Bitcoin Up Review

Bitcoin Up is an online-based platform for automated bitcoin trading. The platform uses Artificial Intelligence (AI algorithms to ride BTC price swings at insane profitability.

Bitcoin Up is reportedly making most of its users' super-wealthy. Most reviews we have studied conclude that this robot is among the best-automated trading platforms today. Bitcoin Up reportedly outperforms nearly all auto-trading systems, including those offered by the big banks and hedge funds.

But is Bitcoin Up legit or a scam? Also, does this trading bot generate mouthwatering profits as alleged? We have investigated it and prepared this kickass review for you.

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What is Bitcoin Up?

Bitcoin Up is among the best trading software for automated trading. This computer program is built on AI and specialises in trading bitcoin CFDs.

Bitcoin Up was founded in 2016 to ride bitcoin booms and busts. The system applies sophisticated trading strategies, including short-selling, to make money off BTC price swings. Bitcoin Up generates profits in both price gains and falls.

Experts review this robot among the easiest to operate trading systems. No trading skill is required to operate Bitcoin Up since all trading is automated. Moreover, this bot is affordable given that only a minimum of 250 USD is required to get started with it.

  • Legit - Yes!
  • Trading status – Fully automated
  • Trading platforms – Web (mobile and desktop)
  • Minimum deposit – USD250
  • Free withdrawals per month – 10
  • Maximum amount per withdrawal – USD10000

Bitcoin Up reviews snapshot

We have studied many Bitcoin Up reviews to determine what users say about it. The feedback proves that most people find it useful.

As we will see below, Bitcoin Up is heavily reviewed on major review sites, and the feedback is nothing but amazing.

Bitcoin Up Reddit

Reddit is quite an important platform for determining how real users think about this bitcoin robot.

The platform supports the building of communities around subjects. Some of the Bitcoin Up subreddits have gone viral with thousands of participants. You can easily join the discussion in the subreddits by creating a Reddit account.

You may need to subscribe to Reddit Gold to access the private subreddits. However, this is unnecessary since the public subreddits have the most followers.

Bitcoin Up Trustpilot

This robot is among the best-rated trading systems on Trustpilot. Bitcoin Up is reviewed over six thousand times on this platform. The overall rating after all these reviews is 4.5/5.

Only a handful of trading robots have so many great reviews. The majority of these charge registration fees and are therefore not for everyone. Bitcoin Up doesn’t charge any fees, and only as little as 250 USD is required to trade with it.

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Is Bitcoin Up available in my country?

Bitcoin Up is allegedly available in all the 120 countries that support retail CFDs trading. Most of these are in Europe, Asia, Africa, and some parts of the Americas.

We have established that this bitcoin robot is more popular in some countries than others. Bitcoin Up is trending on Google in the following countries.

Bitcoin Up Canada

Canada is among the leading countries in the adoption of crypto. This makes it a top market for crypto trading robots such as Bitcoin Up.

An in-depth analysis of Bitcoin Up reviews shows that 30% of users are from this region. This makes Canada the number one market for Bitcoin Up. This trading bot works with some top Canadian brokers to offer the best trading experience.

Bitcoin Up India

This is another ripe market for crypto and blockchain. India is among the countries leading the world in crypto adoption.

The Indian government is working on regulations that will make crypto safe to trade. Trading robots such as Bitcoin Up have already established a strong presence in the country.

Bitcoin Up claims that over 15% of its users are from India. The robot has secured high-quality partnerships with top Indian brokers.

Bitcoin Up Australia

We are also surprised by how popular Bitcoin Up is in Australia. This bot was founded in Australia, and therefore, over half of its users are from this region.

Bitcoin Up has offices in Sydney, Perth, and Melbourne. We have checked it brokers and confirmed that nearly all are regulated by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC).

ASIC is among the most respected regulatory bodies across the globe. Any broker that is regulated by this body has global level trust.

Bitcoin Up Jamaica

This bitcoin robot has recently entered the Jamaican market. Thousands of Jamaicans are already trading with it, as evidenced by the many reviews.

Through its collaborating brokers, Bitcoin Up is rumoured to be offering signup bonuses of up to 100%. These bonuses are provided on a lottery basis and are therefore not guaranteed. You should count yourself among the lucky ones if you get a registration bonus.

Bitcoin Up Botswana

This trading bot is also trending in Botswana. The popularity is linked to the recent wide mainstream media coverage.

An analysis of Bitcoin Up reviews on the web indicates that nearly 10% of this robot’s users are from Botswana. Botswana is among the African countries that have fully embraced crypto trading.

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How to trade with Bitcoin Up

Using Bitcoin Up shouldn’t be a challenge for anyone looking to make money off bitcoin. Trading with this bot should be a cup of tea, especially after going through the trading resources.

Bitcoin Up is available in over sixty countries in Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, and the Middle East. Unfortunately, this bitcoin robot is not available in the US. This is because of the stringent SEC regulations on retail CFDs trading.

Despite the inaccessibility, this bitcoin robot is still popular in the country. Some reviews report that thousands of US citizens use a VPN to access the platform and crypto wallets for untraceable transactions.

It’s not a good idea to use a VPN to access this platform from any of the restricted countries. This is because your account is likely to be suspended if detected. It’s free to register with Bitcoin Up, and trading commissions are only deducted on profitable trades.

You will find the steps to sign up and start a session with this bot below. Similary to Bitcoin Prime, Bitcoin Up is a powerful trading system with the potential of making you wealthy from a little investment. However, nothing is guaranteed, and profitability depends on luck, among other factors.

Sign up for free

Visit the Bitcoin Up homepage and use the form on the top right corner to register. Fill the form and click next.

It’s worth mentioning that the Bitcoin Up login page is secured through the best grade of encryption. This means that any data submitted through the page can't be stolen. As we will see later in this post, data privacy is crucial since most successful cyberattacks start with compromised data.

You will automatically match and be taken to a local broker’s page after clicking next. Bitcoin Up, like any other automated trading system, is supported by brokers. You need to verify your identity with the broker to authenticate your account.

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Fund your account with USD250 or more

You need a trading capital of not less than USD250 to trade with Bitcoin Up. The trading capital is deposited via the assigned broker.

Trading robots must depend on a broker to take deposits from the public, given that they are not financial institutions. Any deposit-taking institution must be well regulated in its jurisdictions of operation.

Bitcoin Up has reportedly entered into a pact with tier-one monitored brokers. Some of this trading bot’s brokers fall under the regulation of ASIC, FCA, and CySEC. These three regulatory bodies are the most respected globally.

Most Bitcoin Up partner brokers will allow you to fund your account through wire or debit and credit cards. Some e-wallets such as Neteller, Webmoney, and Skrill are also accepted.

Take a risk-free tour on Bitcoin Up  

Bitcoin Up comes with a comprehensive guide explaining the key features and a demo account for practice.

The guide includes a video tutorial and a 5 page PDF document. You will find the guide to be easy to follow since everything is explained in layman's language. It takes less than an hour to fully familiarise with the provided materials.

The Bitcoin Up demo provides a risk-free tour through the platform. Some reviews claim that the demo results are 99% close to those of live trading. Try out different settings on the Bitcoin Up demo before starting a live session.

Adjust the settings and start a live session

Follow the guide to align the risk settings with your risk appetite. A test is available in the previous step to help you determine your risk appetite.

Risk appetite is determined by analysing your financial status and personality. A prudent investor must diversify their portfolio with high-risk investments such as Bitcoin Up, not taking more than 10% of their savings.

Click the “start session” button to get started. You should let Bitcoin Up trade for you as you proceed with other activities. The US and Shanghai markets trigger a lot of crypto volatility and are, therefore, the best for running the bot.

You should run Bitcoin Up from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM EDT or CST. Do not leave the robot running past the selected trading session since this could lead to rollover fees.

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Bitcoin Up in the fake news

Our investigation finds all manner of news about this bitcoin robot. Most of the news is positive and authentic, while others are fake.

In this age of fake news, any popular subject has its fair share of false claims. Bitcoin Up is not an exemption. We have determined that gossip blogs create clickbait headlines by linking this robot with celebrities.

These blogs are using clickbait headlines to divert traffic to cloned sites. Bitcoin Up is one of the bitcoin robots cloned many times. You should therefore be extra cautious when following links to the site.

Do not follow the links in the posts associating Bitcoin Up with celebrities. Some of the posts to avoid are explained below.

Bitcoin Up Dragons Den

Dragons Den is a top-rated reality TV show appearing on BBC in Canada and the UK. The show features budding entrepreneurs presenting their business ideas to a panel of angel investors for funding.

Some viral blog posts claim that Bitcoin Up received $1 million from Peter Jones in one of the episodes aired in 2016. We have fact-checked the claims and ascertained that Bitcoin Up has never been pitched to investors.

Bitcoin Up Daily Mirror

Another widely read post claims that Bitcoin Up is spending millions of dollars to run advertising campaigns on Daily Mirror.

Daily Mirror or The Mirror is Britain's most-read newspaper. It's published in print and online and has over 5 million readers daily. The Mirror offers a prime advertisement. However, we have determined that Bitcoin Up is not running any marketing campaigns.

Therefore, the posts alleging so are part of the fake news campaigns targeting this bitcoin trading robot.

Bitcoin Up Jeremy Clarkson

Jeremy Clarkson is a well-known TV personality and broadcaster. Some posts claim that he is one of the influencers endorsing Bitcoin Up.

We have taken a dive into these posts to determine if the information is truthful. Our investigation indicates that Bitcoin Up has never used and doesn't intend to use influencers for marketing its brand.

This BTC trading robot is already highly popular but not due to celebrity influencers. Never settle for investment just because it has received celebrity endorsement.

Bitcoin Up Elon Musk

The world's richest man never shies away from letting the world know of his love for bitcoin. Elon Musk is worth a whopping 297 billion dollars, according to Forbes.

He is invested in BTC as an individual and through Tesla. Elon Musk is the founder and CEO of Tesla, the world's biggest manufacturer of electric cars. In March 2021, Tesla announced a $1.5 billion investment in bitcoin.

But did Elon Musk invest or recommend the Bitcoin Up trading system? Our team didn't find any proof to support the claims, and you must treat them as fake news.

Bitcoin Up Emanuel Akpa

Emanuel Akpa is a Nigerian real estate Mogul. A viral tweet from a gossip blog targeting Nigerians claims that he has invested over a million dollars in bitcoin.

But did Emanuel Akpa invest in bitcoin? We have fact-checked the claims as required and didn’t find any proof. The gossip blogs are likely taking advantage of Bitcoin Up popularity to create clickbait headlines.

The headlines either redirect to the gossip blog website or a cloned Bitcoin Up site. Avoid the clones by keeping off any posts linking celebrities to fake news.

Bitcoin Up Anand Mahindra

Anand Mahindra is an Indian business mogul and billionaire. He is chairman of Mahindra Group, a conglomerate with headquarters in Mumbai.

Some posts claim that Anand Mahindra is among the investors behind Bitcoin Up. However, our investigation finds the claims to be fake news. Anand Mahindra has recently released a statement stating that he has zero interests in crypto.

Avoid the Anand Mahindra bitcoin claims since they are nothing but clickbait to get you to click links. We have determined that some of the links redirect to cloned sites.

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Is Bitcoin Up a Scam? The Verdict!

We have closely examined Bitcoin Up to determine if it’s worth a try. Our investigation confirms that Bitcoin Up is a trustworthy trading system.

Moreover, it has the power to generate handsome daily profits. The great user feedback is adequate proof that most people are making good money through this trading bot. As with the BitIQ App, over 90% of Bitcoin Up users are reportedly profitable.

We have gone through the feedback from clients, and it's evident that this bot is easy to use. You don't have to know anything about trading to use it successfully. Bitcoin Up is affordable given that the minimum trading balance is USD250.

Moreover, you don't pay any registration fees. This is unlike most of its top competitors. Some Bitcoin Up competitors charge trading license fees of up to $10,000 and commissions of up to 20%. On the other hand, Bitcoin Up only takes a 2% commission from profitable trades.

We rate this trading bot as secure given that it has put in place adequate measures to safeguard clients. The safety measures include top-grade encryption and compliance with data privacy laws in most regions.

Bitcoin Up has earned itself the coveted GDPR badge. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a data privacy law dictating how platforms interact with clients’ data. You can try your luck with Bitcoin Up now through the link below.


Is Bitcoin Up legitimate?

Bitcoin Up is reviewed by all experts as legitimate and worth a try. This bitcoin robot has disclosed all the information necessary to make an informed trading choice.

Does Bitcoin Up work?

The amazing feedback is enough proof that this trading bot works like a charm. Many people have come forward and alleged making good money with this bot.

Where do I get the Bitcoin Up app download link?

You will find the Bitcoin Up download link on the trading education page. This page is only accessible after registration.

Does Bitcoin Up offer bonuses?

Bitcoin Up may offer signup bonuses through its partner brokers. You could enjoy a bonus of up to 100% if luck is on your side. Please note that the bonuses are not guaranteed.

Is Bitcoin Up scam or not?

We have studied Bitcoin Up closely and didn't find any red flags. This trading bot is, therefore, legit and could be insanely lucrative.

How profitable is Bitcoin Up?

If the great feedback from users is anything to go by, then Bitcoin Up is a super performer. Some reviewers claim to earn their first one million dollars by compounding the daily profits.

Does Bitcoin Up charge any hidden fees?

Bitcoin Up has disclosed all its fees in a PDF guide published on its site. The guide shows that the bot only takes a 2% commission on profitable trades. Trading fees apply on the side of the linked broker. The trading fees are very small, given that the brokers follow the ECN trading model.

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