A Spring Cleaning for Social Media

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to mean a weekend of dubious DIY tasks and clearing out cupboards in the office; having a social media spring clean can be highly effective for a business which uses the most popular networking sites to connect with their client base and attract new customers. Here are some tips to spring clean profiles and company pages on the most commonly used social networks.

  1. 1.       Twitter

Proving to be one of the most successful and innovative social networks, Twitter is a key marketing tool for many businesses. However it can only be utilised properly if the company account is following and followed by the correct people, achieving the right exposure. Numerous apps online can help to clean up a Twitter account on a basic level, unfollowing inactive accounts and those without profile pictures. It is also useful during this spring clean to find some new, influential users to follow and communicate with. Industry experts and prominent figures within all fields generally have Twitter accounts now, and making contact with them or at least following their feeds can have a positive impact on a company’s Twitter exposure. 

  1. 2.       Facebook

Updating a Facebook business account is largely about ensuring that the information given is correct and up to date. Check the ‘About’ section; are the URL, company contact number, address and link to other social networks still accurate? Facebook is also notorious for changing or tweaking the layout of user profiles every year or so; ensure that all graphics fit with the new format and upload a ‘cover image’ if this hasn’t already been done. Whenever a page updates information, pictures or changes their status, it notifies people who have ‘liked’ the page on their feed, so performing routine updates will help to keep the company fresh in the minds of those who follow them.

  1. 3.       LinkedIn

The so-called ‘professional’ network, LinkedIn is where networking can be carried out and valuable business contacts can be made. It is mostly utilised by individuals, but thousands of businesses also have pages on the site. Ensure that all individual skills and areas of expertise are up to date, and that any accomplishments the business has achieved are added for all to see. Update contact lists by going through stacks of professional business cards that have been received, and find their names on the network. Spend time connecting with people on this network, as it is impossible to know when an important, well-placed contact might come in handy. Why not check out CardsMadeEasy on LinkedIn to get started?

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