Are You Feeling Lucky? Cool Dude Meets Arcade Action in Latest iOS App Launch from Episty

Cool dude, Lucky Joe brings his own unique brand of swagger to iOS today with the launch of a brand new mobile action game for iPhone and iPad.

Developed by digital agency Episty, Lucky Joe is a creative arcade game. With gangster looks, hipster hair and cool shades, Joe is undoubtedly the coolest guy around Lucky Joe involves helping him climb ladders into the sky to collect spheres of bubblegum. Accompanied by a funky cast of quirky characters, Joe must climb as high as possible against a multitude of fun backgrounds and settings, including mountains, sprawling cityscapes and jungle scenes.

Epistys team of designers, developers and digital experts has melded creative nous with game play savvy. The result is a fusion of unique game play with a hip user interface for an app that is sure to have the downloads stacking up.

Jay Li, Technical Director of Episty says, Over the last few years weve launched a number of highly successful projects that have attracted millions of views and downloads and we think Lucky Joe will be the next big thing on the App Store. The fun and interactive app will have players coming back for more, and weve got a great cast of quirky characters that can be unlocked as you progress.

Jay adds, The game lands on the iOS App Store today for the first time, and will be available for free download. Lucky Joe is yet another great example of our abilities as digital developers, and were thrilled to be able to showcase it for the first time!

Lucky Joe is part of a wider project at Episty, examining what makes a great mobile game. In a recent blog post, Episty identified the elements that make mobile gaming so enjoyable, including positive reinforcement from winning or progressing, the convenience of having a game on your phone, the challenge of the game itself and beautiful design. Lucky Joe has all of these elements in spades its fun and convenient, progressing through the levels gives you a real thrill, and its vibrant design and cool cast of characters make it a joy to play.

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