Accepta Launch Eco-Friendly Energy Saving Control Programme for Cooling Towers – Introducing Accepta 0101

The water treatment experts at Accepta have launched a brand new cooling tower treatment ideal for small to mid-sized towers fed with medium to hard water. Accepta 0101 is the latest eco-friendly product innovation from the team, and it delivers a range of benefits to reinvigorate the performance of any cooling tower, improve legionella safety, reduce costs and save both water and energy.

Accepta 0101 is an innovative single liquid blend of high performance chemicals based on a unique Langelier control formulation with additional multi-metal corrosion inhibitors, designed to improve the control of scale and corrosion in small-to-medium cooling towers. Put simply, the high performance water additive helps to give operators full control over corrosion and scaling issues, as well as improving heat exchange efficiencies, optimising product dosage rates and reduce water usage.

Clive Harding, General Manager of Accepta says, “We’re thrilled to bring our brand new innovation onto the market, offering an exciting new way to restore and maintain efficiency of cooling towers, while simultaneously boosting performance and enhancing those all-important ‘green’ credentials with some important resource and energy saving measures. With Accepta 0101, businesses operating mid-sized cooling towers will benefit from improved ROI, heightened control over legionella and round-the-clock protection.”

Businesses that invest in Accepta 0101 are set to enjoy excellent returns on that investment, driven by both cost and resource savings. More efficient energy consumption, reductions in water usage and lower effluent discharge costs will help to ensure businesses reap the rewards of such an eco-friendly innovation. More detailed ROI calculations are available from the Accepta team, so confident are they that the new solution will prove a success.

The system control features the solution offers is also unrivalled. It can help cooling systems remain consistently clean, from cooling tower surfaces to sumps and tower packing. The frequency of the tower and pack cleans could also be reduced as a result of this, saving money and reducing down-time.

Mr Harding adds, “We’ve already accumulated a number of case studies showing incredible results from clients that are impressed with everything Accepta 0101 has to offer. For the businesses planning to invest in this solution, we provide detailed technical support for all clients, ensuring they’ll never be without a helping hand should there be an issue.”

Accepta has already cultivated a strong reputation for its water treatment solutions, and Accepta 0101 is set to continue their successful streak, offering a premium solution to customers and facilitating excellent savings across the board.

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