Future Materials Group announces growth capital investment by DPE in SLM Solutions GmbH.

Cambridge-based advisory Future Materials Group (FMG) is pleased to announce the successful completion of the growth capital investment by DPE Deutsche Private Equity (DPE) in SLM Solutions GmbH (SLM), a leading global manufacturer of metal-based Additive Manufacturing technologies.

FMG has been working closely with SLM owners Hans-Joachim Ihde and Henner Schöneborn to define the company’s strategy for growth, and then to design, launch and manage the capital raising process. Commenting on the investment, FMG managing directors Adrian Williams and David Schofield said, “SLM Solutions now have the financial resources and partner to fully exploit their world class technology in the innovative and rapidly growing field of Additive Manufacturing.”

With over a decade of experience in metal-based Additive Manufacturing, Lübeck(Germany) -based SLM is a leading pioneer of the emerging laser-based technology Selective Laser Melting.” It is a patented process well suited to short series production of highly complex metal components. With an already strong presence in the field of research and development, SLM’s Additive Manufacturing technologies, which also encompasses vacuum and metal casting machines, are now increasingly used in production applications across the aerospace, automotive, tool engineering, dental and medical sectors.

Delighted with this major new investment, Hans-Joachim Ihde sees the investment opening the door to exciting new opportunities: “As an innovative company, we have been instrumental in developing Selective Laser Melting technologies for the production of prototypes and small series components. With the investment from our new shareholder we can further develop SLM, and bolster its acceptance as a production technology across many sectors. DPE has proven themselves to be the right partner for us, and are strongly supporting us to meet the exceptional market growth anticipated in the medium-term.”

Providing growth capital to companies in sectors with good long-term prospects, DPE Deutsche Private Equity, founded in 2007, has an initial committed capital of €250m, and operates in German-speaking countries.

Volker Hichert, managing partner at DPE, says “SLM Solutions demonstrated to us they were innovative, flexible and very well positioned in this market.” Lars Becker, director at DPE, further adds, "With the finance from DPE, SLM can now expand their market position through greater investment in technology, sales and service, and plan for dynamic growth."

For further information, please contact:

Ralf Helkenberg, +44 (0)1223 421476 or ralf.helkenberg@futurematerialsgroup.com

About FMG: Cambridge (UK) -based advisory Future Materials Group (FMG) operates globally, to provide clients in the Advanced Materials and High Value Manufacturing sectors with respected CXO and Board-level support for growth at any stage of their business development. FMG services include: growth strategy development; growth acceleration planning; managing mergers and acquisitions; developing strategic partnerships, and sourcing and managing growth finance that is tailored to the client’s ambitions.The company’s expertise is underpinned by a deep understanding of the sectors in which it and its clients operate. FMG’s multi-disciplinary approach blends advisory and transaction support with planning and the international networks to convert opportunities into actual revenue, market share and long-term value.  


About SLM Solutions GmbH: Lübeck(Germany) -based SLM Solutions GmbH, is a leading manufacturer of Additive Manufacturing technologies and machines for the direct manufacture “Selective Laser Melting”  of small series components and prototypes, as well as vacuum and metal casting pmachines. SLM’s technologies are predominately employed in manufacturing applications in the aerospace, automotive, dental and medical and sectors.  Services offered also include technology support for low melting alloy applications, and the supply of spare parts, materials and metal powders. 


About DPE Deutsche Private Equity GmbH: Funds advised by DPE Deutsche Private Equity GmbH provide growth capital to companies in sectors with long-term fundamental growth prospects. Deutsche Private Equity is an independent German private equity firm, which was launched by Marc Thiery and Volker Hichert in December 2007 with the backing of Parcom Capital, a pan European investment subsidiary of the Dutch ING Group. Parcom Capital has over €2bn invested in over 250 companies.

The fund currently advised by DPE Deutsche Private Equity GmbH (Parcom Deutschland) has an initial committed capital of €250m and targets €5-50m equity investments in German, Swiss and Austrian middle market companies with enterprise values of €10-150m in the following sectors: business services, education, healthcare, industrial technology and alternative energy/environment. As an active partner of management teams, DPE aims to develop companies over longer holding periods (5-10+ years) through organic and external growth.