Oil Profit Review

Oil Profit is a powerful web platform that enables users to make a quick profit off oil volatility. The platform is driven by sophisticated algorithms built on Artificial Intelligence (AI).

These algorithms follow a set of rules based on trend analysis, scalping, and arbitrage trading techniques. Oil Profit implements these techniques automatically, making it easy for complete beginners to make money.

We have analyzed tens of thousands of Oil Profit reviews to gauge user experience. It seems that over 90% of users have made good profits through this system. Surprisingly, over 10% of the reviewers allege growing their accounts to over a million US dollars.

Some Oil Profit UK reviews claim that this robot operates under FCA regulated brokers. While most users are from the UK, Oil Profit is available in many other countries. But is Oil Profit a scam or not?  These and many other questions will be addressed in this review.

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Oil Profit Review Summary

We are happy to report that Oil Profit is a legitimate trading system. Our investigative team has analyzed a lot of data to come to this conclusion.

This data includes verified reviews from users and expert reviews. User reviews indicate that most people are making money with this trading robot. At least 90% of the reviews are positive, with most alleging that Oil Profit is profitable from the first day of trading.

Only less than 5% of Oil Profit users report losing money. Even so, you shouldn’t take profitability as assured since you could be part of the 5%. Never put all your savings in a single investment since this could lead to losses.

Oil Profit is reviewed as super easy to operate. This is because its algorithms are built to conduct all trading on autopilot. You only need to sign up, adjust the SL and TP tools to fit your risk appetite and start a session.

The robot will place bets for you and send progress notifications through SMS. We will discuss the manually adjustable tools later in this review.

  • Trading status – Fully automated
  • Tradable instruments – Oil CFD
  • Trading platforms – Web and hybrid mobile app
  • Minimum deposit – USD 250
  • Maximum per withdrawal - $10,000
  • Potential profits – Up to 90% in high volatility
  • Free withdrawals per month – 10
  • Partner brokers – Purely ECN and well regulated
  • Eligible countries – Over 120

We are happy with Oil Profit and would recommend it to anyone looking for an easy way to make money online. However, we insist that you treat it as super risky and not invest more than you can afford to lose.

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What is Oil Profit?

You may be aware of the disruptions happening in the financial sector thanks to the development of technology.

The technology takeover has made it possible for people to make money online in the comfort of their homes. Today, anyone can become a guru trader or investor through online education and easily access the markets for trading.

With trading tools such as Oil Profit, you don’t have to spend a lot of time learning to trade. This is because they are built to automatically analyze the markets and deliver winning trades. Oil Profit is fully automated and super accurate.

As stated in the intro, this trading bot speculates on oil through derivatives known as CFDs. A derivative is a financial product that derives its value from an underlying asset. Derivatives allow you to bet on the price swings of an asset without having to own it.

Oil Profit is arguably the most advanced and oil CFDs trading system. It's also rated by the majority of experts as insanely profitable. The individual consumer reviews confirm so, with more than 90% of the reviews claiming that it's profitable.

Oil Profit is in high demand today, and registration slots are limited. Try your luck by attempting to sign up here. Don't give up if the registration slots are hard to come by. Keep trying your luck until you secure a slot.

Advantages of trading with Oil Profit

You will find Oil Profit to not only be super profitable but fun to trade with. The advantages of using this Oil CFDs trading system are listed below.

  • High-level profitability
  • Easy to operate 
  • Seamless withdrawals
  • No trading charges
  • Doesn’t charge any hidden fees
  • Operates in a transparent environment
  • Works with quality partner brokers

The pros of using this oil trading system far outweigh the cons. As stated earlier, the disadvantages of using this robot include limited registration slots and risk. Oil Profit risk level is moderate when compared to its close competitors.

Nonetheless, the risk is there, and you shouldn't put all your savings into it. Don't invest more than 10% of your savings in a high-risk investment. Despite the proven performance rate, Oil Profit should be treated as a high-risk trading system. 

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Oil Profit Reviews UK – How popular is this robot?

This trading system is popular in the UK and other countries. Oil Profit should be accessible from any country that allows retail CFDs trading.

Most countries have supportive regulations, but a few do not. The US is one of the countries that prohibit retail CFDs trading. Oil Profit is therefore unavailable in the US. Try other automated trading robots in our list if Oil Profit is unavailable in your country.

Oil Profit has a huge following on social media. Moreover, it's been reviewed many times on high traffic platforms such as Trustpilot.

Oil Profit Reddit

The Reddit investing communities have made headlines for years, thanks to their impact on asset volatility.

Reddit is a social media platform that allows users to form communities around subjects. The communities are known as subreddits and can either be public or private. We have come across over 15 Oil Profit subreddits on this platform.

Some subreddits have up to ten thousand participants and hundreds of thousands of posts and comments. The feedback from most of the participants is positive. You can learn a lot by going through the posts on the Oil Profit subreddits.

Register on Reddit to participate in the Oil Profit Reddit threads. You may need to subscribe to Reddit Gold to access the private ones. However, we do not see the need since the public threads have all the information you need.

Oil Profit Trustpilot 

Trustpilot is another important site for the trading community. This platform allows the public to post reviews for any product or service.

The platform verifies the reviews to ensure that they are from real users. Oil Profit has many reviews on Trustpilot. It has a general rating of 4.5/5 and is, therefore, one of the platform's best-rated automated trading systems.

The Oil Profit Trustpilot reviews confirm that it’s profitable, beginner-friendly, transparent and secure. We have analyzed swathes of data and concluded that this oil CFDs trading robot is indeed worth a try.

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Does Oil Profit work in my country?

Oil Profit is accessible from all countries that allow retail oil CFDs trading. It's not available in your country if you use a VPN to access its website.

As mentioned earlier, most countries allow this form of trading. You can trade with this robot from any country that allows retail CFDs trading, but you have a better chance of securing a signup slot if you are in any of the countries below.

Despite the high demand, the trading bot only offers a few signup slots daily. Therefore, you should be extremely lucky to be able to register on the first attempt.

Oil Profit UK

About half of Oil Profit users are from the UK. This is expected given that the trading system was founded here.

Oil Profit has its headquarters in London and offices in Glasgow, Manchester, Bristol, and Liverpool. The robot has entered into a pact with UK's best oil CFDs trading brokers. These brokers are monitored by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Oil Profit Australia

This is another top market for Oil Profit. Over 30% of this trading bot’s users are reportedly from Australia.

Preliminary checks on the brokers supporting Oil Profit shows that most are regulated by ASIC. The Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) is the leading financial regulatory body in the country.

How to trade with Oil Profit

You have nothing to worry about since Oil Profit does all the trading for you. This oil CFDs trading system is equipped with AI-driven algorithms to research and place bets on oil price swings.

You only need to sign up on the Oil Profit website and deposit a minimum of USD250 to participate in trading. The trading bot will do the trading research for you and deliver the profits to your account. You can get started with Oil Profit through the simple steps explained below.


Visit the official Oil Profit site here and fill the signup form to create a trading account. Please note that Oil Profit doesn’t charge a dime in registration or license fees.

You will also not pay any trading charges until you are profitable. A trading commission of 2% will be deducted from every profitable trade. This oil trading bot is affordable compared to the other options out there.

Moreover, it charges the lowest commissions when compared to competitors. Most Oil Profit competitors deduct commissions of up to 20% for profitable trades.

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Account verification

Verify your Oil Profit account by uploading the documents requested by the matched broker. Remember that this CFDs trading robot is backed by brokers.

Its partner brokers are top quality and therefore adhere to strict regulatory guidelines directed by the global financial regulation laws. These laws require deposit-taking institutions to verify the identities of their clients.

This requirement aims to curb money laundering, among other financial crimes. Verifying your ID through the matched Oil Profit partner broker should be easy.

Account funding

You can go ahead and deposit the trading capital as the broker processes your verification documents. Oil Profit is affordable given that you can start trading with as little as USD250.

The deposit is made through the assigned broker. We can ascertain that most of the Oil Profit partner brokers support account funding through wire and debit and credit cards. Most may also support e-wallets such as Skrill.

Demo practice

This step prepares you for the live trading experience. The Oil Profit demo is a perfect simulation of the live trading experience.

You only need to test the platform to identify the risk control settings that match your trading profile. Ensure that you have perused the Oil Profit trading guide and watched the setting tutorial before going live.

Live trading

Start making money by toggling the Oil Profit live trading button. Remember that you must manually adjust the risk settings before going live.

The settings are explained in layman's terms in the previous step. You will find it easy to set this robot for live trading if you have taken the demo practice seriously. Oil Profit conducts the trading research and order execution automatically.

This makes it extremely easy to operate for complete beginners. You should run Oil Profit for at least 7 hours daily for the best results.

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Oil Profit in the Fake News

This oil trading system’s popularity has made it a prime target for fake news and gossip. Some viral gossip blogs claim that Oil Profit has received endorsements or investments from celebrities.

Others allege that this oil trading robot has appeared on some highly-rated mainstream media TV programs. But are these claims authentic? Let's find out below.

Oil Profit Dragons Den

Dragons Den is aired on BBC Canada and the UK and features entrepreneurs seeking financing from a panel of angel investors.

We have come across a post alleging that Oil Profit was pitched on this show in 2015. However, this is not true. The company behind Oil Profit has clarified that it had never raised money from any institution or angel investor.

There is a possibility that those claiming that Oil Profit was pitched on the Dragons Den are confusing it with another trading tool. Several oil trading tools have been presented in the show since 2015.

Oil Profit This Morning

You are probably a big fan of This Morning TV show. This show is highly rated and features a discussion of the latest trends in multiple sectors.

It also features celebrity interviews. Some posts claim that Britain’s youngest millionaire has disclosed investing in Oil Profit during a recent interview. However, we have watched the interview and didn’t find any mention.

This means that the Oil Profit This Morning rumours are fake news. Therefore, you should treat them as such and avoid any links attached to them.

Oil Profit Martin Lewis

Martin Lewis is a renowned personal finance guru, TV personality, and the founder of the Money Saving Blog.

Millions of people follow Lewis advice on money-saving and investment. He has blogged about oil many times but hasn't said anything about trading with Oil Profit. Martin Lewis has never shown any interest in fast-paced trading, let alone automated oil trading. It's therefore unlikely that he would recommend Oil Profit.

Avoid the posts claiming so since it seems that they are used to trick people into visiting cloned sites. Visit the official Oil Profit website here.

Oil Profit Amazon

Amazon is a global conglomerate with vast business interests. The company is invested in the oil industry but not through the Oil Profit trading system. Consequently, the posts alleging that Amazon has invested millions of dollars in Oil Profit are fake news.

Oil Profit has clarified that it has not raised financing from any individual or institution. The company behind the Oil Profit brand is a successful B2C and B2B trading software provider worth billions of dollars.

It hasn’t participated in any form of venture capital funding. The Oil Profit Amazon claims should therefore be treated suspiciously and avoided.

Oil Profit App Review – The Verdict!

We have applied our foolproof criteria to investigate Oil Profit and didn’t find any red flags. This robot offers CFDs trading on oil.

Like the Bitcoin Up, it's one of the most popular online money making tools today. Oil Profit is easy to use for complete beginners. The data we have gathered indicates that it's super profitable with a daily profitability rate of up to 90%.

Oil Profit has reportedly made many people rich. This is evident in the many awesome reviews all over the web. Oil Profit is available for web and mobile trading. This means that you can access it while on the go.

The Oil Profit hybrid app should work perfectly well on your Windows, Android, and iOS smartphones. Unfortunately, this trading platform doesn’t offer a desktop app. As noted earlier, Oil Profit’s profitability potential makes it worth the risk.

Try it now by visiting its site through the link below. Don’t put all your savings in a fast-paced trading system due to the high risk associated with this form of trading.


Is Oil Profit legitimate?

Expert reviews indicate that Oil Profit is legit, safe, and profitable. We have tested it thoroughly and concluded the same.

Do I need any skills to use Oil Profit?

You don't need any trading skills to make money with Oil Profit. This is because the software does all the trading for you on autopilot.

Is Oil Profit regulated?

Oil Profit is monitored via its collaborating brokers. These brokers handle all the sensitive transactions with this bot.

Is the Oil Profit app compatible with android devices?

You can use the hybrid Oil Profit app on your Android, iOS or Windows phone. Moreover, you can use it on any mobile browser.

Do I pay any fees to use Oil Profit?

You won’t pay any registration or account maintenance fee when trading with Oil Profit. The only applicable charge is the 2% commission on profitable trades.

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