51T Helps Healthcare Organisations Through Winter Admissions Spike

With overcrowding in hospitals last year reaching record levels and patients enduring waits at A&E of up to 35 hours, the pressure is on the NHS this year to avoid a winter crisis. Outbreaks of flu and accidents caused by harsh weather conditions often cause a winter admissions spike, but 51T are on hand with its range of tech solutions to ensure the smooth running of hospitals and health organisations.

In November 2014, the statistics from NHS England show that in one week there were 109, 273 hospital admissions, which is the highest ever number recorded. During October last year almost 5,000 patients were stuck in hospital needlessly – thanks to a lack of NHS staff to discharge patients and a lack of social care to help people return home.

The NHS is under more pressure than ever before, which is why it’s absolutely vital that staff can rely on fail proof equipment and methods of communications. As more health departments start to implement digital procedures, it’s important that the technology can be charged quickly and efficiently and is reliable at all times.

Peter Emslie, Sales Director of 51T said, “Health professionals are rushed off their feet at this time of year, and the last thing they need is for their handheld equipment to lose battery or the entire system to go down. Our forward thinking charging stations and cabinets provide a functional solution with modular designs to fit the needs of each department. Each product is fully repairable with replaceable parts should anything go wrong, so hospitals wouldn’t have to invest in a brand new system. The 51T charging solutions ensure the healthcare sector stays productive and running effectively, without having to worry about downtime or unreliable devices.”

For members of staff who are constantly on the go, moving from location to location, 51T makes it easier to stay in contact with colleagues and team leaders. This is essential for doctors and other health professionals who are constantly multi-tasking and treating lots of patients at once.

51T’s robust solutions are trusted by many industries with a remote workforce, such as the logistics sector, parcel delivery companies and the retail sector. With a very low failure rate, affordable prices and bespoke solutions for organisations, the company is also well placed to help the healthcare sector at its peak period.

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