Amazing Breathable Properties Make Silk the Perfect Summer Fabric

With winter setting in, the time has never been better to invest in a gorgeous 100% mulberry silk product from The Ethical Silk Co – perfect for cosying up on the cooler days and nights of the new season.

Silk is an incredibly breathable fabric and natural temperature regulator which makes a silk pillowcase a wonderfully refreshing companion whatever the time of year. Silk is also renowned for its capability to repel static electricity which means a silk pillowcase can help reduce hair breakage and thinning while maintaining natural levels of moisture that are essential for luscious, shiny locks.

Happy silk pillowcase customer, Caroline Bray says “I love the silk pillowcases. My son got me one for my birthday and I loved it so much I ordered another one. Now I wouldn’t use anything else.”

Newborns can also benefit from the astonishing properties of silk in the form of The Ethical Silk Co’s Gift For Life wraps. The gorgeous wraps make the perfect cover, throw or cot sheet for babies who find it difficult to deal with varying temperatures as seasons change. Available in two different sizes starting at just €50 makes the Gift For Life wrap the perfect ‘welcome to the world’ gift for any new arrival. 

For those who love to accessorise all year round, a silk scarf is a great purchase. The soft, ivory material looks amazing draped around the neck or shoulders but still lets the skin breathe when the sun is shining.

As well as expelling excess heat, silk has an array of other wondrous benefits that just cannot be found in conventional materials. The material is hypoallergenic which means it does not attract dust mites or other small particles. This makes it the ideal material for anyone who suffers from allergies or hyper sensitivity. The sumptuously soft and smooth texture of silk also makes it perfect for those with sensitive skin and recurring irritations that can flare up in the summer such as eczema.

Choosing an Ethical Silk Company product is not only a beautiful purchase but is also a 100% moral and eco-friendly choice. The company is dedicated to not harming any silkworms in the production process and undertakes all tailoring work in the Nano Nagle Tailoring Unit in Theni, India. The unit is run as part of the local Women’s Federation which aims to empower women through the running of self-help groups such as tailoring. 10% of profits are generously divided between homeless campaign group, Focus Ireland and the Jeevan Jothi AIDS Centre in Theni.

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About The Ethical Silk Co: Based in Ireland, The Ethical Silk Co retail gorgeous 100% mulberry silk products. The company is committed to making 100% eco-friendly and ethical choices, ensuring no silk worms are harmed or killed in the manufacturing process. The company donates 10% of its profits to  Focus Ireland  the Jeevan Jothi AIDS Centre in Theni who are associated with the unit in which Ethical Silk Company Products are produced.