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IML Tablets are a successful addition to portfolio of award winning audience interaction solutions

IML Worldwide, a specialist in the provision of interactive event technology and the global leader in harnessing audience
insight, has launched a new Tablet solution. This new addition complements the company’s award-winning suite of
audience interaction solutions that already enjoy global success at over 2,500 events each year.

The software and user interface on the new IML Tablet has been designed specifically to maximise audience engagement
at meetings and events in a rich, manageable way. The interface can be customised for clients to support brand
awareness, increase messaging strength and boost sponsorship opportunities.

According to Richard Fisher, CEO of IML Worldwide, “We are delighted that we have expanded our portfolio of interactive
event solutions with the successful launch of the IML Tablet across four continents. As the market leader in audience
insight, it is important that IML has a comprehensive range of solutions to ensure that our clients continue to be able to
choose the right tool for the right job. The IML Tablet can be used as a stand-alone tool, or as many clients have found, in
conjunction with other solutions, such as the IML Connector, to provide an extremely rich and collaborative environment
for delegates. Whilst the IML Tablet complements our existing solutions suite, we are not stopping there. There will be
plenty of new development announcements in the coming months.”

The IML Tablet comes preloaded with a comprehensive feature set including agenda management, speaker biographies,
slideshow presentations and voting. Additionally the tablets can be customised to suit client requirements and content
can even be updated or augmented during an event using IML’s live content management system.
Privacy, security and anonymity can be assured for each delegate using the IML Tablet, enabling organisers to collect and
analyse insight data during and after the event, making it a significant contributor to enhanced ROI. This also enriches
the experience for participants of events and meetings.

The messaging module built into the IML Tablet is a two-way collaboration tool with messages sent directly to the tablets,
as well as attendees sending messages to the meeting moderator. Selected messages can be sent to the IML Tablet’s
home screen, creating an efficient Q&A session. Voting can be pre-programmed by the event organiser with pre-designed
questions and answer choices, or questions may be created on an ad hoc basis at any point. Results are immediately
saved and shown on the tablet and a central screen if desired.

Delegates also have access to a Notepad with notes securely stored online
and accessible at any time from any tablet using a secure pin.

Fisher continues: “As a business we continue to strive to be at the forefront
of developments in our industryand we are proud of the fact that IML has
the most comprehensive range of audience insight solutions in the market place.”

About IML Worldwide
IML is the global leader in harnessing audience insight. Its award winning services capture and make sense of the rich content,
discussion and interaction that is generated at meetings and events. Operating from 12 offices around the world, IML engages
annually with over half a million people at more than 2500 business conferences, annual meetings, charity auctions, training
workshops and market research sessions - ranging in size from ten to ten thousand participants. IML is owned by Computershare.


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