Is Bitcoin Motion a Scam Trading System?

Making money off bitcoin is becoming increasingly easy thanks to trading systems such as Bitcoin Motion.

Bitcoin Motion is an AI-driven online-based computer program for bitcoin speculation. The system uses algorithms built on powerful volatility trading strategies. Volatility refers to the ups and downs of an asset price.

A volatility trading system automatically places bets on the price swings of an asset. Some of the strategies applied by Bitcoin Motion include short-selling. This technique enables the trading system to earn profits at plummeting prices.

Bitcoin Motion is extremely easy to use given that its algorithms conduct all the technical trading aspects on autopilot. Moreover, you don’t need to disrupt your daily schedule to use this platform. As little as 15 minutes is enough to adjust the settings and start a trading session.

But is Bitcoin Motion scam or genuine money making tool? Also, are the Deborah Meaden Bitcoin Motion rumours real?

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What is Bitcoin Motion?

Most tasks conducted by professionals today will be dedicated to machines in the next ten years.

Analysts predict that intelligent computer programs will take over 80% of the jobs. The advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is bringing automation to the most sensitive industries.

In finance, the investment and trading functions are being taken over by machines. Trading robots such as Bitcoin Motion are proving to outperform the best professional traders. Bitcoin Motion is an AI-equipped system for BTC speculation.

This system is built on the trading wisdom applied by the big banks to make mouthwatering profits from volatility trading. Bitcoin Motion is unique in that it’s fully dedicated to bitcoin CFDs trading.

This trading platform performance is described as magical. Bitcoin Motion is reportedly generating insane wealth for its users. The robot is said to maintain high profitability even in the worst bitcoin bear markets.

Some reviewers have described Bitcoin Motion as the best auto-trading system for shorting bitcoin. The most amazing thing is that the program is easy to use, and hence complete beginners can make money right from the start.

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Is Bitcoin Motion a scam? Key points!

We have amassed all the facts to prove that Bitcoin Motion is legitimate. These include testimonials from verified clients.

Bitcoin Motion has been around for 2 years only. However, this hasn't prevented it from gaining the first position as the most reviewed trading bot on the web. This trading bot's popularity exploded about 6 months ago.

The popularity explosion is a result of its ever-increasing profitability. Some expert reviewers allege that no trading system can beat Bitcoin Motion profitability. We have tested the system through its demo, and it seems to be super profitable.

The demo is built on technologies similar to the live account. It's said to deliver returns strikingly similar to what you should expect in a live trading platform. The fact that the demo is built on advanced technologies is enough proof of the legitimacy of Bitcoin Motion's live trading system.

Further background research shows that Bitcoin Motion is in partnership with 22 brokers. All these brokers report being regulated by tier-one institutions. This review finds at

  • Great reviews from experts
  • Amazing feedback from verified users
  • Regulated partner brokers
  • Transparent trading environment
  • Free deposits and withdrawals

Bitcoin Motion offers an amazing opportunity to make money off bitcoin price swings. However, don't assume that the returns are guaranteed. Various factors, including luck, influence Bitcoin Motion performance. Invest wisely.

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Bitcoin Motion in the media

The internet is full of testimonials of people who have tried Bitcoin Motion and made money. We have scrutinized the testimonials and found them to be authentic.

Bitcoin Motion is trending on the internet. Our investigation indicates that it's trending among the top 3 most popular BTC related keywords on Google. It's also trending on other search engines, including Bing and Yahoo.

Bitcoin Motion is popular in some regions than others. This trading system is accessible from over 60 countries. Most of these are in Europe and America.

Bitcoin Motion Reviews UK

We have studied Bitcoin Motion reviews on UK-based review platforms. This crypto trading platform is undoubtedly highly popular in this country.
Bitcoin Motion was founded in the UK. The robot is in partnership with 25 brokers. At least half of these brokers are regulated through the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The FCA is UK's leading broker regulatory body.

Bitcoin Motion Reviews Australia

Background checks on Bitcoin Motion reviews on Australia-focused sites reveal that it’s super popular in the country.

Australians openness to new tech is behind the massive adoption of Bitcoin Motion. Moreover, Bitcoin Motion is hailed as super-profitable and is therefore in high demand globally. Our investigation shows that 20% of Bitcoin Motion partner brokers are regulated in Australia. The Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) is a globally recognized broker regulatory institution.

Bitcoin Motion Ratings on Social Media

As stated above, Bitcoin Motion is highly popular. This means that it’s heavily reviewed on almost all the independent review sites.

Moreover, it has a robust community on social media. We have come across many pages on Facebook and Telegram discussing this trading robot. Here is how Bitcoin Motion ranks on some of the world’s best ranking review sites.

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Bitcoin Motion Reddit

Reddit is the first place to visit if you are looking for unbiased reviews from real users. The platform brings together people with similar interests to form communities.

We are surprised by how popular the Bitcoin Motion Reddit communities are. Our team has counted over 15 Bitcoin Motion Subreddits. Each of the Subreddits has over five thousand active participants.
The Bitcoin Motion reviews on Reddit are superb. Over 90% of the community members agree that the trading system is profitable.

Bitcoin Motion Trustpilot

This is another quite important review site for anyone looking for first-hand testimonials about any product.
Trustpilot is one of the biggest consumer feedback platforms globally. Millions of reviews are posted on this site monthly. We have gone through Bitcoin Motion Trustpilot reviews, and they are great.

An in-depth study of reviews corroborates with the feedback on Reddit. Bitcoin Motion is rated as super-profitable and beginner-friendly.

Sign up on the official Bitcoin Motion site

Click here to open the official Bitcoin Motion website. Complete the signup through the form on the top left corner of the homepage.

It’s extremely important that you countercheck your information before submitting the registration form. Please note that your account may be suspended if you do not submit accurate details.

All the information submitted through the Bitcoin Motion login page is encrypted. This means that it can’t be stolen.

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Verify your Bitcoin Motion account

You will connect to one of Bitcoin Motion’s partner brokers on completing the registration. Upload all the necessary verification documentation with the broker.

Most of Bitcoin Motion’s partner brokers only require a photo of both sides of your national identity card. Some of the brokers may ask for proof of payment method. We have determined that the verification process is straightforward.

You should embrace the verification process since it’s an anti-money-laundering requirement for all financial institutions across the globe. The verification may take a few hours but you are free to proceed to the next step as you wait.

Deposit trading capital through the broker

You can proceed to the deposit page as you wait for your identity to be confirmed. Deposit $250 or more through the methods offered by the broker.

Bitcoin Motion, like any other trading system, links to a broker to access liquidity. All the trading signals generated by the robot are translated into orders on the broker’s platform. The broker then uses the deposit to place trades.

You will fund your Bitcoin Motion account through the methods provided by the broker. We can confirm the brokers supporting this trading system accept account funding through wire transfer, debit/credit cards, and some e-wallets.

Test Bitcoin Motion through the demo

Bitcoin Motion is fully accessible after completing the deposit. We insist that you visit the trading resources page first before starting a live session.

The trading resources page includes a video introducing Bitcoin Motion, a risk appetite test, and a demo platform. Watch the ten minutes video carefully to fully understand the key features of this trading system.

Take the risk appetite test to determine the risk per trade level that matches your risk profile. The risk profile is determined by the trader’s financial status and their general attitude towards risk.

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Start a live trading session

This is easy if you have taken the Bitcoin Motion tutorial materials seriously. Don’t start a live session until you are comfortable with demo trading.

You should be well prepared after about an hour of demo practice. Set Bitcoin Motion to trade at a risk level that suits your risk appetite.

Click the LIVE BUTTON on the left corner of the trading dashboard to start a session. You can set Bitcoin Motion to send regular progress notifications in your phone. Moreover, you can set the withdrawals to happen automatically when a certain account balance is achieved.

Bitcoin Motion in the fake news

We have identified a trend where blackhat marketing sites are associating Bitcoin Motion with celebrities.

Further background checks reveal that fake news is used to market cloned sites. Bitcoin Motion’s popularity has made it a prime target for clones. The clones masquerade as the official site with the intention of stealing personal data.

As a result, we advise against following links from unsolicited sites or social media posts when looking to register with this robot. Avoid the celebrity linked posts completely since they are likely the conduit to the cloned sites.

Register on the official Bitcoin Motion site through this link. Read on to learn about the fake news posts that have been identified to have links to cloned sites.

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Bitcoin Motion Deborah Meaden

Deborah Meaden is a British business magnate worth over £40 million. She is best known for being a panellist in the Dragons Den show.

Some highly shared posts on Twitter allege that Deborah Meaden is one of the five investors behind the Bitcoin Motion trading system. We have fact-checked the Deborah Meaden bitcoin claims and found them to be fake news.

Our team has identified links to cloned sites on some of the fake Deborah Meaden Bitcoin Motion posts.

Bitcoin Motion Martin Lewis

Martin Lewis is a celebrity personal finance expert, broadcaster, and TV personality. He is the founder and chief editor of The Money Saving Blog.

Some posts on Pinterest and Twitter allege that Martin Lewis is a co-founder of Bitcoin Motion. We have put these rumours under the microscope and determined that they are nothing but fake news.

Martin Lewis isn’t a co-founder of Bitcoin Motion or any other bitcoin trading robot. A statement on his website confirms that he doesn’t have any interests in crypto.

Bitcoin Motion Holly Willoughby

Holly Willoughby is a decorated media personality best known for programs such as This Morning and Dancing on Ice on ITV.

Holly Willoughby is one of the wealthiest TV personalities in the UK with a net worth of £10 million as of January 2022. Some posts allege that she is well invested in Bitcoin Motion and is generating millions of dollars every month.

However, this review finds no proof of the Bitcoin Motion Holly Willoughby claims. Any post alleging must be treated with caution.

Bitcoin Motion Dragons Den

Another suspicious post alleges that Bitcoin Motion was pitched on the Dragons Den show. Dragons Den is a prime-time reality TV show aired on BBC UK, Canada, and Ireland.

We have closely examined the Bitcoin Motion Dragons Den rumours and found them to be false. Bitcoin Motion hasn't raised money from any investor, let alone through a reality TV program. Treat any post that claims so as to fake news.

Bitcoin Motion This Morning

Some publications claim that the founders of Bitcoin Motion were interviewed on the This Morning show in December 2021.

This Morning is a primetime breakfast show aired on ITV. The hosts include Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield. As explained above, some fake news posts have falsely linked Holly Willoughby with Bitcoin Motion.

The posts claim that she disclosed investing on the platform in one of This Morning episodes. However, there is no evidence in support of these claims. Bitcoin Motion doesn’t rely on celebrity endorsements for marketing.

Bitcoin Motion Graphics

We have gone through the Bitcoin Motion graphics and confirmed that its performance is consistent.

The trading system has maintained a 15% daily ROI since last month. Its profitability is bound to keep rising with increasing volatility. Data from various sources indicate that 2022 will be the year of massive bitcoin price swings.

Bitcoin Motion Review – Final Word

We have put Bitcoin Motion under legitimacy tests and found it to be dependable. This auto-trading system is reputable and seems to operate transparently.

The many amazing Bitcoin Motion reviews on the web are enough proof that users are finding it worthwhile. We have analyzed the feedback from real Bitcoin Motion users and deduced that it’s profitable.

Bitcoin Motion users claim decent daily profitability from an investment of as little as USD250. Some of the reviewers report making their first million with Bitcoin Motion after compounding the daily returns for a couple of months.

This trading platform is listed top by experts among the best volatility trading tools. Bitcoin Motion profitability can hit 90% during increased crypto volatility. The average daily return, according to some expert reviewers, is 15%.

You can use the Bitcoin Motion calculator to determine the potential profits when a certain amount is invested and the daily profits are reinvested. A consistent daily profit of 15% can generate a fortune out of a $250 account when the profits are reinvested.

Bitcoin Motion has everything it takes to turn you into a wealthy trader but don’t assume that profitability is guaranteed. A lot of factors including luck dictate the robot's performance.

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Is Bitcoin Motion a scam?

We have fact-checked every information we could lay our hands-on and didn't find anything suspicious about this robot. Bitcoin Motion is highly transparent and trustworthy.

Does Bitcoin Motion support mobile trading?

Bitcoin Motion is a web trader that comes in an HTML5 version to support mobile trading. The platform works as a hybrid mobile app compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows devices.

Is the Bitcoin Motion login page safe?

Thorough safety checks reveal that the Bitcoin Motion login page is secure. The Bitcoin Motion website is properly encrypted to prevent data theft.

Does Bitcoin Motion charge hidden fees?

You won’t pay anything to sign up and trade with Bitcoin Motion. The only fee deducted when trading with this bot is the 2% commission on profits.

Is Bitcoin Motion profitable?

The many Bitcoin Motion reviews confirm that the trading system is profitable. Only a profitable platform can have such amazing feedback from tens of thousands of clients.