Zircotec continues technical partnership with Marc VDS Racing, as the Moto2 champions graduate to the premier league of motorbike racing

Successful application of Zircotec’s ceramic exhaust coatings on 600cc Moto2 machines convinces the team to continue technical partnership

2014 Moto2 World Champions, Marc VDS Racing, will continue relying upon the advanced and highly durable thermal management coatings of Zircotec, having proven the wide-ranging benefits in a series of extensive back-to-back tests since 2012. The team has successfully recorded surface temperature reductions of up to 55 percent. The heat reductions have led to improved reliability, driveability and also a reduced risk of rider fatigue, especially in the face of extreme climatic conditions throughout the season.

“As the team defends the Moto2 title in 2015, for us it was vital to continue our use of Zircotec’s ThermoHold® coatings,” says Pete Benson, chief mechanic at Marc VDS Racing. “Through an extensive track testing programme, we’ve found that surface temperature reductions on the Moto2 bike ranged from 31 percent to an impressive 55 percent, with a typical reduction of around 40 percent. The 40 percent reduction came as surface temperatures fell from 421° C to 252° C, which is astonishing.”

“The coatings have consistently proven themselves over the past three seasons to perform even under the most extreme conditions, keeping the heat within the manifold and getting it away from the engine as quickly as possible,” says Benson. “We tend to change manifolds after 3000kms, but have never found a trace of deterioration of the coating.”

Demonstrating the value of the partnership both on and off track, test data from Marc VDS’ Moto2 ‘bikes was used to develop Zircotec’s Endurance™ range of motorcycle exhaust coatings. “Our Endurance coating is now already specified by motorcycle manufacturers and is available for any motorcyclist to manage heat and keep their exhausts looking good,” concludes Zircotec’s managing director Terry Graham.

The MotoGP championship kicks off in Qatar on the 29th March.

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