be very competitive compared to an old apartment.

6. Brand new materials The materials in a new apartment are modern. For instance, taking a shower in a shiny new bathroom feels like luxury.

7. Customized home When you act early, you can have a say on the interior materials. Usually, there are several materials available and many of them for no extra charge. Bigger alterations are possible for extra cost if they fit the schedule.

8. Ready-tested solutions In YIT’s homes, new residents are not treated like guinea pigs because all our solutions have been tested and approved beforehand—whether a technical solution or the functionality of a surface material.

9. Easy financing Only 15 percent of the apartment’s debt-free price is paid when signing the contract and the rest is paid when the apartment is completed. Therefore, there is plenty of time, for instance, to sell your old apartment. You can also take advantage of the cooperative mortgage because, often, only interest is paid for the first couple of years.

10. New is new Some buyers only look at new apartments. There are many rational reasons for buying a new apartment but the most important reason can be the feeling that your home is yours immediately after it has been completed and no one else has lived in it.

For further information, please contact: Pekka Helin, Senior Vice President, Housing Business Development, +358 40 588 8135

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