ÅF - a popular employer for Tekniksprångare

IVA recently compiled a report describing ÅF's involvement in Tekniksprånget “the technological leap” in 2014. ÅF is a popular employer with high application statistics, especially amongst young women.

During the autumn of 2014, ÅF took part in Tekniksprånget “the technological leap” for the first time. Tekniksprånget is a national initiative, which IVA operates on behalf of the Swedish government. In 2014 it involved 170 employers. Six young adepts in Stockholm and Gothenburg joined ÅF for a four-month long internship.

Great interest in ÅF

For this years’ internship around 1,800 young people applied, of whom 42 percent are women and 58 percent men. Of those who do internships just over half are women. Last year 295 people applied for an internship with ÅF, of which 48 percent were women and 52 percent men. This fall, the number of applicants has in principle doubled to 430 people, of whom 45 percent are women and 55 percent men. This year 230 employers are participating.

The report also shows that ÅF attracts many young adults and the number of women who apply to us is higher than the average! The government has announced an extension of the programme as it considers that a high female participation in the programme could ultimately contribute to increased recruitment of women to engineering.

Facts Tekniksprånget

Via Tekniksprånget the Swedish employers and government are investing to preserve Sweden's engineering tradition and strengthen the country's long-term competitiveness. Through the programme young people who have left upper secondary NE and TE programs are offered an opportunity to try out the engineering profession for four months.

The goal is for more people to choose higher engineering studies, as well as making more students completing their education

• Tekniksprångets target market is about 20,000 young people (graduates with eligibility to apply engineering courses)

• Over 8,500 young people have applied for internship

• About 2,000 young people have received internship

• After completing the internship, 8 of 10 has started an engineering education or planning to initiate such

• Tekniksprånget has a higher proportion of women applying than the technical universities (2014, 39 per cent of applicants to the technological leap women, the corresponding figure for the technical colleges was 28 percent)

For more information please contact Carina Kit, ÅF, carina.kit@afconsult.com


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