Animal lovers set to fall in love with gift bag set from aGreatLife

Set to tug on the heart strings of both gift givers and gift receivers, aGreatLife’s newest product line is set to take over celebrations in the cutest way possible. Adding to their range of spectacular gifts, the company has unveiled some very adorable additions in the form of animal-adorned gift bags.

Nothing catches people’s eyes and expels happiness more than a picture of a cute animal or two. Coming in a set of five, the gift bags feature some of the most adorable pictures captured of animals anywhere in the world. Featuring puppies playing with one another, as well as a cat laying on its back with its paws above its head, the bags are the perfect enclosure for thought-provoking and special gifts to loved ones.

Tony Christer, Co-Founder, said, “We live in a world full of animal lovers, so it only makes sense to provide people with gift bags that really expel that. Tugging on the heart strings of gift buyers all over the world, the bags provide a loving way to transport gifts. Ideal for those buying presents for their mums, aunties and children, the bags are perfect for all occasions.”

Coming complete with inspirational and thoughtful quotes, the generous bags are suitable for a plethora of occasions. From birthday gifts to graduation presents, they are certain to evoke emotions for all the right reasons. Made from a strong, heavy duty material that won’t break, the 250g copper-plate paper resists ripping and tearing, allowing users to fill them full of goodies. They also feature a water and dirt-resistant plastic film that covers the images to make sure that they stay bright and as good as new.

aGreatLife provides fun and unusual items for the whole family. Featuring a vast array of gifts in the form of kites and puzzles, the company offers some truly unusual and rare that they wouldn’t generally find on the high street. Their ethos is based around products that “look good, produce delight and improve quality of life”. And with over 100,000 satisfied customers, along with new lines being added all the time, the pleasurable brand look set to continue their success over the next year and beyond.

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