Decarbonizing Aviation Explained by Neste

For the aviation industry to grow sustainably, measures need to be taken to reduce the aviation-related emissions. Watch the video to learn how Neste is taking part in reducing emissions!

#NesteLife explained by our people: What is working at Neste like?

Watch the video and find out how our people explain #NesteLife (working life at Neste) and why you should join us! 

Find more details about career at Neste here:

Neste promoting the marine environmental work together with customers

Watch the video and find out how Neste high-quality marine fuels reduce emissions of marine operations!

Welcome to Zero Island │ Neste

Neste’s Zero Island project cuts emissions on Lidö by 78%

Sweden is aiming to become climate neutral by 2045. However, it has been estimated by the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) that we may have as little as twelve years to tackle climate change. To examine what it takes to reduce CO2 emissions as fast as possible, Neste and its partners set to turn the island of Lidö in the Swedish archipelago into a climate neutral Zero Island in just twelve months. As a result of the project, the island’s emissions were brought down by an impressive 78 percent from their previous levels.

Neste reusing carbon

With our patented NEXBTL technology, we produce renewable fuels from waste and residues that enable our customers to reduce their CO2 emissions.
Now we start to use the same technology to replace fossil raw materials with renewable feedstock in materials, such as plastics.
In addition, we develop chemical recycling expertise. It can be used to liquefy waste plastics, feed them back into the production process and give them a new life, as new materials or as fuel. This cycle can be done again and again.

Zero Menu - A delicious way to cut emissions

Innovation Explained by Neste

Innovation is what makes the impossible possible! Watch our video to learn how!

Neste – Zero Vacation

The Zero Vacation is a part of Neste’s Zero Island project that looks for different ways to reach zero emissions in Sweden. The vacations take place on the naturally beautiful island of Lidö, where people can enjoy their vacations swimming, staying in the beautiful zero cabin Nolla and sampling delicious dishes from the specially designed, sustainable Zero Menu.

Neste Singapore Expansion 2022

Our journey towards a carbon neutral world continues with the biggest investment in Neste’s history! This expansion will help our customers reduce their carbon footprint. Watch the video to find out more!

Neste strategy: It's time to act faster and bolder

Everything we do serves one purpose: Creating a healthier planet for our children.

Watch the video and find out more on Neste renewed long-term strategy on becoming a global leader in renewable and circular solutions, faster and bolder.

Plastic waste explained by Neste

Neste explores the use of waste plastic as a raw material for fuels, chemicals and new plastics. Watch the video and learn how!

Find out more also on our website on how Neste is taking a big leap forward in low carbon refining and circular economy:

Neste highlights 2018: Towards a healthier planet

2018 was quite a year for us. Watch the full video and find out how! 

The greatest journeys don’t start with a step – they start with a leap. 
We picked up the pace on our journey towards a healthier planet
And continued our work as a global leader in renewable products made from waste and residues.

The journey took us all around the world.

We decided to make a significant investment in the production capacity of sustainable products in Singapore.

Demand for renewables grew globally. Neste MY was launched in Sweden and Latvia and it gained foothold in Friesland in the Netherlands and in many Finnish cities. 

We set a goal to decarbonize aviation, and announced partnerships with Air BP, Alaska Airlines and Dallas Fort Worth International Airport.
We created Nolla, the zero cabin that made sustainable vacations fashionable.

We helped our clients on their journey towards a fossil-free. 

And set out to see, if we could make an island called Lidö in Sweden completely fossil-free in just one year.

But everywhere we went, we saw more and more global challenges that called for new solutions and innovations.
We started exploring ways to introduce liquefied waste plastic as a future raw material for fuels, chemicals and new plastics.
We continued making preparations for the world’s first commercial scale production of bio-based plastic with IKEA and joined forces with Clariant to start developing and making new sustainable material solutions available for a variety of industries.
Together with NBA star Lauri Markkanen, we challenged everyone to play their part by lowering their carbon footprint.

Our employees all around the world shared their passion for renewal through voluntary work.

We even had robots working with us.
We launched learning games for the process industry.
We renewed our place as one of the most sustainable companies in the world.

And more importantly, Neste’s renewables helped our customers reduce their global climate emissions.
We’ve come a long way, but creating a healthier planet for our children is a journey that never ends.

Bio-based plastics explained by Neste

Bio-based plastics produced with Neste are suitable for all plastics applications while also reusable and recyclable. Watch the video to learn more!

Cleaner burning with Neste Renewable Fuels

Watch how Neste Renewable Fuels burns compared to fossil fuel! 
More information on renewable fuels:

Neste Engineering Solutions explained

Neste Engineering Solutions facilitate customers transformation towards circular economy. Watch the video and find out how!