The soft robotic glove from Bioservo improves hand function for people with spinal cord injury

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A recently published article in the scientific journal “Journal of NeuroEngineering and Rehabilitation“* shows that home-rehabilitation using Bioservo Technologies wearable soft-robotic glove leads to improvement in hand function in people with spinal cord injury.

A spinal cord injury, higher in the spinal column, often involves impairment of both upper and lower limb function. Loss of hand function is perceived as a high priority area for rehabilitation since it affects quality of life and the ability to be independent.

Despite the intensive hand rehabilitation therapy and compensatory strategies developed during the sub-acute phase, a spinal cord injury often results in a significantly impaired limb function. Activities of daily living (ADL) such as feeding, grooming, and dressing become difficult without normal hand function, and often make the individual dependent on the help of caregivers even for the most basic tasks. 

The pilot study investigated the therapeutic effect of a self-administered home-based hand rehabilitation program for people with cervical spinal cord injury using the SEM™ Glove by Bioservo Technologies AB. In the study fifteen participants with cervical motor incomplete (AIS C and D) spinal cord injury were recruited and provided with the glove device to use at home to complete a set task and perform their usual ADL for a minimum of 4 h a day for 12 weeks. Assessment was made at Week 0, 6, 12 and 18.

Already at week 6 of the therapy an improvement in hand function was showed, including improvement in object manipulation and palmar grasp. A significant improvement in pinch strength, with reduced thumb muscle hypertonia was also detected. Improvements in function were present during Week 12 assessment and also during the follow-up. 

The conclusion from the study is that rehabilitation using the SEM™ Glove is effective for improving and retaining gross and fine hand motor function for people with chronic spinal cord injury. Retention of the improvement in hand function suggests that intensive activity-based rehabilitation improves long-term neuromuscular activity in individuals. 

* Osuagwu, B.A., Timms, S., Peachment, R. et al. Home-based rehabilitation using a soft robotic hand glove device leads to improvement in hand function in people with chronic spinal cord injury:a pilot study. J NeuroEngineering Rehabil 17, 40 (2020). 


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SEM™ technology
Bioservo’s SEM™ technology (Soft Extra Muscle) is unique. While other robotic systems are heavy and rigid, like a skeleton, SEM™ technology uses a completely different design approach. Bioservo Technologies has developed two products based on this technology, the health care device Carbonhand® and Ironhand® for industrial applications in manufacturing, construction and warehousing. Both are wearable soft-robotic gloves developed to support grip strength. 


About Carbonhand®
Carbonhand (formerly called SEM™ Glove) is a grip enhancing robotic glove that facilitates a normal movement pattern. It adds extra strength when this is most needed and reinforces the hand’s functions. Carbonhand improves strength in the hand for people with impaired hand function.


About Bioservo Technologies

Bioservo Technologies AB (publ) is a world leading company in wearable muscle strengthening systems for people in need of extra strength and endurance. All our innovative products and systems are designed to keep people strong, healthy and efficient. 

The company has a unique global position within soft exoskeleton technology for the hand, both for industrial applications to improve the health for workers and to improve quality of life for people with reduced muscle strength. 

Bioservo Technologies was founded in 2006 in collaboration between researchers at the Royal Institute of Technology and a doctor at Karolinska University Hospital. Bioservo Technologies is a Swedish public limited company with headquarters in Stockholm.


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