Antisoma and BioInvent sign BC-1 monoclonal antibody manufacturing agreement

Antisoma and BioInvent sign BC-1 monoclonal antibody manufacturing agreement [London, UK & Lund, Sweden; date 2001] Antisoma plc (LSE:ASM, EASD:ASOM) and BioInvent International AB today announce an agreement for the production of muBC-1, a murine monoclonal antibody. muBC-1 will be used by Antisoma to develop a radiolabelled product, AngioMab, which is a potential anti-angiogenic treatment for targeted cancer therapy. Under the agreement, BioInvent will carry out process development and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practise) production of the antibody ready for radiolabelling, to meet both European (EMEA) and US (FDA) standards for clinical studies. It is currently expected that AngioMab will start Phase I human clinical studies at the end of 2001. The product will be initially developed for intracranial delivery to treat glioblastoma multiforme, an aggressive form of brain cancer. These tumours are often unresponsive to chemotherapy and are usually treated by surgery and radiotherapy. There is a significant need to improve the low response and poor survival rates following standard therapy. Commenting on the agreement, Glyn Edwards, Chief Executive of Antisoma, said: "We have worked with BioInvent for more than four years and are pleased to extend the collaboration to a second product. BioInvent have manufactured clinical supplies for our Phase III ovarian cancer study with pemtumomab. With the ever increasing number of biologicals entering clinical trials, the development of a sound relationship with BioInvent, and the securing of manufacturing capacity is paramount to our bringing new molecules forward for clinical trials Antisoma aims to have at least one more product in clinical development by the end of this year, and . securing this agreement for AngioMab takes us a step closer to our goal. " Cristina Glad, President of BioInvent Production AB, added: "Antisoma's decision to place the order for process development and GMP manufacturing of their second antibody with BioInvent demonstrates their continued confidence in our expertise. We look forward to extending the excellent collaboration we already have with Antisoma." - ENDS - For further information, see or or please turn over for contact information: Antisoma Glyn Edwards, Chief Executive Officer Tel: +44 (0)20 8799 8200 Val Tate, Head of Investor Relations Financial Dynamics Jonathan Birt Tel: +44 (0)20 7831 3113 BioInvent Svein Mathisen, CEO Tel: +46 (0)46 286 85 50 Cristina Glad, DSc, President, BioInvent Production AB Buchanan Communications Nicola How Tel: +44 (0)20 7466 5000 Notes to Editors: Antisoma plc is a biopharmaceutical company developing novel products for the treatment of cancer. Using its drug development experience, the Company aims to produce safer and more effective tumour targeting therapies for commercialisation by pharmaceutical partners. Antisoma acquires the rights to promising new product candidates through partnerships with internationally-recognised academic or cancer research institutions. These include the lead product candidate, Theragyn (pemtumomab), which was licensed from the Imperial Cancer Research Fund and is currently in a Phase III study as adjuvant treatment for ovarian cancer, with designated Orphan Drug status in the US. Abbott Laboratories have a worldwide exclusive licence to develop, market and sell the product. The AngioMab programme, a potential treatment for most solid tumours, employs the monoclonal antibody BC-1 to target and destroy newly forming blood vessels that feed rapid cancer growth. To support rapid growth, an expanding tumour induces the formation of its own blood supply by a process called angiogenesis. Novel therapies that disrupt this process have the potential to become powerful anti-cancer agents. Antisoma has in-licensed BC-1, a monoclonal antibody that targets a signature protein (fibronectin) produced by new blood vessels, from the National Cancer Institute, Genoa, Italy. Therapies are planned based on BC-1, acting alone or carrying a killing agent, to interrupt the tumour's blood supply and directly or indirectly to cause its death. Since essentially all solid tumours, including those of the brain, lung, breast, colon and prostate, need their own blood supply, products based on this antibody have the potential to treat many different tumours. BioInvent International AB is a privately-held biotechnology company devoted to providing state-of-the-art antibody technology to the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. A cornerstone is its proprietary human antibody gene library, n-CoDeR(TM). This is a collection of more than ten billion functional antibody genes which are ready to be screened against desired antigens. n-CoDeR(TM) has been used successfully for the isolation of antibody fragments with specificity for a number of antigens, including peptides, proteins and carbohydrates. BioInvent offers biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies access to n-CoDeR(TM) through collaborative research and development programs. BioInvent's capabilities in large scale contract manufacturing of protein based drugs through a state-of-the-art cGMP-certified facility further underpins its competitiveness on the antibody arena. BioInvent has been supplying monoclonal antibodies, fusion proteins and other recombinant proteins to the world's leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies for therapeutic use since 1988. These antibodies and proteins are used in all phases of clinical trials in both the US and across Europe. The cGMP-certified production facility is designed to meet FDA and EU regulations from early clinical development to commercial scale-up, with multi-kilogram annual capacity. BioInvent is headquartered in Lund, Sweden, employing a total of 80 people. ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download:

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BioInvent International AB is a research-based pharmaceutical company focused on discovery and development of innovative antibody-based drugs against cancer. The Company's pipeline currently includes three product candidates for the treatment of cancer. The company has unique expertise in antibody drug development from initial concept to late clinical phase. The antibody library n-CoDeR and the screening tool F.I.R.S.T. are two patented tools that enable identification of relevant human antibodies and disease targets during the discovery phase. The scope and strength of this platform is also used to develop antibody-based drugs in collaboration with partners who finance the development of the new drug, and provide BioInvent the right to milestone payments and royalties on sales. These partners include Bayer HealthCare, Daiichi Sankyo, Mitsubishi Tanabe and Servier. More information is available at