ABS Guides Industry on NOx Emissions Compliance and Launches New NOx Notation

Latest ABS Advisory Details NOx Tier III Best Practice

(HOUSTON) ABS has published the ABS Advisory on NOx Tier III Compliance to provide best practice for IMO Tier III compliance for new build vessels and retrofitted ships.

The advisory includes an overview of available technologies, evaluates considerations for the selection of compliance options and outlines the process for statutory and class approval. It also details best practices for installation and integration of exhaust emission control systems and challenges typically encountered during their operation.

ABS has also launched two supporting notations. The new NOx notation recognizes vessels with engines complying with appropriate MARPOL requirements. The new LEV notation recognizes low emission vessels equipped with engines complying with EU Regulations.

“The industry is looking for assistance on understanding requirements and demonstrating compliance. This advisory and the NOx and LEV notations are a fantastic means both for guiding vessel owners and operators through the maze of regulation and technology and highlighting that a vessel meets the regulations. This is another example of ABS responding to shipping’s needs with practical, accessible and timely guidance,” said Gareth Burton, ABS Vice President, Technology.

The advisory is just the latest guidance to the industry from ABS in the area of emissions, with the Guide for the Environmental Protection Notations for Vessels and the recently updated ABS Guide on Exhaust Emission Abatement.

To download a copy of the advisory visit here. For the Guide for the Environmental Protection Notations for Vessels visit here. For the Guide on Exhaust Emission Abatement visit here.