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August 2014

Vets and nurses across the country are being encouraged to get more informed about the bedding used in cages and hutches across the nation. Supreme Petfoods say that while pet owners are increasingly interested in quality products, there has been relatively little education about the relative benefits of the different types of bedding for small pets that are now available. The health and welfare of small pets could really benefit from some of these newer products where the superior absorbency and softness can help prevent the development of skin sores and dermatitis associated with rough, wet or abrasive bedding material.

Tumblefresh is an ultra-absorbent, soft, hypoallergenic, dust-free premium quality bedding for small pets, making it an ideal choice for use in veterinary hospitals and practices. It will now be available in a super-compressed 17 L pack which will replace the 23.5 L pack – making it easy for practices to store or display for sale. Tumblefresh 17 L benefits from new transparent packaging which allows owners of small pets to see the unique format: the product is made from surplus virgin wood pulp and is totally natural.

Vets and nurses will also appreciate the benefits of Twistynest a colourful paper bedding that allows pets to play where they stay – the concertina paper folds can be unravelled by small furry paws, providing hours of amusement for pet and owner. A new ‘store pack’ includes four standard 500 g retail packs, plus one FREE 1 kg pack to use within the practice for hospitalised pets. Offering even more generous profit margins than before, the product is a recommendation that is good for business but can also be made with a clean conscience because it offers the opportunity for environmental enrichment and better welfare.

Supreme’s CosiNdri is also made from natural pulp and offers big improvements over traditional beddings in every department with super-soft comfort, superior absorbency and masking of odours. It too offers more rewarding opportunities for those practices that want to sell quality products they also recommend.

Hay and straw are being evaluated by increasingly discerning clients these days who are seeking specific qualities such as freshness, softness or leafiness. Both vets and nurses are well aware of the impact that high quality hay can have on dental and digestive health of small pets. A new, compressed 17 L pack of Meadow Hay and Barley Straw with clear packaging and a convenient carry handle is coming soon from Supreme and is sure to attract pet owners with a beady eye on quality.

When it comes to small pet bedding this is no time to roll over and hide in the corner, says Supreme. There’s never been a better opportunity to highlight the importance this everyday staple has for health and welfare and provide an expert recommendation. And with such a great choice, there’s plenty of reason to make a shining example of small pet bedding within your practice.

Any member of the practice team wanting to know more about bedding for small pets can go to or for further information about the Supreme range of bedding or pet food, or to request a  free bedding sample pack call Penny or Debbie on 01473 823296.

About Supreme Petfoods.

Supreme Petfoods was the first company to make species specific small animal diets that reflected their unique nutritional requirements. The Supreme range includes Science Selective, which is widely recommended by veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses. As well as offering the biggest range of species specific foods, Supreme also manufactures all its herbivore diets in dedicated vegetarian facilities. Only ingredients of the highest quality are sourced for use in the Supreme range of foods and the recipes are developed to be palatable without the use of added sugar. Supreme recipes are all manufactured to a fixed formula to minimise the risk of gastric upset and while the company produces diets containing the highest fibre levels of any rabbit food, hay is always recommended as an additional food source to promote dental wear, provide environmental enrichment, foraging and nesting opportunities. Find out more about Supreme at or visit the company Facebook site. (

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