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    I am delighted to announce Jerry Ojala as Cimco Marines's COO. He has a strong experience in Supply Chain Management and brings with him significant knowledge within the manufacturing and logistics industry particularly from Saab and Opel. This also now concludes my appointment of senior managers at Cimco and I am very confident of our teams ability and experience to deliver our long term business strategy
    Myron Mahendra, CEO of Cimco Marine AB.
    I am very pleased that the management team shares my strong confidence in Cimco’s potential. Internally, we will be working hard to meet our immediate targets and long term goals.
    Myron Mahendra, CEO, Cimco Marine AB
    I am extremely pleased to have EIB as our funding partner. The receipt of Tranche A is an important step in meeting our growth ambitions and in funding our continued development of a new family of diesel outboard engines, inter alia the OXE 300 that will have its world premiere on the Genoa Boat Show on 19 to 24 September 2019.
    Myron Mahendra, CEO, Cimco Marine AB
    With our motivated and dedicated design and verification teams we have been able to deliver a pre-production engine, ready to be displayed and tested on the water at the Genoa Boat Show, 5 months before planned market launch
    Per Wigren, Chief Technology Officer at Cimco Marine AB.
    We are now particularly proud to present the new OXE 300 setting the benchmark for 300hp outboards. When designing the OXE 300 the collective operative experience from hundreds of OXE Diesel Outboards currently in operation was duly utilized to secure highest levels of reliability, robustness and maturity. Our specific commercial clientele deserves the best possible performance and economic advantages whilst complying with the most stringent environmental rules and regulations. For the commercial operator Endurance, Reliability, Power and Control of the OXE 300 is key
    Ralf Losch, Chief Commercial Officer at Cimco Marine AB.
    I am sure that those end users that have been waiting for OXE Diesel availability and support within this region will be very happy. Rama with its extensive service network and reputation for after sales support as an established John Deere distributor is a great addition to our global network of distributors. We look very much forwards to working together and bearing fruit in projects already underway
    Jim Denley, General Sales Manager, Cimco Marine AB
    We are very excited to be part of the CIMCO MARINE family; we believe that this partnership can arise great interest in the Italian outboard motor market. OXE products are very good: top quality, quiet, very comfortable and respectful for the environment. This is certainly a novelty for the marine industry in Europe and a completely new concept in Italy, the firsts feedback received from important players are positive. Therefore we are confident to open a good business in our country soon.
    Paolo Coccolini, General Manager, Rama Motori S.p.A.
    I am delighted to announce Paul Frick as Cimco Marines's next CFO. He has a strong background in finance with the ability to drive a business oriented CFO agenda. He brings with him experience from finance within the manufacturing and logistics industry as well as experience within the private equity and auditing pratcises. During his career, Paul has also had exposure related to financial reporting to capital markets
    Myron Mahendra, CEO of Cimco Marine AB
    The EU is determined to deliver on its commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and we are working with Member States on their plans to become carbon-neutral by 2050. Cimco’s outboard engine project drastically reduces emissions, while enabling the coast guard and rescue police who use the heavy-duty engines to continue carrying out their work at sea.
    European Commissioner Arias Cañete, responsible for Climate Action and Energy
    I am extremely pleased to have EIB as our funding partner. The loan will support us in meeting our growth ambitions, through investment in working capital needs, expanding production capacity and increasing our sales and marketing initiatives. Additionally, the company will use the funds to develop its product range whilst improving its efficiency, thereby lowering emission further, as well as reducing other pollutants. Our overarching goal is to continue improving the design of our belt propulsor concept with the aim of significantly reducing the carbon footprint in the high powered outboard marine segment”
    Myron Mahendra, CEO, Cimco AB
    Per has the right technical expertise and experience to meet the high demands on quality, user-friendliness and endurance of our products. In addition, his passion, drive and focus will ensure we continue with a high performance work culture in Cimco
    Myron Mahendra, CEO, Cimco Marine AB
    I’m thrilled being assigned the task of leading the technical development of Cimco Marine and the unique product range. Having worked with marine diesel engines the past 20 years, the solution designed by Cimco Marine is by far the most efficient and user friendly I’ve ever come across
    Per Wigren, CTO, Cimco Marine AB
    The company has developed a sought after product and is still continuing to develop and extend its product range. I look forward to making a positive contribution and, together with management and employees, to achieve the long term objectives of the company in the high powered diesel outboard segment
    Ralf Losch, appointed Sales Director at Cimco Marine AB.
    Ralf has the right skills and experience to meet Cimco Marine AB sales targets and broaden OXE diesel market appeal
    Myron Mahendra, CFO and VP, Cimco Marine AB.
    The Bison project is proceeding with unchanged intensity. Identified improvement potential from the first sea going concept prototype is now being fully implemented in the next generation prototype “Bison P1A”. The Bison P1A will be delivering 300 hp on the propeller shaft, meeting the required emission standards and expected fuel consumption. The Bison P1A will now be fully evaluated in laboratory and field tests, final efforts related to weight and geometrical optimization will be completed before the cowl design is frozen. With our motivated and dedicated design and verification teams we are confident to deliver the OXE300 on time to the market
    Per Wigren, Project Manager at Cimco Marine AB.
    We are very pleased with the appointment of Myron Mahendra as the new CEO of Cimco Marine AB. In his role as CFO and Executive Vice President, Myron Mahendra has gained a deep knowledge and experience about the company and its markets. I and the Board are convinced that Myron possesses the right capabilities to successfully manage and develop the company further. I would also like to thank Andreas Blomdahl for shouldering the role as CEO for the interim period where he has developed Cimco Marine into a leader in high performance diesel outboard engines,
    Anders Berg, Chairman of the Board.
    It is with great optimism and humility that I take on the role of CEO of Cimco Marine AB. Together with my colleagues, I look forward to continue to develop the company and the paradigm shift we have created for the commercial outboard marine market
    Myron Mahendra
    We congratulate Proteum on the contracted sales of nine OXE Diesel 150 to Flugga Boats. The combination of commercial boat and commercial outboard engines offers endurance, reliability, flexibility and control for their users
    Andreas Blomdahl, CEO, Cimco Marine AB.
    The CCS approval is key to meeting our targets for the vast Chinese market, with this now in place we can accelerate on our plans for this market which is one of the largest growing outboard markets in the world.
    Andreas Blomdahl, CEO, Cimco Marine AB
    I am pleased that our OXE Diesel engines are now type approved by the China Classification Society. It is an important step for our Asian distributors as it opens up an extensive segment in the commercial market
    Christer Flodman, Product Manager, Cimco Marine AB.
    I am pleased with the progress we have made on the OXE Diesel 200hp tropical compliant model, which is now in production to meet the demands of our customers. We continue to work towards cost reduction of our engine platform as we ramp up production later this year
    Andreas Blomdahl, CEO Cimco Marine AB.
    I am encouraged that we have a found a solution to our production bottleneck issue and that we are implementing this into production before the end of the year. I am confident that we will achieve our stated target of 25 units a week in December. Whilst we are slightly late towards reaching the target of 25 engines, we are pleased with knowing the reasons and mitigating it and developing the supplier network. In the meantime, all operational functions and production are running as planned
    Andreas Blomdahl, CEO Cimco Marine
    – It is with great pride we receive this price. The jury's motivation for example,
    Cecilia Anderberg, CEO Cimco Marine AB
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