• Åsa Posluszny

    Global Head of Marketing

    Storgatan 13, Box 306 SE-581 02 Linköping, Sweden
    +46 13 37 78 14
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    We were delighted to host an international virtual conference that brought together our global CET community. The event was all about feeding creativity and learning new ways to use CET to bring ideas to life – as well as imagining what’s next for our growing community.
    Stefan Persson, Configura CEO
    Using Configura’s software, CET Material Handling, planners are now able to give their 3D visualization of the warehouse and the intralogistics material flow an even more professional view. They can select from a great variety of different Linde truck models to create a realistic 3D warehouse layout design.
    Intralogistics Consultant Andreas Mönk, Linde Material Handling (MH)
    Configura and ProjectMatrix have worked together as partners for 14 years, helping designers do what they do best – design beautiful spaces that make a difference. The joining of Configura and ProjectMatrix is a natural fit because our customers are at the heart of what we do and we aim to make the design of spaces and specification of products easy, efficient and intelligent. We are happy to welcome ProjectMatrix to the Configura family.
    Configura’s CEO Stefan Persson
    We have enjoyed a long partnership with Configura and we are thrilled about the many opportunities we see by combining our software offerings. As partners, we have shaped the way people design spaces and specify products, and as one company we can make an even bigger impact. The ProjectMatrix team looks forward to a successful journey together.
    ProjectMatrix’s President Mark Herrin
    Our CET community is known for its spirit of creativity and collaboration and we are excited to welcome leaders from inspiring companies around the globe to this year’s CET Experience. Together, our community is driving the future of design and creating spaces that make a positive impact. Our keynote speakers will inspire attendees to go after their big ideas and innovate together as a community.
    Kelsey DeBruin, Configura’s Global Head of User Community and Events
    The CET community is a shining example of a user community that’s making a true difference by coming together to share ideas, innovate and create amazing spaces that help people. As a former Configuran and now in my role at Mojang, I have seen first-hand how people can inspire the future of technology through collaboration. I’m looking forward to connecting with the CET community again and sharing ways to craft experiences together.
    Agnes Larsson, Vanilla Minecraft Game Director at Mojang
    CET is becoming the leading choice for people who design spaces, and manufacturers across different industries are adding their products to CET each day to improve their customer experience from pre-sales to installation. We’re excited to welcome these manufacturers to our growing CET community because now it’s even easier for designers, dealerships, kitchen specialists, re-sellers and engineers to design spaces and specify their products with efficiency and speed.
    Stefan Persson, Configura's CEO
    It was a natural fit to choose Configura because our customers Marbodal and Norema have both used CET for many years to design and specify kitchens. Our handmade kitchen hoods are custom-fit products so it was important for us to have a tool that makes specifying these products as accurate as possible. CET was the tool we needed to do exactly that.
    Are Jæger Bentzen, Røros Metall’s Sales Manager
    We are happy to welcome Røros Metall to our growing CET community and to offer a solution that makes it easy to specify their products. CET Kitchen & Bath excels at designing and specifying products that require precise measurements. The tool eliminates the need to be a product expert, so the designer or kitchen specialist can focus on what they do best – bringing their client's dream kitchen to life.
    Brooke Snow, Configura’s Global Head of Kitchen & Bath
    With our CET community spanning the globe, we decided to host CET Experience as a virtual conference that brings together attendees whether you’re located in North America, Europe or somewhere in between. This year’s conference celebrates the creativity and innovation of our CET community. Our community is filled with bright minds that are shaping the future of spaces and we are excited to bring together even more people for three days of creating, connecting and imagining what’s next for design.
    Kelsey DeBruin, Configura’s Global Head of User Community and Events
    People are at the heart of Configura and we are focused on providing opportunities that help them grow and succeed. As we continue to grow our global team, Lotta brings energy and great experience that will help us maintain our vibrant company culture while investing in our employees.
    Configura CEO Stefan Persson
    Eyes light up when Configurans talk about their culture, work environment and colleagues. Configura has created something special here and I’m excited to be part of it. I look forward to continue building on Configura’s culture and position it as a great place to work and grow careers.
    Configura VP People Charlotta Lilieblad
    Our CET industry products deliver customized solutions for professionals in the commercial interiors, material handling and kitchen and bath industries based on research and Configura’s expertise serving these industries for over three decades. User experience is at the heart of what we do at Configura and our CET industry products open up the possibilities to drive industry standards while making the sales and design process even more efficient for our global user community.
    Stefan Persson, Configura CEO
    “We had been looking for a solution that encompasses everything we do at United Material Handling and it wasn’t until we found Configura that I knew it was the right company to work with. CET’s ability to draw in 2D and 3D combined with the simplified process for counting bill of materials is exactly what we’re looking for in a solution and we’re excited to have a software that will make it easy to produce high-quality drawings and presentations for customers while reducing errors.”
    Ryan Bartlett, United Material Handling President/CEO
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