IGE: IGE Resources conducts a reverse split at the ratio of 10:1

The Annual General Meeting of IGE Resources AB decided Friday 2nd August 2013 to conduct a reverse split of its outstanding shares. The Board was authorized to decide the record date and have now determined this date to Tuesday 17th December 2013.

Last day of trading in IGE shares on the Oslo Stock Exchange before the reverse split is Thursday 12th December 2013. The first day of trading in IGE shares after the reverse split is Friday 13th December 2013, which means that the share price from and including 13th of December 2013 will reflect the effect of the reverse split.

After the reverse split of the outstanding shares in the ratio 10:1, ie 10 IGE shares will be consolidated into one share, the number of outstanding shares in IGE will be 18,174,992 shares with a par value of SEK 0.50 per share.

The shareholders will automatically receive a new, lower number of shares in proportion to their holding on the last day of trading in IGE shares on the Oslo Stock Exchange before the reverse split. For shareholders who on the record date owns a number of shares that can not be divided by 10, IGE will ensure that the number of shares will be rounded up to the number required.

Shareholders are not required to take any action in connection with the reverse split.

Schedule for the reverse split

12th of December 2013                          

Last day of trading in the IGE shares before the reverse split

13th of December 2013                          

First day of trading in the IGE shares after the reverse split

17th of December 2013                         

Record date for the reverse split

18th of December 2013

Guarantee shares will be allocated

For further information please contact:

Stefan Persson

Chairman, Nickel Mountain Group AB 

Tel: +46 8 402 28 00 / Mobil: +46 70 486 21 90

E-mail: info@ige.se

Nickel Mountain Group AB (publ) is a Swedish company headquartered in Stockholm. Its shares are listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange (ticker: IGE). Please refer to www.ige.se for more detailed information.

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