One of our specialisms is fitness content as well as social media management so this is a fantastic win and one that we are already enjoying immensely
Chris Woods - head of digital and strategy, Dakota Digital
No amount of money can buy good health. Expensive jewelry, flowers and romantic dinners are all wonderful demonstrations of love and affection, but the gift of pain relief that keeps on giving, shows how much you care over and over again.
Anthony Izzo, VP of truMedic
We don’t want to be the gate-crashers of the taxi industry, we want to evolve it. By cooperating with our cab partners we are creating the perfect marketplace for them, funnelling passengers towards their top quality fleets.
Sadie Gee, Business Lead at Minicabster
The GCell wireless keyboard re-charges itself by efficiently soaking up any ambient source of light, indoors or out. With GCell any visible light source becomes an energy source.
Richard Costello, CEO at G24 Power
Whether you drizzle it on a salad, use it as a marinade or whip up a show stopping dessert, its multi-purpose nature makes it a savvy kitchen purchase for amateur cooks and gourmet chefs alike
Taner Ozsumer & Tuncay Yildiztas – Joint Founding Directors
When people are looking into hosting their website, there are so many options. Variety is the spice of life but the more choices available to us; the harder it is for us to make the right choice. This package was designed to be suited to everyone. It encapsulates everything that our users will ever need; it’s low-cost, easy, fast and reliable UK web hosting
Matthew South, Chief Operating Officer
It’s essential that businesses are able to account for their assets so that they can track where they are and keep everything secure
David Hargreaves Managing Director for Clee Hill
There is such a demand for male dancers in the contemporary dance industry right now
James Grimsey, Creative Director at The Box Studios
I have been teaching dance for over 10 years, and although there has been a steady increase of interest from boys and young men, there is always room for more
Chris Bradley
There aren’t many chances these days to interact with your target demographic face to face, so it is absolutely vital that businesses take full advantage at exhibitions
Mark Thompson, Sales Director of Printdesigns
It’s vital to create a real dialogue with alumni by understanding what they need in order to want to relate to their university, college or school. Linked4Alumni equips them to do this
Sarah Hughes
At Only-apartments, we’re constantly on the search for ways to improve our service. That’s why we’ve put together our favourite eco-friendly travel tips that will help holidaymakers reduce their carbon footprint and minimise environmental impact wherever possible
Alon Eldar, CEO of Only-apartments
This summer we’ve seen some very extreme examples of sports psychology and mind coaching in play
Don Macpherson
The Care Act 2014 is an important change in the law which will affect authorities and businesses nationwide
Michael Burke of Embrace Learning
As the weather starts to warm up and the summer garden party invites begin to roll in, we thought we’d give smokers that little bit of extra encouragement to make summer 2014 a smoke-free season.
Srikanth Vadlamudi, of Go-Lites
Pole fitness is fantastic for getting a perk bottom as the workout strengthens the glute muscles. It’s time to say goodbye to your droopy behind and say hello to the new you. Pole fitness is a demanding workout which requires the utmost dedication and gets your heart racing faster than any gym session. It’s also a great way for mums and daughters to bond and stay fit together
Tracey Batenburg, CEO of Aurelian Sports
To be at the height of fashion this season, your nails simply have to sparkle!
Wendy C. Miller, Director of Crystal Parade
Being a leader isn’t just about being in control – it’s about creating a productive working environment where everyone feels comfortable and empowered to do their best work.
Dr. Patricia Thompson
At Boxego, we understand that everyone has important memories that they want to keep private as well as those that they want to share. We’ve created a secure space where they can do both.
James Birrell, Founder of Boxego
With Government grants of up to £5,000 on the table, the opportunity for unscrupulous businesses to set up overnight and operate using sub- standard products and unqualified installers is a major industry concern.
Frank Kelly, CEO of UK Flood Barriers
The ability to accurately visualise a project in this way has been invaluable to designers for several decades now. With the AutoDesk Creative License package you’ll learn exactly why this is, and how to use the essential features of both AutoCAD, 3DS Max and Revit. Afterwards, you’ll be able to confidently design and create 3D animations using all of these applications
Mark Young, Director of Academy Class
Our stickers provide homeowners who enjoy updating and transforming their homes regularly with an affordable option. Fabristick stickers can be rearranged as many times as you wish and guarantee not to leave any surface damage behind
Karen Griffin, founder of Stickers4Walls
This is a book for doers, not dreamers
There are many proven links between gaming and educational development, and now we are reaching out to teachers and educators across the globe to encourage them to use educational titles in their lesson plans.
Nikolai Veselov, of MyRealGames
As a society we are travelling and exploring much more, and more people than ever are travelling alone. 30% of gap year students choose to travel solo, and while this is a rewarding experience it can also be overwhelming and at times lonely.
Temi Odurinde, founder of the social network Travel Friendz
We exist to provide an invaluable service to busy people by fitting new tyres on their drive or at their workplace. We are selling convenience and practicality. And we will succeed by being different.
Jon Friedlander, Motion Tyres company director
We want customers to be a part of Bubble Tea London by helping us pick a name for each of our tasty and tantalising flavours
Kay Wong, Founder of Bubble Tea London
We are delighted with the restoration of this beautiful property which is the epitome of form and function.
Peter Vidler, Director of Cardiff Bay Investments
The We.Hub line is a breakthrough fusion of furniture, wireless connectivity and powerful communication features that seamlessly connects colleagues, clients, students, or anyone no matter where they are located
Trace McCullough, founder and CEO of Cabinet-Tronix
I guess the Girl Scout cookie stands in front of grocery stores had an influence on people's drink choices last month
Heidi Komlofske, CEO of GoLocalApps
Hush Hair and Beauty is an Aladdin’s cave of fabulous treatments and stunning hair care, all wrapped up in a boutique style environment that wouldn’t be out of place in Covent Garden
Fay Cole
Relationships are key to every aspect of life. Knowing what motivates those around us is crucial. The Color Code Personality Science gives us the tools to accelerate and maximize our personal and business relationships
Karen Bayles, Leadership, Wellness & Relationship Expert
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