Bitcoin Trader Review

We have analyzed a ton of expert Bitcoin Trader reviews and are amazed by the feedback. This bitcoin trading tool is reportedly making people rich.

Verified users have reviewed the bot in their thousands on sites such as Reddit and Trustpilot. The reviews confirm that Bitcoin Trader isn’t a scam. This trading bot is legitimate, safe, and could generate mouthwatering profit.

Bitcoin Trader is also proven to be quite easy to operate. Its AI algorithms automate the entire trading process, from research to order placing. Bitcoin Trader login page is only accessible in the supported countries.

This means that the page is inaccessible in a few unsupported countries. You can use the Bitcoin Trader app on any mobile OS. The robot's web version is compatible with most browsers, both on desktop and mobile devices.

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What is Bitcoin Trader?

You have probably heard about automated trading. According to Investopedia, automated/algorithmic trading involves using a computer program to carry out complex trading functions.

Automation, in general, has taken the world by storm, with most industries relying on machines to perform most of the jobs. Experts warn that by 2030, machines will take over 80% of the jobs. This prediction is becoming a reality, with most industries declaring redundancies due to machines taking over.

In finance, AI-driven computer programs are proving to be better wealth managers. Machines are taking over both trading and long term investing. Bitcoin Trader is a highly specialized AI-driven computer system for automated bitcoin trading.

The robot is reportedly built on the wisdom of top Wall Street traders. It’s built on AI and is therefore super accurate and fast. Speed and accuracy are the main determinants of profitability in any fast-paced trading approach.

AI-driven computer programs are faster and more accurate than humans, given their ability to study big data. Bitcoin Trader alleges to beat the markets 98% of the time. Its algorithms are said to be 0.0001 seconds ahead of the markets. This reportedly ranks the bot position one in news-driven trading.

Bitcoin Trader applies three highly profitable trading techniques. These include arbitrage trading, price trend analysis, and news trading.

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How does Bitcoin Trader work?

Bitcoin Trader has gained massive popularity for making money off Elon Musk Bitcoin news and comments.

This trading robot is supposedly customized to capture and place bets on Elon Musk bitcoin-related news and sentiments. Elon Musk is the richest man on earth with an estimated net worth of a whopping $318 billion.

Musk is the brain behind Tesla, SpaceX, and Numerai, among other companies. He is the most followed bitcoin fan today. Elon Musk doesn't shy away from expressing his love for bitcoin on Twitter. Moreover, he is heavily invested in it through SpaceX.

Any Elon Musk bitcoin-related news has a great impact on volatility. Bitcoin Trader is built to capture and ride this volatility like a pro. The bot does this through its Natural Language Processing (NLP) powered trading algorithms.

Bitcoin Trader uses the arbitrage technique to make money off the BTC price discrepancies on different exchanges. This technique turns the bot into a money minting machine when the volatility is high.

Bitcoin Trader also applies the price trend analysis to scan historical trading charts for tradable insights. The signals generated by Bitcoin Trader through this technique are said to be super accurate.

Why Trade with Bitcoin Trader?

Bitcoin has been on a rollercoaster for the last year, with its price rising from $16000 to over $65,000 in the last year.

The rise has brought massive volatility with it. BTC has risen or plunged by thousands of dollars in some days. The massive volatility has been a big blessing for traders, especially those using volatility trading bots.

Bitcoin Trader is reviewed as the world’s most advanced volatility trading robot. The bot has proven itself to be a top performer in the ongoing volatility.  Some experts claim that Bitcoin Trader has generated an average return of 300% since the onset of the ongoing bitcoin boom.

Some of this robot's users claim mouthwatering profitability. A significant number of users allege making a million dollars in less than a year of using Bitcoin Trader. These claims may seem far-fetched, but a compounding calculator shows that it's possible.

Bitcoin Trader is tested by experts and proven to generate an average daily return of 15%. The Bitcoin Trader calculator indicates that it takes about 11 months to earn a million dollars when the daily profits are compounded.

Bitcoin Trader could be the key to your financial freedom. However, don't assume that it's entirely risk-free. It's indeed less risky than the traditional bitcoin investment options, but it comes at significant risk.

You should give it a try but not with all your savings. Most investment advisors recommend diversification, with high-risk investments taking less than 10% of your portfolio. You should put not more than 10% of your savings in Bitcoin Trader.


  • High-level profitability
  • Easy to operate for the complete beginner
  • Transparent trading environment
  • Up to 10 free withdrawals per month
  • Instant withdrawals for some methods
  • Only works with regulated brokers
  • Secure trading platform
  • Doesn’t charge hidden fees
  • Affordable to most people


  • Only works in countries that support retail CFDs trading
  • Doesn’t offer a desktop app

There are many benefits associated with this bot but don't assume that it's risk-free. We can't stress enough the need to be extra cautious when investing in bitcoin.

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Bitcoin Trader on Social Media

This bitcoin robot is highly reputable in many countries. Bitcoin Trader seems to be trending on all the review sites that matter.

Bitcoin Trader Reddit 

The number of subreddits discussing Bitcoin Trader is growing daily. This bitcoin robot has gone viral on the platform. Some of the Bitcoin Trader subreddits on this site have as many as 20,000 participants.

Bitcoin Trader Trustpilot 

The consumer feedback on Trustpilot is also astounding. Bitcoin Trader is reviewed over six thousand times, and the feedback is generally good. Most allege earning profits riding the bitcoin wave with it.

Is Bitcoin Trader available in my country?

Bitcoin Trader claims to work in more than 150 countries across the globe. However, it’s highly popular in the countries below.

  • Bitcoin Trader USA – We have determined that Bitcoin Trader has a lot of web traffic from the US. However, couldn’t verify if it accepts US citizens.
  • Bitcoin Trader Australia – This is a top market for Bitcoin Trader. It has a lot of presence in this country with wide media coverage.
  • Bitcoin Trader Canada – This robot has recently entered the Canadian market. The bot is working with some of the most reputable financial institutions in the country.
  • Bitcoin Trader Dubai – The number of users from this country has been growing exponentially. This robot was first introduced in Dubai in 2020.
  • Bitcoin Trader Germany – We are also surprised by the explosive growth of Bitcoin Trader in Germany. The robot has secured some notable partnerships with the country's top financial institutions.
  • Bitcoin Trader Honduras – This is another European country with many Bitcoin Trader users. The popularity is attributed to friendly regulation on crypto CFDs trading.
  • Bitcoin Trader Philippines – This bitcoin robot also has huge followership in the Philippines. Some reviews claim that its users in this region may enjoy signup bonuses.
  • Bitcoin Trader India – This review can also confirm that Bitcoin Trader is highly reviewed in South Africa. The robot could also be providing signup bonuses in this country.
  • Bitcoin Trader South Africa – This robot ranks top on Google in South Africa. It’s also widely covered in the media in this country.

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How to use Bitcoin Trader

Bitcoin Trader is profitable and completely easy to run. You don’t need to know anything technical to operate this robot.

Also, registration is free, and you only pay a small commission on profits. Please note that a small trading fee is applicable on the side of the underlying broker.

Bitcoin Trader is reportedly backed by ECN CFD brokers. The broker fee is insignificant when compared to the potential returns.

Register for free on Bitcoin Trader

Sign up by filling and submitting the Bitcoin Trader registration form. You will be prompted to create a password to protect your account. Bitcoin Trader will connect you to a local broker after this step.

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Verify your Bitcoin Trader Account

Submit the necessary ID verification documentation through the assigned Bitcoin Trader partner broker. This step is self-explanatory. Feel free to continue to the next step as the verification takes place.

Fund your account with at least USD250

The minimum you should deposit with the broker to use Bitcoin Trader is USD250. You can invest more, but don't put all your savings in bitcoin trading. Bitcoin Trader is profitable but also highly risky.

Test Bitcoin Trader on the demo

Carry out a demo test to familiarize yourself with the trading software. Watch the Bitcoin Trader tutorial to understand all the settings.

Start making money

You can now go live and start generating the amazing profits associated with this robot. Live trading with the Bitcoin Trader software starts at a click of a button.

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Bitcoin Trader in the Fake News

Bitcoin Trader is a big name in the crypto industry. This means that it's bound to attract many forms of news, including fake ones. Some of the top trending Bitcoin Trader related fake news are explained below.

Bitcoin Trader Bryan Wong

Bryan Wong is a Singaporean TV personality and businessman. A viral post on Facebook alleges that Wong has made over a million dollars through Bitcoin Trader.

We have fact-checked the Bryan Wong Bitcoin trading claims and found no proof to support them. This Singaporean celebrity has never expressed any interest in bitcoin trading. The rumours claiming so are fake news.

Bitcoin Trader Doug Ford

Doug Ford is a Canadian businessman and politician. Some social media pages allege that he is heavily invested in Bitcoin.

We have fact-checked the claims and found zero proof. Doug Ford could be interested in bitcoin, but he hasn't made any public disclosures. We strongly advise that you treat the Dough Ford Bitcoin claims until there is a confirmation.

Bitcoin Trader Bear Grylls

The TV personality, Bear Grylls, is another celebrity linked to Bitcoin Trader by over ten high ranking celebrity gossip blogs.

But is Bear Grill trading bitcoin through the Bitcoin Trader software? We have put our able team on task to investigate these claims.

The team has written to Bitcoin Trader to confirm if these allegations are true. Bitcoin Trader has denied any link to Bear Grylls. The robot claims to not rely on celebrity endorsements for marketing.

It seems that the viral fake news posts are using Bitcoin Trader as clickbait to get page visits. Please do not fall for their trap.

Bitcoin Trader Martin Lewis

Martin Lewis has earned himself a top position in the list of Britain’s best personal finance experts.

Lewis is an investment guru, a broadcaster, and the founder and CEO of the widely read Money Saving Expert blog. A rumour has gone viral on Instagram alleging that Martin Lewis has disclosed trading with Bitcoin Trader in one of his Money Saving Show episodes on ITV.

Bitcoin Trader has released a statement recently to clarify that the rumours are fake news. The trading robot doesn't hire any celebrity influencers.

Bitcoin Trader This Morning

Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield have tremendously raised the ratings of This Morning show.

This ITV show is among the most-watched in Britain. The show discusses trending topics in nearly all industries. Bitcoin is among the most discussed subjects in recent episodes. But did Holly Willoughby introduce Bitcoin Trader in a recent episode?

We have fact-checked the claims and found them to be nothing but mere celebrity gossip. Neither Holly Willoughby nor Bitcoin Trader has confirmed the rumours.

Bitcoin Trader Good Morning Britain

Good Morning Britain TV program has great ratings all over the EU. This show is aired on ITV and is hosted by the acclaimed Kate Garraway and Piers Morgan.

The show discusses the latest trends across all industries. A lot of bitcoin-related topics have been discussed in the show. But is it true that Kate Garraway and Piers Morgan have disclosed trying Bitcoin Trader in one of the recent episodes?

We haven’t found any proof and therefore insist that you treat the viral posts alleging so. It’s always good to verify such claims with Bitcoin Trader before taking them as the truth.

Bitcoin Trader Höhle der Löwen

Höhle der löwen or the Lions’ Den is a German reality TV program based on the same concept as The Dragons Den and the Shark Tank.

Fake news platforms claim that Bitcoin Trader was pitched on this show a few months ago. We have gone through the episodes published on Höhle der löwen and didn’t find proof.

There is a huge possibility that the Bitcoin Trader Höhle der löwen claims are fake news. These fake posts should be avoided like the plague since they are likely to lead to cloned sites.

Bitcoin Trader Login – Key Security Tips

Cyberattacks on crypto exchanges and trading platforms such as Bitcoin Trader are on the rise. The increase in attacks is attributed to the robust growth of the crypto industry.

Studies show that over a hundred billion dollars exchanges hands in the crypto industry daily. This makes the industry a prime target for attacks. Bitcoin Trader doesn’t take user security lightly.

Our investigation indicates that the bot observes high-level security. Firstly, the official Bitcoin Trader is encrypted through leading encryption protocols. Website encryption is completely important, given that the majority of cyberattacks begin with a weak password.

Secondly, similarly to Bitcoin Prime this bitcoin robot has a raft of measures to be observed by users to ensure security. These include safe password guidelines. Password protection is also vital since the entry point for most successful cyberattacks is a weak password.

Thirdly, Bitcoin Trader is GDPR approved. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a data privacy law introduced in the European Union. This law protects EU citizens from personal data exploitation. The GDPR law has gained global respect with organizations that fully adhere to it gaining global recognition. Bitcoin Trader claims to be GDPR certified.

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Is Bitcoin Trader scam or not? The Verdict!

We have put Bitcoin Trader under scrutiny to establish if it is trustworthy and profitable. The facts presented in this review are derived from an analysis of expert and consumer Bitcoin Trader reviews.

Our technical team has also carried out the most important tests to determine if Bitcoin Trader is reliable. The Bitcoin Trader reviews analysis shows that most people are satisfied with this bitcoin trading robot.

Most rate it highly on performance and report that it's highly beginner-friendly. If the consumer reviews are anything worth considering, you could find yourself generating substantial profits daily. Bitcoin Trader has been subjected to expert tests and confirmed the best robot for speculating on bitcoin volatility.

As explained earlier, Bitcoin Trader uses arbitrage trading, news trading, and price trend analysis to generate tradable signals. The bot can reportedly deliver up to 100 signals per hour with 90% accuracy.

This translates to profitability in every 9/10 trades. Such a profitability level means that this bot is low risk compared to the traditional ways of bitcoin investment. Nonetheless, the risk is high when compared to traditional assets trading.

A single bad trade with this bot can cause devastating losses. Bitcoin Trader performance is influenced by the settings the trader applies. Failure to set it appropriately could lead to devastating losses.

Try your luck now by visiting the Bitcoin Trader's website through the link below. Please note that this bot has been a victim of cloning. Consequently, only visit the site through links from reputable sources.


Is Bitcoin Trader a scam?

This bitcoin robot has all the measures in place to prove that it’s legitimate. The robot has disclosed all the vital information to enable its users to make an informed choice.

How much does the Bitcoin Trader app cost?

You don’t pay anything for a trading account with Bitcoin Trader.  The $250 to be deposited via an assigned broker is the trading capital.

Does Bitcoin Trader offer an app?

You can use the Bitcoin Trader web-trader as a hybrid app. The Bitcoin Trader app works in most mobile OS. Moreover, it’s lightweight and shouldn’t comprise the performance of your devices.

Where do I find the Bitcoin Trader app download link?

The download link for the Bitcoin Trader app is attached at the bottom of the first email you will receive after completing the registration. You can also access it on the trading resources dashboard.

Is the Bitcoin Trader login page secure?

An intensive security background study on Bitcoin Trader confirms that it’s safe. The Bitcoin Trader login page is safeguarded via military-grade encryption.

Does Bitcoin Trader UK offer signup bonuses?

Bitcoin Trader UK is backed by top brokers. Some of these brokers may offer signup bonuses of up to 100%. However, the bonuses aren’t guaranteed.

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