16GB Memory Upgrades for 2010 Macs

After recent testing it has been discovered that certain model Macs from 2010 can actually be upgraded to 16GB using two 8GB SODIMMs. Although they were originally manufactured with a factory limit of just 4GB, certain adjustments to memory modules in conjunction with the right Apple OS and certain EFI updates can enable these Macs to enjoy up to 16GB of installed memory. A similar occurrence happened back in 2008, when MacBook Pros could max out their RAM memory to 8GB under certain circumstances, when it was believed they had a maximum capacity of 4GB.

The models in question are the 13” Apple Macbook Pro 7,1 from 2010, the Apple Macbook 7,1 from 2010 and the Apple Mac Mini 4,1 from the same year. The models also need to meet certain criteria before the computer memory upgrade can be put into action. These include the installation of Mac OS X 10.7.5 or a later version; the ‘Lion’ and ‘Mountain Lion’ operating systems will both work in conjunction with the new memory upgrades.

The latest EFI update for the machine is also a necessary factor. EFI firmware updates are often released by Apple in order to resolve hardware issues. They can be installed via Apple Software Update. If no updates appear in the Software Update section, it is safe to say that the EFI firmware is up to date and will be compatible with the extra memory. Obtaining the proper memory modules is also a necessity, as with any upgrade. The 16GB kit is a matched pair of 8GB DDR3-1066 SODIMMs.

With our 16GB DMS Certified Memory 204 Pin kit, the memory of these units can be expanded much higher than ever expected. Many computers from the same generation were limited by a 4GB or 8GB memory capacity, but the expansion of these older units could mean a surge in value for those who still own one, as well as a higher level of functionality and a much faster working process once the new memory upgrade has been installed. Those who had one of these older models and were considering trading up for an expensive new machine will be jumping for joy at the discovery that their machine’s memory can be inexpensively upgraded with ease.

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