AJEA’s Introduction of Automatically Deploying Flood Barrier at The Flood Expo Hailed a Huge Success

AJEA’s appearance at this year’s The Flood Expo earlier this month has been hailed a huge success. It introduced its patent-pending product that could change the face of property level flood defences forever.

The team at AJEA attended the expo specifically to launch AutoFloodguardTM – a cost effective, automatically deploying flood barrier. Designed specifically for properties in areas at high risk of flooding, this unique new flood barrier offers 24-hour protection 365 days a year. Particularly helpful for anyone unable to deploy more traditional methods like sandbags or rigid boards, which do require considerable physical strength – and with increasingly unpredictable weather hitting the UK, the new solution is a must for those that want added peace of mind if they’re planning to leave their home for long periods.

Severe flooding has had a huge impact on many British communities over the last ten years, with anecdotal evidence suggested that flooding is more common now than at any point in recorded history. The Cornish village of Boscastle was hit in 2004, while the northern county of Cumbria was badly affected a year later, after a flood caused £250m worth of damage and affected 2,000 homes. The Somerset floods of 2013/14 are still vivid in the memories of many residents forced from their homes – and it’s not just the winter months that sees recurrent flooding. Britain’s wettest ever May – July hit Yorkshire particularly badly back in 2007, causing a total of £3.2bn of damage across the country.

John McGurk, Director of AJEA, says, “At a time when the weather is growing ever more unpredictable due to climate change, it’s crucial for properties situated in high flood-risk areas to have the appropriate defences against rising water levels. AutoFloodguardTM offers an automatic defence against floods. We were very excited to introduce this innovative new solution at the world’s biggest event of its kind, The Flood Expo. It proved to be a great success with interest from a number of industries, including central and local government.”

AutoFloodguardTM was introduced for the very first time at The Flood Expo – the world’s largest flood exhibition and conference. The event took place on the 14th – 15th of October, and AJEA was one of 150 exhibitors showcasing a range of products and solutions for the flood defence industry.

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For more information about The Flood Expo, and to book your tickets today, visit: http://www.thefloodexpo.co.uk/

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