Anticipation Builds as US Portable Tech Specialists Reaches 500 Twitter Followers

RadGadget Labs has achieved a social media milestone after reaching over 500 followers on Twitter. The fan page was recently set up after the technology aficionados surpassed 200 likes on social media platform, Facebook.

Experts in providing thrill seekers with life enhancing technology, anticipation is building around the brand’s next announcement which those on the go hope will continue to enrich their day-to-day activities.

Richard Brant, Founder of RadGadget Labs said “We continue to be pleasantly surprised at the response we are getting from our growing social media community. Reaching 500 followers on Twitter shows us just how excited our audience is to hear about the latest RadGadget Labs products.

“This is just the beginning for RadGadgets Labs. This latest milestone has allowed us to interact with our customers effectively and meet their needs and requirements. Social media has given us a platform to engage with our audience and this is something we will continue to do to help us streamline our designs and create tech that slots seamlessly into active lives.”

RadGadget Labs has made a name for itself over the last few weeks; first their innovative Tykhe Bluetooth headphones were released and then the tech experts began to slowly dominate each social media platform as it was created.

Robust, durable and with standout sound quality, Tykhe Bluetooth headphones are designed to give adventure sports fans and outdoor enthusiasts all they need to enjoy their favorite hobbies to a rocking soundtrack.

Available in three colors and with different sized earbuds, users can simply plug in and forget, Created for an active lifestyle the headphones can be used on the move without the danger of wires getting caught or becoming uncomfortable.

Brant added, “We’ve had some really great engagement and communication on Twitter and we’re really looking forwards to seeing more action shots of the headphones being used across the country. We have several exciting initiatives planned for our social media community so watch this space!”

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About RadGadget Labs

Founded by Richard Brant, RadGadget Labs is committed to enrich the lives of technology users through the development of innovative technology. Drawing on years of customer service and internet marketing, RadGadget Labs gives everything thrill seekers need to live life to the fullest, without endangering themselves. Inspired by the Ancient Greek goddess of good luck, Tykhe, the technology specialists wish all their customers the very best in what they do and hope the goddesses’ guidance will help them live life to the fullest.