Immediate Edge Review

You have a perfect opportunity to make money online in 2022 through bitcoin trading. Bitcoin volatility has increased rapidly in recent months, thanks to the rising demand.

The volatility is expected to rise higher in the coming months, creating more money-making opportunities. A BTC volatility trading software known as Immediate Edge is arguably the best tool to make money from the volatility.

This software reportedly delivers mouthwatering profits by riding the price swings. It’s built on Artificial Intelligence (AI) to deliver highly accurate signals. Trading research and order placing happens on auto-pilot, making the bot quite easy to operate.

You don't need trading experience or trading knowledge to use Immediate Edge. Moreover, this bot is affordable for most people since as little as USD250 is all you need to get started.

But is Immediate Edge a scam, or does it generate the handsome profits as alleged? Also, are the Immediate Edge login page and platforms safe? We have done our best to research and provide comprehensive and unbiased answers to these questions.

Our team has gone through Immediate Edge reviews on Reddit and Trustpilot to measure real users’ feedback. Furthermore, we have carried out thorough tests to determine if the robot is secure. You must peruse this review of Immediate to the end before getting started.

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Immediate Edge Review Summary

Immediate Edge Review

We have unearthed enough proof to show that Immediate Edge is legit and could be super profitable.

Our robot review team has mined all the available data about this robot and concluded that it's legit. The data includes tons of reviews from verified users and feedback from trusted experts. We have used an AI-driven sentiment analysis system to study user reviews.

Our review analysis system can simultaneously study tens of thousands of review sites and social media pages. The system analyses hundreds of thousands of reviews and classifies the feedback into four categories.

These categories include transparency, performance, safety, and customer service. An analysis of Immediate Edge reviews shows that it’s profitable, transparent, safe, and reliable. The robot scores above 90% in all the categories.

Surprisingly, over 90% of Immediate Edge reviewers claim-making money with it. This is amazing since very few trading bots manage to hit such a high win rate. But this doesn't mean that you take it risk-free.

Some reviewers allege losing a significant amount on a single miscalculated move. Immediate Edge trades on leverage to magnify profits. High leverage is known to magnify any trading outcome, including losses.

You should always treat any form of leveraged trading is highly risky. Immediate Edge is available in web and mobile app versions. The mobile app version works well on Android, Windows, and iOS devices.

You can use Immediate Edge on any web browser, both on desktop and mobile devices. However, we recommend trading via Mozilla, Chrome, or Brave browsers for safety purposes. Unfortunately, this bot doesn't offer a desktop app.

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What is Immediate Edge?

Automated trading is becoming a norm in the mainstream and crypto industries. Big banks in leading global financial hubs, including WST, already have a robo-driven strategy.

There are hundreds of robots out there for trading forex, stock, market indices, and commodities. However, only a few are specialized in bitcoin trading. Immediate Edge is reportedly the most automated trading system for bitcoin.

This robot was founded in 2016 and has gained a crazy following since then. Its popularity went through the roof after it emerged that it had made many bitcoin millionaires than any other trading robot.

Highly trusted experts allege that Immediate Edge delivers an average daily return of 15%. The profitability can shoot to 90% when volatility is at its peak. Investing $250 and compounding all the profits could turn you into a millionaire in about eight months. That is, if the robot consistently delivers the 15% return.

You can use the Immediate Edge calculator to determine the potential profits under different conditions. It’s worth noting that profitability is subject to many factors and therefore not guaranteed. You should therefore avoid putting all your savings in any volatility trading system.

Immediate Edge could be the key to your financial freedom. This means that it’s worth the risk. Starting small and reinvesting profits for growth is highly recommended. You can invest more if you can afford it for a steady daily cash flow and fast growth.

Immediate Edge Partner brokers

This bitcoin robot links to brokers in the background. These brokers are its link to the global liquidity pools.

Order execution is impossible without these liquidity providers. Immediate Edge automatically relays all orders to these brokers for execution. The brokers have powerful order placing systems to ensure instant order execution.

Fast order placing is crucial since a delay could lead to devastating losses. An order delay that leads to losses is known as negative slippage. The only way to avoid negative slippage is to avoid all slippage.

Immediate Edge partner brokers execute all signals as relayed by the robot. All deposits are made through the brokers since it’s their responsibility to place orders on behalf of the robot. We have conducted background checks on all these brokers and found them regulated and reputable.

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Advantages of using Immediate Edge

Trading bitcoin through Immediate Edge is highly recommended for beginners and experts. The level of profitability associated with this trading bot makes it a good bet for all. We have listed the key advantages of using Immediate Edge below.

  • High-level profitability
  • Great reputation
  • Easy to use trading system
  • Safe trading environment
  • High-level transparency
  • Fast and free transactions
  • No hidden charges
  • Availability of a demo account for practice

The advantages of using Immediate Edge far outweigh the cons. This bot is, therefore, worth the risk. The only disadvantages include limited signup slots and high risk. This is expected since risk has a strong positive correlation with reward.

Immediate Edge Reviews

We have reviewed many BTC trading systems, and very few are as popular as Immediate Edge. This trading bot has broken the internet since last year and is among the most searched keywords in the crypto industry.

A simple Google Trends research shows that Immediate Edge is searched millions of times every month. The robot is also among the most reviewed trading systems on social media today. As explained below, Immediate Edge has many followers on Reddit and YouTube. Thousands also review it on Trustpilot and Forex Peace Army.

Immediate Edge reviews Reddit

Reddit is a unique social media site that enables users to build communities around subjects. The site has become extremely popular among traders and investors.

Reddit hit the headlines in 2021 after triggering massive volatility of meme stocks. The platform is also popular for forming communities around trading robots. Immediate Edge is one of the trading robots with vibrant communities on this platform.

There are many Immediate Edge Reddit communities, some of which have gone viral. The viral subreddits have over ten thousand participants. We have dived into the comments on these communities and found the feedback to be positive.

Immediate Edge reviews Trustpilot

Trustpilot is one of the best review sites for anyone looking for objective feedback about a given product or service.

This platform is among the biggest review sites, with over a million web visits daily. Moreover, over 4 million reviews are posted on the platform every month. Immediate Edge is reviewed by many on Trustpilot, and the feedback is great.

Most of the Immediate Edge reviews on Trustpilot are verified to be from actual users. This robot has an overall rating of 4.5/5 after all these reviews.

Immediate Edge Wikipedia

Wikipedia is an online Encyclopedia edited by volunteers across the globe and managed by the Wikimedia Foundation.

Only highly reputable topics earn a page on this platform. The Immediate Edge Wikipedia page explains the concept behind the robot. Moreover, it describes its popularity and offers tips to help you get started.

Having a Wikipedia page is enough proof of how revered Immediate Edge is across the globe. Trading with Immediate Edge could make you extremely rich, but don't assume that this robot is risk-free.

Immediate Edge YouTube

We are also amazed by the many viral YouTube videos discussing this trading robot. The YouTube reviews are posted on high traffic channels.

Some of the reviews are done by renowned trading experts. The feedback is generally superb, with the experts recommending this bot for passive online investment. We have gone through the comments on each of the most-watched videos and concluded that this bot is a super performer.

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Can I use Immediate Edge in my country?

You can use Immediate Edge in all countries with regulations that support retail CFDs trading. Immediate Edge was initially founded for the UK market but later expanded its reach to other countries.

This trading robot is well established in some regions than others. We have identified the countries below as the top markets for this trading bot.

Immediate Edge UK

This robot was launched in London, the UK, in 2016. The majority of its users are from this country. Moreover, nearly all the brokers working with this bot are regulated here. Immediate Edge through the partner brokers has been offering welcome bonuses to users in this region.

Immediate Edge Canada

Canada is also a prime market for Immediate Edge. It is among the leading countries in crypto adoption. This explains why trading robots such as Immediate Edge are more popular in the country than anywhere else.

Immediate Edge NZ

New Zealand has also on the list of leading countries in crypto adoption. Immediate Edge has made headlines in the country. Some reviews indicate that nearly 15% of all the traffic to the Immediate Edge website is from NZ.

Immediate Edge Australia

Australians are also more open to new technologies. The country is also among those that have fully embraced cryptocurrencies. It's therefore not out of the ordinary that a highly profitable bitcoin trading robot is popular in the country.

How to use Immediate Edge

We rate Immediate Edge highly on ease of use. You don’t have to master technical trading platforms such as the MT4 to trade with this robot.

Immediate Edge claims to present in over 150 countries. The robot is unavailable in the US and a few other countries. Some people in restricted regions use VPNs to access the platform. We do not encourage this since your account will likely be suspended if detected.

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STEP ONE: Registration

This is easy since it only involves submitting personal details through the registration form on the official Immediate Edge website. The Immediate Edge login page is secured through high grade to ensure that your information will not leak to hackers.

STEP TWO: Account verification

This process is also self-explanatory. After registration, you will automatically be linked to a local broker in partnership with Immediate Edge. Verify your account as instructed by the broker and proceed to the next step.

STEP THREE: Account funding

The assigned broker will provide funding options. You need to fund your Immediate Edge account through the broker since they directly connect to liquidity providers. As explained earlier, all orders are placed through the partner broker.

STEP FOUR: Demo trading

The demo should give you a real feel of the live trading experience. Take time on the demo before continuing to the live trading platform. Also, watch the tutorial video and read the trading guide before proceeding to the next step.

STEP FIVE: Live trading

This is easy if you have taken your time to understand the platform through the materials provided in the previous step. Trading live is a cup of tea since you only need to click the live trading button. Immediate Edge will do the rest for you.

Immediate Edge in the Fake News

Immediate Edge is popular, which means that it's a prime target for fake news. Today, any highly popular subject is bound to attract its fair share of gossip and fake news. Fake news is used as a black hat marketing technique.

Immediate Edge Dragons Den

Some reviews claim that Immediate Edge was pitched on the Dragons Den. The Dragons Den is a popular TV show featuring entrepreneurs pitching investment ideas to angel investors. Tens of thousands of innovative business ideas have been presented in the show since its launch. However, we didn't find any proof of Immediate Edge appearing on this show.

Immediate Edge Alex Ferguson

Alex Ferguson is a retired Scottish footballer and former manager and coach of Manchester United. Ferguson may have interests in crypto but hasn't publicly disclosed so. The rumour alleging that he is trading BTC through the Immediate Edge app is likely to be fake news.

Immediate Edge Danilo Gentili

Danilo Gentili is a Brazilian comedian, writer, cartoonist, and TV host. Gentili has shown some interest in bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general. However, he didn't invest a million dollars in Immediate Edge, as some posts claim.

Immediate Edge höhle der löwen

Höhle der löwen is the German version of the Dragons Den. We have fact-checked the rumour claiming that Immediate Edge was pitched in the show and found it to be fake news. You need to avoid such rumours since they may include links to cloned sites.

Immediate Edge Shark Tank


The Shark Tank is a franchise of the Dragons Den. This show is aired on ABC and features top angel investors such as Mark Cuban, Kevin O’Leary, and Robert Herjavec. Some BTC related products have received funding from the show. However, immediate Edge is not among them.

Immediate Edge This Morning

Another rumour alleges that the founders of Immediate Edge have been interviewed on a recent episode of This Morning. However, this is a big lie since this robot is a product of a renowned trading software company.

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Is Immediate Edge fake? Final Word!

We have invested in the best review team to ensure that you get firsthand information about trending trading robots.

As explained earlier, we have gone through big data to unearth interesting facts about this trading robot. We have investigated this bitcoin trading robot thoroughly and didn’t find any red flags to make us doubt its legitimacy.

Immediate Edge ranks top in our list of the best bitcoin trading systems today. We are amazed by how viral this auto-trading system has gone since 2019. Only a reputable and profitable system can receive so many positive reviews from the public.

Also, only a highly trustworthy system can earn expert reviews on some of the world's most popular mainstream publications. Immediate Edge is heavily reviewed on popular crypto publications and leading mainstream platforms.

We have tested the listed Immediate Edge partner brokers and concluded that they are highly trustworthy. As explained earlier, Immediate Edge links to these brokers in the background. Their roles include order placing and facilitating transactions with clients.

We find all of them well-regulated in all the jurisdictions that matter. Most brokers report tier-one regulation in the UK, Australia, Cyprus, and South Africa. Immediate Edge operates globally with a presence in over 60 countries.

We tested the robot for safety and concluded that the best safety standards power it. These include the best AES encryption and full compliance to data privacy laws such as the GDPR.


Is Immediate Edge a con?

No! Background checks indicate that Immediate Edge is a trustworthy, transparent, secure, and highly profitable trading tool.

How do I download the Immediate Edge app?

The Immediate Edge app download link can be found at the bottom of the trading dashboard or on the welcome email. Click the link to start the download.

Does Immediate Edge offer signup bonuses?

Immediate Edge through the partner brokers provides signup bonuses on a lottery basis. The bonuses aren't available in all jurisdictions. You are likely to enjoy these bonuses if you are in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada.

How much do I need to register with Immediate Edge?

You won't pay any money to register an account with Immediate Edge. Moreover, you won't pay any fees until you start making money.

Is Immediate Edge regulated in the UK?

Immediate Edge, through its supporting brokers, is regulated in the UK and many other countries. All the brokers fall under tier-one regulation.

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