BitQL Review

BitQL is worth a bet if you are interested in making money online in 2022. This bitcoin trading program helps you ride the price swings at high profitability.

With BitQL, you can make money from price gains and declines. This means that you don't need to worry about declining BTC prices. BitQL has been in the market for quite a while and is already tested and proven to work.

We have scrutinized every available detail about this bot and concluded that it works. From the many great reviews, it’s evident that many people are making money with it. Experts review BitQL as the best bet for anyone interested in bitcoin trading.

BitQL is easy to use and completely affordable. You don't need skills to use it, and you only need to deposit as little as USD250 to trade. Some BitQL users claim to grow the minimum deposit to fortunes via compounding.

You will learn all you need to make an informed choice in this BitQL review. Also, you will learn some interesting tips to help you earn more money in automated trading.

  • Robot type – Fully automated
  • Minimum deposit – USD 250
  • Daily profits – Up to 90% when volatility is at its peak
  • Trading platforms – Mobile and web
  • Platforms safety – Military-grade encryption
  • Trading fees – None
  • Maximum withdrawal – Up to $20,000 per withdrawal
  • Free withdrawals per month – 10
  • Trading commissions – 2% per profitable trade
  • Partner brokers – Tier one regulated 

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What is BitQL?

BitQL is a web platform driven by powerful algorithms to offer automated bitcoin trading services.

Automated trading involves an intelligent computer program conducting all the trading on behalf of the user. BitQL is among the very few fully specialized bitcoin trading robots. Moreover, it's among the most profitable, with daily profits hitting big bucks on high volatility.

It doesn’t matter which direction the prices take since the robot can trade both the price gains and falls. BitQL is reviewed as highly advanced in short-selling. Short-selling allows the trading bot to make money when market prices are falling.

BItQL combines multiple strategies to make money from bitcoin volatility. The bot can capture sight price shifts and place up to ten trades simultaneously. Some reviewers claim that nine out of ten trades placed are profitable.

We didn’t use a live account and therefore can’t confirm if this is true. However, the awesome reviews from users are enough proof that it’s profitable. BitQL has also attracted a lot of expert attention. All the expert reviews confirm that BitQL is trustworthy, transparent, safe, and above all, profitable.

But don’t take profitability as guaranteed since crypto trading involves high risk. This is especially when done on high leverage. BitQL trades at a leverage of up to 3000:1. This significantly magnifies the trading outcome, whether good or bad.

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Is BitQL a scam? The findings!

All the findings from our rigorous legitimacy and reliability tests are positive. We have mined the available data and found substantial evidence to show that BitQL is legitimate and profitable.

This data includes thousands of consumer reviews posted on reputable sites like Trustpilot, Reddit, and Forex Peace Army. We have used our powerful NLP-driven data mining tool to analyze these reviews.

The analysis indicates that over 95% of the reviewers are satisfied with BitQL performance. Moreover, over 90% of the reviewers report that the robot is easy to use. This is expected given that BitQL is fully automated.

We didn’t find any negative feedback about transparency or safety. BitQL has reportedly provided all the sensitive information, including its pricing. You won't pay any other fee apart from the 2% commission on profits.

We have put the BitQL website and software under security checks, and we are satisfied with the results. The website is protected through the strongest AES encryption protocol. BitQL further ensures user safety by having a solid data privacy policy.

Further investigation confirms that this auto-trading bot works with the safest partner brokers. These brokers are well-regulated in tier-one jurisdictions, including the UK.

  • Positive feedback from thousands of users
  • Great feedback from experts
  • Partnership with regulated brokers
  • Best data privacy policy
  • Standby cyber incident response team
  • Foolproof website encryption

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BitQL Reviews Snapshot

This trading system is among the best-reviewed on all the consumer feedback sites that matter. We are also amazed by the many expert reviews on leading crypto publications and mainstream sites. Below is what some clients have to say about BitQL.

“I have used BitQL for less than a month, and the results are surprising. My trading account has grown to nearly $10,000 from an investment of $500 only" Jennifer - Vancouver.

“All my debts are now paid off thanks to BitQL. I started with $250 about a year ago and have already withdrawn over $300,000.” Hector – Mexico City

“I never believed in crypto until I was introduced to BitQL by a close friend. This trading robot is the tool to use to make your first million through bitcoin trading.” Lucy – Dublin

“BitQL should be the trading bot to try if you are looking to make money from the volatility of top global stocks. I have already doubled my investment within a month of riding the US market indices volatility with this bot.” Jesse – London, UK.

Read on to learn how BitQL ranks on the top 2 most popular review sites. Please note that great reviews aren't a guarantee of profitability. Trading with BitQL involves risk, and you should therefore not put all your savings into it. Starting small and reinvesting returns is the prudent way to grow your account.

BitQL Trustpilot

Trustpilot is a great site for gauging consumer feedback on any product or service. The platform ensures objective feedback since only verified reviews are published on the site.

BitQL is reviewed many times on Trustpilot. We have gone through the reviews and concluded that the feedback is generally positive. Thousands of BitQL users confirm that the bot is a super performer.

Moreover, 99% of the reviews allege that it's easy to operate and has the best safety features. We have tested the platform and confirmed that it's indeed highly reliable.

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BitQL Reddit

Reddit is one of the few social media platforms that enable users to form communities around interests.

This explains why this social media platform is popular in the trading and investing circles.  Thousands of BitQL users have formed very vibrant communities on this platform. There are over ten BitQL subreddits.

Each of the subreddits has over five thousand participants. We have analyzed the comments in the subreddits, and they are generally positive. The BitQL Reddit community has made news headlines for the best part of 2021.

How to trade with BitQL

No trading skill is required to make money with BitQL. Complete beginners should feel free to try this robot.

BitQL offers crypto and stock trading through derivatives known as CFDs. The robot offers you the opportunity to select the type of asset you would want to trade. We have determined that BitQL is more popular for crypto trading.

This bitcoin trading bot is available in many countries, but the signup slots are limited. You may, therefore, not be able to secure a signup opportunity on the first try. Don't give up since you could be lucky if you keep checking.

Trading with BitQL is as easy as explained below. Follow the steps below keenly to get the best out of this highly profitable trading bot.

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STEP ONE: Register with BitQL

We have stated previously that registering with BitQL is quite easy. Registration slots are few, and therefore only the lucky ones manage to secure a slot.

Keep trying if you do not secure a slot on the first try. Some BitQL reviewers allege trying to register many times before securing a slot. The many tries are worth it, given the potential profits of this bot.

STEP TWO: Verify your BitQL account

Account verification takes place through one of BitQL partner brokers. You will automatically redirect to this broker on completing the first step. Account verification involves uploading a photo of your ID through the broker’s portal.

The broker will match the names provided during registration with the ones on your ID. It may take up to 5 hours for the verification to take place. However, you are free to proceed with the other steps as the verification takes place.

STEP FOUR: Test BitQL through the demo

The BitQL trading resources page offers all the information you need to make the best out of the trading system.

These resources include a video tutorial explaining the trading process and a demo to give you a risk-free tour of the platform. Watch the video several times until you fully comprehend all the features.

Try out the risk control settings as explained in the video on the demo platform. You should be fully conversant with BitQL after spending about 30 minutes on the demo.

STEP FIVE: Start a live trading session

Trading with BitQL should be quite easy if you have put enough effort into trading preparation. You need to adjust the settings accordingly before getting started.

The video and demo platform should help you master the platform before going live. Follow the setup steps explained in the tutorial video to set the BitQL risk control tools. Start a live session with the bot by toggling the live button.

You have an opportunity of making good money by trading with this system. However, don't take profitability for granted since multiple factors, including risk, influence performance. Most experts classify BitQL among the high risk/high return investments. All fast-paced trading carries a significant degree of risk.

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Why does fake news target BitQL?

If you have been researching this trading bot, then it's likely that you have discovered that it’s targeted by fake news.

We have counted over twenty trending posts spreading fake rumours about this robot. These posts are published on some of the world's notorious gossip blogs. Fake news has become a norm in this age, thanks to the robust growth of technology.

Any trending topic is a prime target for fake news. Unscrupulous marketers nowadays use fake news as a black hat marketing technique. The posts linking BitQL with popular TV shows and celebrities use this strategy to trick people into following links to cloned sites.

You are likely to be linked to the cloned sites if you follow links from these sites. BitQL, like any other popular money-making tool, has been cloned many times by scammers. These scammers use the clones to steal your data or money.

Click here to redirect to the official BitQL website or keep reading to learn about the trending BitQL related fake news.

BitQL Forbes

Forbes Magazine is one of the top five most-read online publications globally. Some reviews claim that BitQL has invested in a million-dollar campaign on this publication.

However, this is not true since BitQL has never disclosed participating in any marketing campaigns. This robot doesn’t need to run campaigns since it’s already an internet sensation. It has even been limiting the number of daily registrations.

BitQL claims to be receiving hundreds of thousands of web visits daily and tens of thousands of signup requests. However, only less than 1% of these signup requests go through.

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BitQL Dragons Den

You have probably watched the Dragons Den on BBC. This show features entrepreneurs pitching ideas to a panel of savvy angel investors for funding.

The entrepreneurs behind Dragons Den reportedly pitched it in one of the episodes in 2016. Our team has gone through all the episodes and didn't find the feature. There is a huge possibility that the rumours are nothing but fake news.

We are more convinced that these are fake news since there is no such information on the official Dragons Den site.

BitQL Amazon

Amazon was founded in 1994 in Bellevue, Washington, United States. The company has witnessed tremendous growth since then.

It's among the biggest companies globally, with a market cap of over $1 trillion. Amazon has invested in many businesses in the e-commerce and tech space. Moreover, it has participated in the ongoing crypto craze by launching its crypto.

However, it’s not invested on BitQL, as some of the reviewers allege. You need to take extra precautions since the fake rumour has gone viral. You are likely to be tricked into signing up on cloned sites if you follow the fake news.

BitQL Bill Gates

Bill Gates is a billionaire, philanthropist and the brain behind Microsoft products. He is a tech-savvy investor with a variety of business interests.
Bill Gates is very vocal about technology. He has made positive comments about bitcoin, claiming that it’s better than fiat money. However, he is not trading it with BitQL, as some viral posts allege.

Bill Gates has severally stated that he takes a neutral position on crypto as an investment. He hasn't bought bitcoin, let alone ride on its volatility through BitQL.

BitQL Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay is a globally renowned British chef, writer and TV personality. He is the host of the top-rated Hell's kitchen show on Fox.

A rumour alleging that Gordon Ramsay has put over a million dollars in BitQL has broken the internet. These rumours started on some high ranking gossip blogs and mostly target the UK audience.

Our review confirms that these rumours are fake news. Gordon Ramsay hasn't disclosed any interests outside the cooking shows.

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Is BitQL a scam? Final word

We have gone through all the information we could lay our hands on to determine if BitQL is legit. Moreover, we have put this robot under kickass tests to determine if it works as alleged.

BitQL is a high-performance trading robot with insane daily profitability rates during high volatility. This robot could make millions out of a humble investment when the profits are compounded.

The BitQL profitability calculator indicates that a $250 deposit could turn into a million dollars when compounded for about a year. BitQL has an average ROI of 15% on normal days and up to 90% during volatility peaks.

Crypto volatility has been on a rollercoaster in 2021, thanks to massive adoption and celebrity endorsement. One of the celebrities contributing to the volatility rise is Elon Musk.  In 2019, BitQL introduced a feature dedicated to trading Elon Musk bitcoin volatility.

This feature has reportedly increased its success stories by over 30%. As explained earlier, this bot also offers stock and market indices trading. The BitQL stock trading algorithm uses AI to capture opportunities in the crypto markets.

We have tested BitQL for transparency and safety, and the results are satisfying. You will find all the crucial information about this robot on its official site. We have run the BitQL login page through security checks and found it safe.

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Is BitQL app a scam?

All the expert reviews on the web conclude that BitQL is trustworthy. The clients also rate it as trustworthy, secure, and lucrative.

Is the BitQL signup page secure?

Thorough penetration testing by a team of cyber security analysts verifies that BitQL platforms are secure. Its site is adequately encrypted to prevent data leaks.

Does BitQL support mobile trading?

BitQL is only available in the web-trader version, but it's in HTML5 and can be installed on mobile devices as a hybrid app. The app should work well on iOS, Android, and Windows phones.

Is BitQL connected to the MT4?

The BitQL system links to the MT4 in the background. However, you don't have to master the MT4 to use it. This is because the bot provides its own user interface.

Is BitQL regulated in the UK?

BitQL has deep roots in the UK, and it makes sense that over 60% of its partner brokers are regulated here. Most brokers allege being regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Does BitQL charge withdrawal fees?

You don't pay anything for up to ten withdrawals per month. Any subsequent withdrawal attracts a fee of 1%. This is awesome, given that most of the bitcoin trading robots out there do charge transaction fees.