Camanio Care participates in research project to improve robotics within elderly health care

Ann-Louise Lindborg, research engineer at Camanio Care, is participating in an international research project for the purpose of increasing elderly’s independence through technical devices. Through the project, the project team will further develop Bestic®, an innovative eating device that makes it possible for people with reduced physical function to eat independently, as well as a new device to collect data about food intake to identify risk of undernutrition. The project has gained attention from Swedish radio in a broadcast on the local radio station P4 Värmland.

Camanio Care participates in the collaboration together with Karlstad University, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Waseda University and the company Leave a Nest Co Ltd. in order to develop technical solutions. The purpose is to meet the elderly population’s need for health and social care.

Click here to read Karlstad University’s statement about the collaboration.

International research collaboration

Ann-Louise Lindborg works as a research engineer at Camanio Care, and has driven the development of the assistive eating device Bestic since the start. Her participation in the project is an opportunity to develop technical assistive devices further, in collaboration with skilled universities from Sweden and Japan, and a chance to ensure independence and freedom for a larger number of elderly people.

I’m very happy to be a part of a research project together with Tokyo Tech, Waseda University, Leave a Nest, and Karlstad University. Since we are a group of people coming from different environments, academies, companies and countries, we are trained to think in different ways. This is something that I usually find challenging, but in this project, I consider it to be a strength. Everyone is perceptive of one another, and together we find new ideas that we would not have done otherwise. Moreover, we have fun together, says Ann-Louise Lindborg. 

Some participants from the project were interviewed in the radio broadcasting by P4 Värmland, where they talked about how Bestic can help elderly who suffer from undernutrition. 

Growing market 

The project is a collaboration between Sweden and Japan, and is funded by Vinnova, the Swedish Innovation Agency, together with Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST). The two countries share the experience of a growing ageing population. This is a challenge that require new ways of thinking in order to meet the increasing need for health and social care, and the countries share the attitude that technology plays a significant part of the future. The development of care robotics gives people more freedom over their own lives and an improved work-efficiency within health and social care.

The research project continues until March 2019.  

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