Camanio Care and BikeAround noted in American and Canadian media

BikeAround™ jDome® has gained attention overseas. In the U.S. and Canada, several care centers and living facilities have introduced BikeAround to residents and patients, where cognitive as well as social benefits have been noted. The use of BikeAround among elderly has led to an increased media interest on TV and in newspapers. 

Camanio Care’s product BikeAround jDome lets people ride a bike wherever they want to go, through a domed projection video screen that makes the experience vivid and realistic. It creates an interactive experience that stimulates the mind and promotes activity. In 2017, BikeAround was noted internationally when Google produced a movie about Bengt, a Swedish man suffering from Alzheimers, who used BikeAround to travel down memory lane and revisited important places from his past. 

“The memory bike”                                                                                                  

The American TV channel Local 12, has recently reported that the residents of the independent living facility Senior Star has started to use BikeAround. Local 12 shows how Chick Hyde, a war veteran from the World War II, has benefited from using BikeAround. Local 12 refers to BikeAround as “the memory bike”, in explanation to its beneficial effects on the memory. Chick Hyde suffers from memory loss, but with BikeAround he can now go back and revisit places, which has helped him remember. Watch the video to see Chick Hyde using BikeAroundat the Senior Star living facility.  

Emotional benefits 

In Canada, the Glebe Center long-term care facility uses BikeAround in their treatment of dementia patients, and the staff has noted emotional benefits of using the product. Becky Helmer, the program facilitator, says that people are blown away by the fact that they can go back and revisit significant places from the past. They claim that the bike evokes memories, and it has proven to be a useful way to share experiences between patients and staff. Read the article and watch the videoabout the Glebe Centre and their experience of BikeAround. 

Physical and cognitive exercise 

The Dublin Retirement Village, operated by Senior Star, uses BikeAround to keep the residents active. The executive director, Ron Keller, claims that the product has provided both physical and cognitive exercise. The residents have used the bike in 30-minutes sessions, and they have so far visited several important places, such as where their children are living, and places where they used to live themselves in the past. 

Read more about the residents biking experiencesin an article from This Weeks Community News. 

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