Collector Bank launches Collector Checkout with Insights

Gothenburg, Sweden – Collector AB (publ.) (Nasdaq Stockholm: COLL). Collector is cementing its position as the leading digital niche bank in the Nordic region with Collector Checkout. It provides e-commerce companies with all important payment solutions combined within a single integration. Collector Insights offers e-commerce companies full insights into their customer databases, along with the ability to analyse them.

Collector Checkout has been designed to provide a customer-friendly experience that offers customers a smooth way of choosing from the most popular payment methods before the purchase is finalized. With Insights, e-commerce companies can access and act on their own customer data. E-commerce companies can navigate and filter their customer databases based on demography and geography, linked to turnover and purchase data. It also offers the opportunity to compile email addresses for different customer groups. E-commerce companies can then send targeted mailshots with messages adapted to different target groups, which a key parameter for customer satisfaction. 

“There is great interest in working with customer data. It used to be expensive and complicated,” says Åsa Hillsten Eklund, CCO of Collector Bank.With Collector Insights, we give e-commerce companies the opportunity to become data-driven, so that they can get to know their customers better. We believe this opportunity leads to more loyal end customers and, consequently, higher profitability for e-commerce companies”.  

Collector Checkout was built in an Iframe to provide e-commerce companies with fast and easy implementation. Companies using Collector Checkout will receive regular updates to the checkout function. This means that the checkout function will be optimized without the e-commerce company having to implement anything in their own systems.

“Collector constantly strives to develop tomorrow’s customer-friendly payment solutions. Collector Checkout is an important part of this development,” says Stefan Alexandersson, CEO of Collector Bank. 

“We have the ambition to offer payment solutions that are always flexible, with great customer focus. Collector Checkout, combined with our new Insights service, will offer online retailers a unique opportunity to develop their businesses.” 

For further information, please contact:
Stefan Alexandersson, CEO I Phone +46 70-607 38 87 I Email 

Åsa Hillsten Eklund, CCO I Phone +46 70-081 81 17 I Email



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