ÅF is awarded a new contract for consulting services for Pumped Storage Hydro Power Plant in Saudi Arabia

ÅF in Switzerland won new project with Saudi Electricity Company (SEC) for the Consulting Services of the Feasibility Study and Tender Design of Pumped Hydro Energy Storage Projects at Wadi Baysh Dam.

ÅF signed the contract with SEC who is in charge to develop, generate, transmit, and distribute electric power in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).

The load profile of the Saudi electrical power system is characterized by high load during the day and low load during the night time, this is more prominent during the summer months when the demand is high. To reduce this peak during the day or flatten the load and save on the thermal power plant a large amount of storage is required. Moreover, Saudi Arabia is embarking on the massive renewable energy program to diversify the generation mix. In order to attain the full potential of renewable energy there is a requirement of a large storage system.

The proposed Baysh hydroelectric pumped storage plant is expected to provide a large storage for improving the electrical load curve or for the storage of the renewable energy. The pumped storage power plant will have an installed capacity of about 1000 MW and will be located at the mountain area near to the Gulf of Aqaba.

The tasks of the consulting services include:

  • Concept study including geotechnical investigations and environmental and social impact study (ESIA),
  • Feasibility study and economical and financial assessment of the two sites viabilities.
  • Conducting tender design and documentations
  • Technical support during contract procurement.

The lead of the project is with AF in Switzerland with the support of Sweden for the environmental tasks.

For more information please contact Dieter Müller, ÅF, dieter.mueller@afconsult.com


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