A1 Tuscany Villas Launches Unique Live Online Property Viewing Service

A1 Tuscany Villas, one of the leading providers of luxury villas in the Tuscan countryside, has developed an innovative way to show potential guests around their properties without jetting them out to Italy. With their live property viewing service, holidaymakers and tourists interested in renting one of the luxury villas are given a webcam tour by an agent who can be guided throughout the house, giving guests a more detailed idea of what the property is like.

Miriam Polvanesi, Business Development Manager of A1 TuscanyVillas said, “Our live property viewing service allows potential guests at our villas to examine the property in more detail before they agree to rent,” says “The real-time viewing helps them to avoid unpleasant surprises and gives them a real taste of the Italian luxury we can offer.”

The potential guests are given the opportunity to ‘stroll’ through the house with their webcam tour guide, who will give them a complete overview of all features. Property photos on online portal can sometimes be manipulated, or taken from the most flattering angles; with the live property viewing services, clients can ask to look into storage closets, examine the hidden alcoves and corners and get a good view of the immediate surroundings of the property to ensure that they are getting what they will be paying for.

A pre-arranged appointment is made with the agent beforehand and clients are then linked up to them via webcam to give instructions and listen to what they have to say about the property. The agents are also well-placed to offer advice about the property and the local amenities; they can establish how far away the nearest restaurants or supermarkets are, and they can offer advice on whether to rent a car or take public transport. This personal service goes above and beyond what many travel agents and holiday rental companies offer, and allows holidaymakers and tourists to better choose the property that they feel will best fit the demands of their family or the other members of their party.

A1 Tuscany Villas has an expansive array of luxury accommodation in Italy, with properties ranging from one-bed cottages to palatial seven-bedroom villas. Many of them have private pools, stunning vistas and surrounding landscapes and are conveniently located to enjoy the culture and historical value of some of the rural Italy’s quaintest villages.

For more information about the live property viewing service, or to browse the stunning range of holiday accommodation properties available, visit http://www.a1tuscanyvillas.com/

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A1 Tuscany Villas has a vast portfolio of stunning holiday properties for rent throughout Italy, with a live property viewing service for overseas clients who wish to see what they will be renting before they arrive.