AMI Launches Pioneering Management And Tracking System, AMI Nexis

Pioneers in its field, revolutionary company AMI has launched its exciting new online platform, AMI Nexis, an internet based software which utilises cutting edge GPS tracking devices for a variety of business applications. Heralded as the future of asset management and tracking, the software enables businesses to track a variety of occurrences, from the management of assets to the transportation of fleets.

Nexis ensures a safe and responsive system that adds value to businesses whilst enabling companies to manage their assets conveniently online from anywhere in the world. Users can log in from their Iphone, android, tablets, laptops, computers and phones compatible with Symbian and Java to watch live monitoring at an affordable low cost. The platform utilises business intelligence to ensure that companies can keep track of their most essential and necessary business assets. Easy to use with a straightforward lay out, the site includes a map, trackers, alerts, reminders, a list of drivers and an easy to view overall summary.

Companies are able to join the online hardware and software portal to keep an eye on lone workers, monitor machinery, site equipment, track goods and valuable assets in transit and monitor vulnerable people. Tailor made to suit each business the service is able to be completely managed by the consumer enabling them sovereignty over their service.

Iain Anderson, Joint Managing Director of The GAP Group said, “We are really excited about AMI Nexis and its ability to transform the way in which businesses operate. Now businesses have the power and control to ensure that their assets are protected and their staff are safe no matter where they are in the world. It’s the most advanced and comprehensive tracking system available in the market today.”

The cutting edge software has been developed out of the company’s expertise in the field of plant tracking solutions and fleet management systems rendering them the honour of being one of the UK’s leading developers and suppliers of innovative location based solutions. Enabling worldwide access, the system utilises high tech GPS and RF tracking systems to provide a secure, real time service that returns control and confidence to businesses.

Managers who travel regularly can log in anywhere to keep abreast of critical information and reports can be managed across a hierarchy of departments and regions.

David Hargreaves Managing Director for Clee Hill added, “It’s essential that businesses are able to account for their assets so that they can track where they are and keep everything secure. AMI Nexis enables businesses to minimise the risk of equipment theft, monitor the locations of fleets and drivers and keep a watchful eye on lone workers, as well as vulnerable people. It enables businesses to be the all seeing eye that can make sure that everything is running along as it should.”

Businesses are able to search the route optimiser function to locate the quickest route in order to drive down fuel and vehicle expenditures, monitor and prioritise the health and safety of workers and ensure that equipment and assets are accounted for.  The highly original platform is ideally suited for all businesses including taxi firms who need to be able to keep track of company cars, manufacturers who need to keep a watchful eye on items in transit and independently operating workers.

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About AMI: Founded in 2004, AMI is the UK’s leading supplier and developer of Technologically Advanced and Innovative Location based solutions particularly in the fields of plant tracking solutions and fleet management systems. Via consultations, AMI is able to tailor make appropriate solutions for a variety of businesses and companies each with their own individual specifications. Designed to increase the safety of various businesses, its solutions are beneficial for lone workers, machinery, site equipment, tracking goods in transit, high value loads, car, van and fleet tracking and the tracking of vulnerable people as well as a myriad of other options. 





It’s essential that businesses are able to account for their assets so that they can track where they are and keep everything secure
David Hargreaves Managing Director for Clee Hill