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Altaal is a Nordic investment firm for alternatives operating through private market platforms built on knowledge and societal changes. The firm focuses on real assets with inflation hedged income coupled with positive ESG impact potential. For further information, please visit


Since its inception, Altaal has operated in a turbulent market but has grown by an impressive 70% per year without compromising on quality and risk management. There are likely to be many interesting business opportunities ahead, and Altaal is well-prepared for this
Erik Penser, co-founder of Altaal
We are in a unique position where we can now act on business situations in the real estate industry that arise in the wake of interest rate increases and financial stress
Henrik Schmidt, co-founder of Altaal
The green transition currently happening across Nordic infrastructure and transportation requires capital, and it is very stimulating to be able to contribute to this transformation
Stefan Gattberg, co-founder of Altaal
We were pioneers when we started investing in Nordic corporate bonds in an institutional and systematic manner. As an integral part of the Altaal group, we gain the capacity to analyse investment opportunities regardless of their position in the capital structure, once again breaking new ground
Jakob Eliasson, founder of NCP
We are pleased to announce SONY as our latest tenant of Omega Court. This partnership aligns with our commitment to sustainability and our goal to enhance daily life through thoughtful amenities like a yoga room, a restaurant, and a laundry service. We are committed to creating an environment that combines EU taxonomy alignment and tenant experience.
Edward Ekbom, investment manager of Altaal
A polarization has occurred in the market, where concept-driven landlords with high-quality assets attract tenants. Rental levels are not the key factor in negotiations. It is all about EU taxonomy alignment, tenant experience and asset uniqueness.
Stefan Gattberg, co-founder of Altaal
We are working hard to meet our existing and new tenants' requirements on location, EU taxonomy alignment and tenant experience. With our high asset quality concepts, Colony ( and Omega Court, we have managed to attract tier-1 tenants such as SONY, DHL, SSH, Gerako, and CGI, among others, totaling around 20,000 sqm in the last 24 months.
Henrik Schmidt, co-founder of Altaal
We were immediately captivated by the distinctive quality and innovative design of Colony's premises. It's evident that Colony doesn't just provide office spaces; they create environments that inspire and energise. This alignment with our own values made the decision to partner with Colony an easy one. We are excited to move into a space that so clearly reflects our commitment to excellence and forward-thinking.
Michael Kommonen, CFO of SSH
We are very happy to welcome SSH to Colony Pitäjänmäki. It is great to see that Colony’s green hybrid concept once again succeeds in attracting a high-quality company to one of our buildings. By providing top-quality premises with a wide range of amenities in sustainable buildings well adapted for the future, Colony is able to meet the high standards of companies and their employees.
Leo Suokannas, Director of Colony
We are very excited with the selection and location of our new head office. Being a Great Place to Work, we at DHL Express consider our people as the number one priority. The environment in which we work has a big impact on our motivation, productivity, and wellbeing. With our decision to relocate our Head Office to Colony Airport we want to ensure our workspaces support the evolving needs of our modern workforce, empowering our employees to work flexibly and nurture their physical and mental wellbeing also in the future
Oktay Nuri, Managing Director of DHL Express Finland
We strongly believe in our green hybrid concept. We want to offer green premises for wellbeing and an active lifestyle that also nurture productivity to fulfil the high standing requirements of our successful tenants. After exclusive discussions with a selected number of performing companies, work-life balance seems to be one important key to success
Leo Suokannas, Director of Colony
London is the centre for the European investment market and the gateway for international capital targeting trending investment themes such as our niche platforms.
Stefan Gattberg, Co-Founder Altaal
The ongoing disruption in the market will pave the way for new niche investors free from portfolio legacy to act on Nordic and European opportunities as they emerge. Altaal has demonstrated its ability to identify and build platforms around green performing assets in Brussels, Helsinki and Stockholm and I hope to add significantly to that success story from London.
Niels Christoffersson, Partner Altaal, London
London is the financial heart of Europe which presents exciting investment opportunities as well as access to global capital targeting alternative investments. Altaal offers a unique approach to alternative investing with its operational niched platforms and their approach to sustainability, combining purpose with profit.
Jakob Dahlstedt, Executive Board Member Altaal, London
I am confident that Niels and Jakob will add value to our team and have a positive impact on our strategy going forward.
Henrik Schmidt, Co-Founder Altaal
We are positive on office and lab space for many reasons, one being that the sector pricing did not get accelerated during the pandemic. Being able to buy a green BREEAM certified office and lab space building in one of Europe’s most attractive leasing markets, together with a very experienced local partner that we have known for many years fits Areelo perfectly. We can also significantly benefit from the knowledge that we gain in Altaal’s sister platform, Colony – Green hybrid offices.
Henrik Schmidt, founder at Altaal and chairman of Areelo
We are now seeing leasing demand for lab and office space with high sustainable building features. We are committed to execute on our business plan and to deliver an even green designed tenant experience.
says David Anving, Partner at 1zone Capital and board member of Areelo
We are positive on Finland and Helsinki for many reasons, such as its political stability, economic growth and ability to deliver fundamental infrastructure projects, which drives long-term growth. The EUR 1 billion airport update is a success and the development of a tram station next to the property in 2028 is welcomed.
Stefan Gattberg, founder and partner at Altaal and chairman of Colony
We are now seeing office leasing edging closer to pre-pandemic levels but occupiers demand quality stock with highly sustainable building features. Our focus on green hybrid offices in the best locations seem to be a winning model for the tenant of tomorrow.
Teemu Saxén, Partner at Avant Capital Partners and CEO of Colony
We are pleased that Asuntosäätiö, the original developer of Tapiola, shares our green values and appreciates the wooden architecture of Pekka Helin. Asuntosäätiö is active in the development of Tapiola and we are delighted that their premises reflect the original values of Tapiola, the first Garden city in Finland. During the process we have learned that the name of the area, Tapiola is a result of a competition organized by Asuntosäätiö.
Stefan Gattberg, founder and partner at Altaal and chairman of Colony
We are pleased that CGI remains as the anchor tenant in the building, showcasing the strength in Colony’s tenant offering of green hybrid office space in attractive locations in and around Helsinki. This gives further evidence that our green flexible concept meets the requirements for modern office space sought by ambitious employers.
Teemu Saxen, CEO of Colony
It is our strong belief that a close and proactive dialogue between the landlord and the tenant focusing on its employees is crucial in future-proofing our buildings in order to remain at the forefront and be attractive in the Finnish office market. We look forward to sharing similar success stories within short in our other locations and further develop the Helsinki office market
Stefan Gattberg, founder and partner at Altaal and chairman of Colony
Changing the name to Colony and launching the website, is the latest step in deepening our relationship and interaction with tenants and their employees. With this new customer facing brand, we hope to become even more visible with our unique 100% green hybrid vision.
Henrik Schmidt, founder and partner at Altaal
We are proud to welcome Klaus to join us in our effort of building the leading green hybrid office company in the Helsinki region. The experience and knowledge that Klaus brings will be highly valuable in achieving our goals.
Stefan Gattberg, founder and partner at Altaal and chairman of Colony
Norrköping är en strategiskt viktig ort för oss och vi är mycket glada över chansen att få etablera oss här. Säljaren har gjort ett fantastiskt jobb tillsammans med kommunen och det ska bli kul att få ta över stafettpinnen i denna nya stadsdel som kombinerar det bästa av staden och den vackra naturen. Behovet av sociala bostäder för seniorer är stort och här har vi alla förutsättningar att utveckla en produkt som rimmar väl med vad vi som bolag står för.
Eric Swahn
Tillväxtresan fortsätter i Bolivo Bostad och vi är glada att kunna möta den underliggande efterfrågan vi ser runtom i landet. Vi har en projektbank med cirka 1 000 bostäder i olika faser och jobbar hårt för att nå vårt övergripande mål om långsiktig närvaro i 100 kommuner.
Henrik Schmidt
Vi är mycket glada över möjligheten att få etablera oss i Sandviken och utveckla vårt samarbete med Svenska Kyrkan. Behovet av moderna sociala bostäder för Sveriges seniorer kommer fortsätta att vara mycket stort och vårt mål är att kunna erbjuda attraktiva boendealternativ för dem
Max Sörensen, Bolivo Bostad
Vi har just nu en pipeline med över 500 bostäder i ett tvåsiffrigt antal växande kommuner och jobbar fokuserat enligt vår strategi att bygga ett fastighetsbolag med ett tydligt serviceerbjudande med etablering i 100 kommuner
Henrik Schmidt, Altaal
The office building is the first commercial building constructed using wooden elements in Finland and is rated as a “FinnForest Modular Office”. Furthermore the building also has a ‘BREEAM Very Good In-Use’ certificate.
Stefan Gattberg, founder Altaal
We are eager to expand our Helsinki centric property business with quality, ESG and activity at its core.
Henrik Schmidt, founder Altaal
Stockholm is one of the most vibrant eco-systems for tech-driven investments with a fantastic pool of entrepreneurs with the ambition and drive to become successful in disrupting the conservative sectors we act within”
Stefan Gattberg, founder Altaal
Vietnam is fundamentally one of the most promising economies today and we are excited to support Fram^ in building a tech-driven loan provider targeting smaller businesses in Vietnam that today experience an issue with receiving growth financing via the existing banking system”
Henrik Schmidt, founder Altaal
We are pleased to acquire this fantastic building from Keva and excited to offer our investors a unique blend of real asset exposure, impact investing and dividend coupled with an entrepreneurial management team
Stefan Gattberg, founder Altaal
Altaal is continuing to deliver on its overarching strategy to be a positive impact investor within niche real asset strategies. The brown-to-green theme is an example of how we put positive impact investing into practice
Henrik Schmidt, founder Altaal
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