2015 London Theatre Breaks Survey

The 2015 London Theatre Breaks Survey launched today will look at ticket prices and the allure of celebrity in London's Theatreland

With premium tickets breaking the £200 barrier for the first time in the West End and star castings like that of Benedict Cumberbatch as Hamlet bringing its own well documented problems, it is believed by many that we are coming to a watershed moment in the industry.

Will production costs push West End shows out of the reach of many or will audience power keep ticket prices affordable, if not for “the many” then at least for the suitably motivated!

Whilst it is clear that price is a motivational factor for individuals, when acting as a whole, can audiences effectively set their own prices?” Asks Simon Harding of TheatreBreaks.co.uk

Certain producers may well ask for a headline price of £240 (Elf – The Musical) but the reality is that the average price paid across the West End is almost £200 less: £42.29 according to SOLT's 2014 Box Office Data Report) so that would suggest that audiences are winning – at least for the moment.

This year's survey is designed to cut to the core questions of whether price and star status are really deciding factors to whether an individual will book to see a show or whether those things are just easy headlines for industry gossips and, let's face it, we like our cliff-hangers in Theatreland!

The 2015 London Theatre Breaks Survey is available at http://www.theatrebreaks.co.uk/2015-london-theatre-breaks-survey

2014 survey results and infographic are available at http://www.theatrebreaks.co.uk/top-uk-shows-seen-see/

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