Bitcoin Prime Review

Bitcoin Prime is a big name in the crypto trading circles across the globe. This automated bitcoin trading software has been around for over seven years.

It's one of the oldest in the market, having been founded in 2014. Bitcoin Prime popularity results from its superior performance. This robot is reportedly a profit-generating machine with daily return rates of up to 90%.

Some reviews on the web indicate that it has made the most crypto millionaires compared to other trading systems. Trading with Bitcoin Prime is easy since it doesn’t need any manual technical input.

Moreover, this bitcoin robot is among the most affordable. This is despite being a top performer. As little as USD250 is all, you need to get started. You can invest more money but always invest what you can afford to lose.

We will look at Amazon Bitcoin Prime reviews and conduct live tests on the trading system to determine if it’s worthwhile. Moreover, we will fact-check the viral Martin Lewis Bitcoin Prime rumours. Read this post to learn all the facts about Bitcoin Prime.

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Bitcoin Prime Review – Key Points

We have gone through all the available data to determine if Bitcoin Prime is a scam or if it can be trusted.

Our conclusion is that it’s highly trustworthy and probably super profitable. We have concluded this after running our review analysis system through the many Bitcoin Prime reviews on the web. This bot is heavily reviewed on Reddit, Trustpilot, and Amazon.

The Bitcoin Prime Amazon reviews are for the e-book explaining the secret to making huge profits with this robot. This book was published by a trader who tested Bitcoin Prime for eight months and grew a $250 deposit to a million dollars.

The book is reviewed thousands of times, with most people claiming that it has helped them earn mouthwatering money with Bitcoin Prime. Bitcoin Prime in itself is reviewed many times, and the general feedback is just amazing.

It seems that anyone who tries this bitcoin robot ends up earning money. But this doesn’t imply that profitability is guaranteed. There is a possibility of the bot miscalculating a trade and leading to losses.

Bitcoin Prime should be affordable to most people since you only need the minimum trading capital. You can try this bitcoin robot for as little as $250 and manage to compound your investment into a fortune.

  • Trading status – Fully automated
  • Beginner-friendly – Yes
  • Minimum Deposit – USD 250
  • Trading platforms – Web and mobile
  • Registration fees - $0
  • Transaction fees - $0
  • Commission per trade – 2%
  • Maximum amount per withdrawal – $10,000
  • Free withdrawals per month – 10

What is Bitcoin Prime?

Trading BTC through the Bitcoin Prime system is easy. You don’t need to master any trading lingo to make money with Bitcoin Prime.

This is because the trading system is built to conduct all trading on autopilot. Bitcoin Prime is developed using powerful AI technologies. The bot generates signals from data by analyzing it using the Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Deep Learning (DL) subsets of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Moreover, Bitcoin Prime uses the Machine Learning (ML) subset of AI to automatically improve its algorithms as they interact with data. This means that its accuracy keeps going up despite the highly dynamic crypto markets.

The subsets of AI mentioned above are the backbone of successful automated trading. Big investment firms in WST and other global financial hubs have put billions of dollars into researching and developing trading algorithms driven by ML, DL, and NLP.

The AI-driven trading systems offered by big investment firms are only available to wealthy investors. These investors have at least a million dollars in trading capital. Bitcoin Prime is one of the very few AI-driven trading systems that are accessible to ordinary people.

You don't need much to get started with this bitcoin robot. Bitcoin Prime requires a minimum of USD250 in trading capital. This bot won't charge you any license or transaction fees. You will pay a commission of 2% only on profitable trades.

Is Bitcoin Prime Scam or Legit robot?

We have proof to confirm that Bitcoin Prime is highly trustworthy. Our team has carried out all the possible tests to determine if it’s legitimate. Find our key findings in a nutshell below.

  • Highly reputable – Tens of thousands of clients rate it 5-star on Trustpilot
  • Proven performance – 99% of the experts confirm that it’s profitable
  • Transparent - operates under the transparency of blockchain
  • Highly trustworthy - Works with top-tier regulated brokers
  • Secure trading platform – Rigorous penetration testing on its site indicates that it’s unbreakable
  • Fast withdrawals – All withdrawals with this trading robot take a couple of hours
  • No registration fees – Bitcoin Prim doesn’t charge any license or registration fees

All the facts listed above indicate that Bitcoin Prime can be trusted. You can give it a shot but do not forget about the risks of crypto trading. Invest wisely.

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Can I trade with Bitcoin Prime in my country?

You can trade with Bitcoin Prime from any country that supports retail CFDs trading. Over 150 countries globally support this type of trading.

We have determined that Bitcoin Prime is more popular in some countries than in others. The top markets for this bitcoin trading robot are listed below.

  • Bitcoin Prime UK – This BTC trading bot was founded here. Over 40% of Bitcoin Prime users are from this country.
  • Bitcoin Prime Canada – This is the second-largest Bitcoin Prime Market. The bot reportedly has offices in Vancouver, BC. This means that it takes this market very seriously.
  • Bitcoin Prime Australia – Over 20% of this robot’s users are also from this market. Bitcoin Prime also has an office in Sydney, Australia.
  • Bitcoin Prime Germany – The robot became available in Germany in 2019. It has grown significantly in the country, with 10% of its users being from this country.
  • Bitcoin Prime Denmark – This robot has been an internet sensation in Denmark. The bot has reportedly been receiving massive web traffic from this country.

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Bitcoin Prime Reviews snapshot

We are amazed by how viral this bitcoin robot has gone for the last six months. This platform has attracted a lot of media attention.

Moreover, thousands of its clients are coming forward and sharing their experiences with it. From the reviews we have analyzed, there is a huge possibility that Bitcoin Prime is making over 90% of its users rich.

As we will see below, an e-book explaining the tips to succeeding with Bitcoin Prime has gone viral on Amazon. Readers heavily review this e-book.  It was reportedly published by a trader who made a fortune through this robot.

Bitcoin Prime Reddit

We are surprised by the mushrooming Bitcoin Prime communities on Reddit. At least ten subreddits are discussing this platform.

Most of these subreddits have gone viral. We have gone through the viral Bitcoin Prime Reddit threads and confirmed that most participants are excited about the robot. Bitcoin Prime is undoubtedly making many people rich.

Moreover, most people find it to be transparent, easy to use, and safe. Our team of experts has tested this bitcoin robot and confirmed that this is true.

Bitcoin Prime Amazon UK

As mentioned above, a viral e-book on Amazon explains the tips to getting mouthwatering profits out of Bitcoin Prime. The book has gone viral since its launch.

We can confirm that it has received tens of thousands of reviews within a month of publication. The demand for the book shows how popular Bitcoin Prime has become. Tens of thousands of people are looking for information about this robot daily.

You can read the Bitcoin Prime Amazon reviews to determine if the book is worth buying. There are rumours that it may be deleted from Amazon. However, there is nothing to worry about since everything you need to know to trade with Bitcoin Prime is explained in this review.

How Bitcoin Prime works

Bitcoin Prime makes BTC trading easy and super profitable. This bot uses AI to ensure highly accurate trading signals.

No trading knowledge is needed to use Bitcoin Prime. The bot is built on powerful technologies to generate signals and translate them into orders. Bitcoin Prime uses the CFDs derivatives to ride even the slightest BTC price swings.

This bot bets on BTC paired against over 50 cryptos and four fiat currencies. Trading is highly leveraged to get the most out of small accounts. We have explained the steps to follow to get started with this robot below.

Register for free on the Bitcoin Prime website

Click here to visit the Bitcoin Prime homepage and fill the signup form to register. You need to verify that all the details you provide are accurate to avoid account suspension.

Bitcoin Prime works with 15 brokers in the background. These brokers' roles include providing trading liquidity and facilitating transactions with clients. You will instantly connect to one of the brokers after completing the signup.

Upload the requisite documents with the broker for KYC verification. The KYC measures are implemented to prevent money laundering, among other forms of financial crime. You only need to take a photo of your ID and upload it to verify your identity.

Bitcoin Prime handles all clients’ data in strict confidentiality. We are satisfied with the measures put in place by this trading bot to protect clients.

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Fund your Bitcoin Prime account

Click the deposit link on the assigned broker’s page to redirect to the account funding page. You need a trading balance of at least USD250 to run Bitcoin Prime.

The available deposit options depend on the linked brokers. Most of the brokers working with Bitcoin Prime accept wire transfers and most debit and credit cards. You can also use Neteller, Webmoney, Skrill, and a few other e-wallets with most brokers.

Some of the brokers also support crypto deposits. Funding your Bitcoin Prime account should be free for the majority of the deposit options. A small fee may be applicable for some of the methods. Check if there are any fees attached to your deposit method of choice before depositing.

Practice on the demo account

You will redirect to the trading education centre after funding your account. The resource centre offers a 20-minute video to help Bitcoin Prime users master all its functionalities.

Also offered is a demo platform to give users a risk-free tour through the platform. Dedicate no less than an hour to demo to master the platform. Bitcoin Prime is easy to use, but a simple mistake during the settings can lead to losses.

This explains why it’s extremely important to dedicate enough time to prepare. You should be ready for the live trading after about an hour of demo practice.

Toggle the live button to get started

This should be easy peasy after the demo test. Click the LIVE button at the top left corner of the header to be taken to the account setup page.

Set the risk levels to fit your appetite and select the trading session. Please note that you can only trade the New York or Shanghai session. The session starts from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM EDT or CST.

Select the preferred time zone and stick to it. You need not worry about crashing time schedules since you aren’t required to actively monitor the trading. Let Bitcoin Prime do the trading for you without interruption as you continue with your daily activities.

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Bitcoin Prime Login Security tips

Login security is vital on all websites, given that hackers usually exploit weak login pages. Over 99% of successful cyber attacks originate from weak login pages.

The Bitcoin Prime website is secured through the best encryption standards. This prevents fraudsters from hijacking the site and stealing data. Moreover, Bitcoin Prime claims to be fully compliant with the GDPR data privacy law.

The GDPR law dictates how online platforms handle the personal data of EU citizens. No data regulation across the globe is as detailed as the GDPR. Some expert reviews claim that Bitcoin Prime has earned the coveted GDPR badge.

Bitcoin Prime in the Fake News

This trading bot is a top target for fake news, given its ever-rising popularity. As we will see below, it's not unexpected for a viral trading system to be targeted by fake news.

Bitcoin Prime Elon Musk 

Elon Musk has interests in bitcoin, but this doesn't mean he is invested in every bitcoin trading system. The posts alleging that he is the financial muscle behind Bitcoin Prime are lying.

You need to avoid any Bitcoin Prime Musk related rumours since they could be used as clickbait to cloned sites. Some expert reviews claim that scammers use such rumours to divert you from the real Bitcoin Prime website to cloned sites.

Bitcoin Prime Tesla

Other related rumours claim that Tesla has bought the company behind Bitcoin Prime. We didn't find any proof to support these claims.

Tesla has invested $1.5 billion in bitcoin but not through the company behind Bitcoin Prime. Also, this trading robot is owned by a well-established global B2C trading software provider. The company is reportedly worth billions of dollars.

Bitcoin Prime Jesper Buch

Jesper Buch is a Danish business mogul also rumoured to have financed the development of Bitcoin Prime.

However, we didn't find a shred of evidence to indicate that these rumours are true. Jesper Buch hasn't expressed interest in Bitcoin Prime or any other popular bitcoin robot. Also, Bitcoin Prime hasn't disclosed any of its financial backers.

Bitcoin Prime Chantal Janzen

Chantal Janzen is a Dutch actress and celebrity. Some posts claim that she is among the influencers promoting Bitcoin Prime.

However, Bitcoin Prime doesn’t rely on influencers for marketing. The posts linking this bot to Chantal Janzen should therefore be ignored. Do not follow signup links from such posts since they could divert you to cloned sites.

You risk losing personal data and money by signing up through links from such posts. Use the links provided in this review to visit the official Bitcoin Prime site.

Is Bitcoin Prime Legit? The Verdict!

We recommend that you give Bitcoin Prime a try if you look for a tested and proven automated trading tool for crypto.

Bitcoin Prime has been in the market for over six years. The robot has managed to attract great feedback from clients all over the globe. Bitcoin Prime remains viral in Europe, Australia, India, Canada, and many other countries.

Its groundbreaking popularity is linked to its superior performance. We have used an advanced reviews analysis tool to gauge the general feedback from Bitcoin Prime users. The results are surprisingly good.

It seems that Bitcoin Prime has been churning out millionaires in the last three years than any other trading robot. The robot was reportedly updated to a full-fledged news-trading tool in 2018. Since then, its profitability has grown tenfold, with users with as little as $250 in an investment earning hundreds of dollars daily.

Bitcoin Prime can reportedly make you a millionaire in less than a year through compounding. You need to plough back all the profits for faster growth if you start with a deposit of USD250. Bitcoin Prime has the potential to make you rich, but don't assume that profits are guaranteed.

You must treat this bitcoin robot like any other high-risk crypto trading tool. Evaluate your risk appetite carefully and only risk what you can afford to lose. Bitcoin Prime's profitability makes it worth the risk.

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Is Bitcoin Prime safe?

Yes! An in-depth check on the Bitcoin Prime website indicates that it's well protected through top-level encryption standards. Also, this bitcoin robot operates under well-regulated brokers and therefore guarantees all clients of safety.

Is Bitcoin Prime regulated?

Bitcoin Prime, like any other trading bot, connects to brokers. We have carried out preliminary checks on the brokers supporting this robot and found them to be regulated.

Does Bitcoin Prime offer a trading app?

The Bitcoin Prime web-trader is also offered as a hybrid app. You will find the Bitcoin Prime app download link at the top left corner of the trading resources page.

Is Bitcoin Prime app legit?

There is no reason not to trust this trading platform. It operates in high transparency, and we have enough proof to indicate that it can be trusted.

Does Bitcoin Prime charge withdrawal fees?

You won’t pay any other fee with this bot apart from the 2% commission. The commission is automatically deducted from the profitable trade.

Does Bitcoin Prime charge hidden fees?

All the fees charged by Bitcoin Prime are in the public domain. You will find a PDF guide on the robot’s website. Users are notified two weeks before if there are any changes.

How much does it cost to use Bitcoin Prime?

You won't pay anything to register with Bitcoin Prime. This is awesome, given that top competitors charge annual license fees. 

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