How connectivity is changing bus operations

Volvo Buses is already using data collected from its vehicles to improve fuel efficiency, safety and uptime. As connectivity continues to rapidly increase, huge potential to transform the whole industry is being unlocked.

Ecologist Terry Chapin, creator of the concept of Earth Stewardship, receives the Volvo Environment Prize 2019

An ecology professor who has spent decades doing research and field work in the challenging conditions of the Arctic is the winner of the Volvo Environment Prize 2019

Invitation to press and analyst conference in Stockholm

The Volvo Group report for the third quarter 2019 will be published on October 18, 2019 at 7

Connectivity milestone

On Thursday 3 October, Volvo Construction Equipment handed over four excavators equipped with Volvo’s telematics system CareTrack to a Danish customer.

The Volvo Group passes the milestone of one million connected customer assets for increased sustainability, uptime and safety

The Volvo Group has delivered more than one million connected customer assets, in terms of delivered trucks, buses, and construction equipment

50 years of studying real accidents to improve road safety

This year marks the 50th anniversary since Volvo Trucks’ Accident Research Team began to systematically gather, analyse and act upon in-depth information about real-life traffic accidents. The knowledge gained provides unique value in the development of safety systems and future vehicle designs, with the objective of making trucks and transport safer.

A future of more sustainable solutions

The Volvo Group is at the forefront when it comes to connectivity. With more than one million connected customer assets throughout the world, Volvo Group processes a vast amount of data for its customers – data that can contribute to a better tomorrow.

Together for safety

Safety has always been a focus area for the Volvo Group. It is in our DNA, and it is a natural part of our future. One million connected customer assets contribute to our already strong foundation and open up for new possibilities when it comes to safety.

Increased efficiency with connectivity

The world is facing challenges in terms of globalization and urbanization. The demand for even more efficient transportation of both people and goods is growing. When it comes to efficiency, uptime is essential – and connectivity is one of the keys to keep vehicles and machines up and running.

New number of votes in AB Volvo

The number of votes in AB Volvo has changed due to the conversion of a total of 40 Series A shares to a total of 40 Series B shares