–Transform your IKEA sofa with Bemz new velvet slipcovers

Velvet is here to stay. With Bemz new velvet slipcovers in this year’s muted Nordic colours, you can easily transform your IKEA sofa and create an updated style. Bemz is proud to announce its new line of contemporary velvet covers. Our Malmen Velvet is made with a tightly woven, short, fine pile surface, in a Scandi-inspired palette of muted shades. The result is a contemporary, matte, soft-washed look, that will lend a discreetly sophisticated style to any IKEA sofa and any room. The first colours in the Malmen palette are Sand Beige, Zinc Grey, Mineral Blue and Straw Yellow. Four more colours will be added this autumn to the Malmen Velvet line; Ivy Green, Chestnut, Indigo Blue and Rose.

Malmen Velvet is available across our complete range of products, from IKEA sofa, chair and  armchair covers to a complete range of accessories for the bedroom, including bedskirts, bedspreads, headboards, curtains and more. And like all of our fabrics, Malmen Velvet is high quality, machine washable and made in a European factory where we personally know our seamstresses and their work conditions.

Are you planning a photoshoot and would like to use a slipcover in Malmen Velvet, or any of our 250+ fabrics? Press orders are sewn to order and take up to two weeks to be made and delivered.

Ikea Vimle with Bemz cover in Malmen Velvet Sand Beige

Ikea Vimle with Bemz cover in Malmen Velvet Zinc Grey

Ikea Ektorp with Bemz cover in Malmen Velvet Mineral Blue

Ikea Vimle footstool with Bemz cover in Malmen Velvet Straw Yellow

Ikea Vimle with Bemz cover in Malmen Velvet Rose

For high resolution images please go to our Malmen Velvet press album.

For further press information and press requests, please contact Emma Shanley, PR Manager Global, or +46 (0)76 205 01 50.

About Bemz

Bemz is a global e-commerce textile design company specialising in custom made covers for IKEA furniture. The company was founded in Stockholm in 2005 by Lesley Pennington. All Bemz fabrics are machine washable and are specially selected for their high quality. The business idea is based on the idea of both transforming IKEA furniture and extending its life. All Bemz products are made to order to eliminate waste and all production takes place in Europe.