Bitcoin Loophole Review

Bitcoin Loophole is a web-based system for automated BTC trading. The system borrows the trading wisdom of top crypto traders and relies on sophisticated technologies to ensure high-level accuracy and speed.

Bitcoin Loophole has a great reputation among users and experts. This trading system is arguably money minting machine with daily profitability of up to 95%. We are amazed by how well-rated this bitcoin robot is on the world’s best review platforms.

Some experts allege that Bitcoin Loophole generates more millionaires than any other trading platform. Most who have reviewed it alleges to earn a decent and consistent income daily.

Bitcoin Loophole is specialized to trade volatility driving sentiments and news. News and sentiment-driven trading involve capturing breaking news and placing bets based on the prediction of their impacts on the markets. This bot is reportedly the best auto-trading system for placing bets on Elon Musk bitcoin news. 

But is Bitcoin Loophole a scam, or can it be trusted? Also, is it easy to use and safe? We have analyzed data and conducted advanced penetration testing on the Bitcoin Loophole login page to find out. Find all the answers in our objective and comprehensive Bitcoin Loophole review.

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What is Bitcoin Loophole?

Bitcoin Loophole is a web-based automated trading tool for bitcoin. The bot utilizes advanced algorithms to study human language and identify volatility driving sentiments and news.

News and sentiment-driven trading are possible through a subset of Artificial Intelligence (AI) known as Natural Language Processing (NLP). The NLP technology allows computer programs to read and understand human language.

Bitcoin Loophole NLP algorithms allegedly study over a billion web pages every minute to capture market-driving news. As we will see in this review, this bot is super profitable, with a daily return of up to 90%.

We have gone through the many Bitcoin Loophole reviews on the web and found out that this bot has made its fair share of millionaires.

Trading status – Fully automated

  • Minimum deposit – USD250
  • Trading platforms – Web and mobile
  • Free withdrawals per month – 10
  • Maximum amount per withdrawal -$10000
  • Registration fee -$250
  • Trading fee – 2% (You won’t pay a dime until you are profitable)
  • Deposit and withdrawals – free
  • Hidden fees – No!
  • Supported countries – 120+
  • Partner brokers regulation – ASIC, CySEC, FCA

Is Bitcoin Loophole available in my country?

Bitcoin Loophole is available globally even though a few countries may not be supported. The unsupported countries are those that prohibit retail CFDs trading.

Bitcoin Loophole uses the CFDs derivatives to make money off BTC volatility. The only way to determine if this bot is accessible from your region is to visit its site. The bot is available in your country if you can access the site without a VPN.

Bitcoin Loophole has a presence in over 120 countries. However, it has been embraced in some markets than others. Its top markets are explained below.

Bitcoin Loophole UK

This bot was launched in the UK almost ten years ago. This is its largest market, with more than 50% of users being from the UK.

Bitcoin Loophole has its headquarters in London. Moreover, most of the brokers it works with are regulated by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The FCA is the UK’s leading body for monitoring financial institutions.

Bitcoin Loophole is in high demand in the UK. As a result, it has limited the number of new registrations from this region to accommodate other regions. You will be lucky to manage to sign up from this region.

Bitcoin Loophole Canada 

Canadians have been embracing crypto en-masse. The Canadian regulatory framework supports retail CFDs trading.

A significant chunk of Bitcoin Loophole users is from this region. Some reviews allege that over 40% of this bitcoin robot’s users are from this region. Bitcoin Loophole is still offering more signup slots to Canadians.

This implies that you are likely to secure a slot in Canada. A deposit bonus may also be offered in the process.

Bitcoin Loophole India

India is one of the emerging economies that have warmed up to crypto and blockchain. This country controls over 20% of the global crypto industry.

The mass adoption of crypto is perhaps why Bitcoin Loophole is highly popular in this country. Our investigation shows that a quarter of the daily traffic to this robot is from India. Moreover, the robot has made it to top mainstream TV shows and publications.

Bitcoin Loophole has noted the huge following from this country and is offering extra signup slots. The assigned partner broker may also provide registration bonuses. Bitcoin Loophole works with some of India's leading brokers.

Bitcoin Loophole Philippines

The Philippines is another Asian country that has embraced crypto trading. Bitcoin Loophole is among the most popular bitcoin trading robots in the country.

Bitcoin Loophole Philippines is customized to meet the needs of the local market. For instance, its site is available in both English and Filipino. The local regulations support crypto trading. There is a rumour that local exchanges in this Asian country may soon start listing cryptos.

You may be eligible for registration bonuses if you register with Bitcoin Loophole from the Philippines. Bitcoin Loophole has entered into partnerships with some of the leading brokers in the country.

Bitcoin Loophole Kuwait

This trading bot has recently entered the Kuwait Market. Kuwait is among the Asian countries with the highest level of crypto adoption.

Bitcoin Loophole has introduced special features for users from this region. Moreover, the robot's supporting brokers offer signup bonuses to users from this region. Please note that the bonuses are not guaranteed.

You are likely to secure a registration slot if you try to register with Bitcoin Loophole from this country. Grab the signup opportunity immediately since it may lapse within a short time.

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How to Trade and Withdraw Money from Bitcoin Loophole

Trading with Bitcoin Loophole has never been easier, thanks to the launch of some new features a few months ago.

This bitcoin trading system is now fully automated and easy to use for the complete beginner. Therefore, you shouldn't shy away from trying your luck even if you have never participated in any trading before.

STEP ONE: Registration

Visit Bitcoin Loophole here and complete the signup. The signup process is quite self-explanatory.

We have conducted safety checks on the Bitcoin Loophole login page and found it secure. Consequently, any data you submit through the page is secured through AES encryption. This is the best website encryption.

The entire registration process shouldn’t take you more than 5 minutes. Countercheck the registration details for accuracy to avoid problems later.

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STEP TWO: Account verification

You will automatically be matched with a local broker after the signup. The local broker is among the over 20 Bitcoin Loophole partner brokers.

Please take a photo of your ID and upload it with the broker for identity verification. ID verification is mandatory with all well-regulated brokers. It is part of Know Your Customer (KYC) measures implemented globally by financial institutions to fight money laundering.

STEP THREE: Trading capital deposit  

Funding your Bitcoin Loophole also takes place through the assigned broker. The minimum you can invest is 250 USD.

This is the money to be used to place bets on the crypto market. You can invest more for increased profitability but don't forget the high risk of crypto trading. Most of the expert reviews we have read recommend the reinvestment growth strategy.

You can grow a fortune out of the minimum trading balance if lucky enough. The only thing you need to hit this goal is to reinvest all the profits.

STEP FOR: Demo trading

The demo should help familiarize you with the trading platform without risking your money. Dedicate at least half an hour to testing different settings on the demo.

Watch the Bitcoin Loophole tutorial video to understand the functionalities better. You should watch the video before taking the demo test. Bitcoin Loophole claims to assign each user a dedicated account manager.

The manager will walk you through the trading steps and answer all your questions. Don’t hesitate to contact them for questions or clarifications.

STEP FIVE: Live Trading

This should be a breeze after going through all the materials provided in the previous step. The Bitcoin Loophole demo account is reviewed as a perfect simulation of the live trading experience.

Setting your Bitcoin Loophole account for live trading involves defining the risk parameters and clicking the live button. The risk parameters are defined by the Stop Loss and Take Profit features. You should find your way around easily if you have taken step four seriously.

Starting a live session only involves clicking the live button. Bitcoin Loophole will do everything for you and deliver the profits to your account.

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Bitcoin Loophole in the news

Bitcoin Loophole has made the headlines in most publications across the globe. The many people coming forward and reviewing this bot as super-profitable are enough proof of its popularity.

The explosive growth of Bitcoin Loophole popularity has made it a prime target for celebrity gossip and clickbait news. This type of news falsely associates the robot to celebrities or popular media programs to get link clicks.

The links are likely to trick you into signing up on cloned sites. You should therefore be extra cautious when looking for information about this robot. Don't follow links from suspicious sources since these will likely lead to cloned sites.

We will discuss some of the viral fake news and gossip posts below. Please note that most of the platforms spreading this news have ulterior motives.

Bitcoin Loophole Doug Ford

Doug Ford is a Canadian business magnate and politician worth billions of dollars. He has reportedly earned significant wealth by riding the BTC wave through the Bitcoin Loophole system.

We have contacted Bitcoin Loophole to verify if these rumours are true. An email from their communication team denies the rumours. Moreover, they have warned us of the likelihood of this fake news leading to cloned sites.

Bitcoin Loophole Dennis O’Brien

Dennis O'Brien is an Irish business magnate worth $4.3 billion. He is the founder and owner of Digicel, a mobile phone network and home entertainment provider.

Dennis O’Brien is rumoured to have earned over $100 million by trading bitcoin through the Bitcoin Loophole robot. But is this true?

Our team has combed the web for evidence and didn't find any. Moreover, we have contacted Bitcoin Loophole to confirm the claims. An email from Bitcoin Loophole confirms that these rumours should not be trusted.

Bitcoin Loophole Amitabh Bachchan

Amitabh Bachchan is an Indian TV personality and actor. He is one of the Indian celebrities who disclosed their undying love for Bitcoin.

Bachman is an influencer promoting Indian crypto exchanges and endorsing bitcoin trading. The celebrity argues that BTC is superior and easy to invest in compared to Gold and other assets.

Some popular media platforms in India allege that Amitabh Bachchan has endorsed Bitcoin Loophole. However, this is a lie, given that Bitcoin Loophole doesn't market itself through promoters.

Bitcoin Loophole Bill Gates

Bill Gates has praised bitcoin and crypto, but did he disclose backing the Bitcoin Loophole robot? Our investigative team has scrutinized the posts alleging so and found them fake news platforms.

Bill Gates hasn't disclosed if he is invested in bitcoin, let alone a bitcoin trading robot. Treat the rumours claiming so as hogwash unless there is a confirmation from this celebrity.

Bitcoin Loophole Good Morning Britain

Good Morning Britain is a top-rated British show aired on ITV and hosted by Kate Garraway among other celebrity TV stars.

Some rumours allege that Kate Garraway has hosted the founder of Bitcoin Loophole on Good Morning Britain. We have fact-checked these rumours and found them to be fake. Bitcoin Loophole was founded by a B2C and B2B trading software company and not an individual.

Some BTC related products have been discussed on Good Morning Britain but not Bitcoin Loophole.

Bitcoin Loophole Dragons Den

You are probably a big fan of the Dragons Den. This BBC TV show is watched by millions globally.

However, it's target market is Canada and the UK. A viral rumour alleges that a British Entrepreneur raised over a million dollars in a 2016 Dragons Den Episode.

We fact-checked this information on the official Bitcoin Loophole website and found it to be fake news. This trading bot was founded in 2017 and has never participated in any form of fundraising.

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Is Bitcoin Loophole connected to Binance?

Binance is one of the leading crypto exchange platforms. Some reviews allege that Bitcoin Loophole connects to Binance and other crypto exchanges to capture arbitrage trading opportunities.

However, this isn’t true since Bitcoin Loophole is not an arbitrage trading robot. As explained at the start of this review, this robot is fully specialized to trade the news. Only less than five robots are specialized to trade news.

Bitcoin Loophole’s popularity is associated with its ability to capture and accurately place bets on Elon Musk bitcoin news.

Bitcoin Loophole Login Security

Given the rising number of attacks on crypto trading platforms, you need to ensure that your Bitcoin Loophole account is well protected.

Data from cybersecurity firms indicates a rise in cyber incidents targeting crypto exchanges and trading robots. We are convinced that the Bitcoin Loophole login page is secure, so your data can't be intercepted.

Login page protection is vital since most of the cyber attacks begin here. Bitcoin Loophole uses the AES encryption protocol to protect its website. This robot has been tested by many security experts and has proven to comply with many data privacy laws.

Is Bitcoin Loophole legit? Final Word!

We have put Bitcoin Loophole under rigorous testing to confirm whether it's legitimate and as profitable as claimed.

Thousands of clients and tens of experts have reviewed this platform as the game-changer in the crypto trading sphere. Bitcoin Loophole makes BTC trading super easy, given that it automatically conducts trading research and order execution.

The bot uses extremely powerful algorithms for trading research and connects to the best liquidity providers for instant order execution. Trading research speed and trades executions are the bread and butter of success in trading.

Bitcoin Loophole does all the heavy lifting on autopilot and delivers the profits straight into your account. You can automate withdrawals to happen during certain times or when some level of profitability is attained. Even so, you must start and end trading sessions manually.

We have scrutinized all the Bitcoin Loophole platforms and found them to be secured. Their website uses the AES encryption protocol to prevent data theft. This keeps off cyberattacks since 99.999% of all successful attacks begin with a weak login page.

Similarly to Bitcoin Trader, Bitcoin Loophole could be the tool to change your financial life today. Even so, you shouldn't assume that profitability is guaranteed. Any tool that offers leveraged trading, especially on volatile assets such as crypto, should be treated as highly risky.

But the potential rewards far outweigh the risks, so there is no reason not to try the robot. Start small and follow the daily compounding route to growth.


How do I withdraw money from Bitcoin Loophole?

You need to click the funds' management link to visit the underlying broker's withdrawal page. Fill the withdrawal request form, and your money will be processed instantly.

Does the Bitcoin Loophole app work on Android?

The Bitcoin Loophole app is a hybrid. It should therefore work well on Android and iOS devices. Moreover, it's lightweight and therefore won't compromise your device performance.

Do I pay any hidden charges with Bitcoin Loophole?

Many users would have complained if this bot did charge hidden fees. The great feedback on the web shows that it only charges the fees indicated on its fee guide.

How long does it take to process withdrawals?

You may have to wait up to 5 hours for the withdrawal to reflect in your account after submitting the withdrawal request. Some withdrawal methods are facilitated instantly.

How do I recover my Bitcoin Loophole account after suspension?

The underlying broker may suspend your account if you submit inaccurate registration details. Some of the reviewers claim never to recover their accounts after suspension.

Is Bitcoin Loophole regulated in the UK?

Bitcoin Loophole is a trading research tool and, therefore, not eligible for regulation. However, it operates under-regulated brokers. This broker facilitates any deposit collected from the public.

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