Art and Apparel Collide at Upcoming Cannes Fashion Festival

The Cannes Fashion Festival, which takes place this coming May 20-22, will couple art with couture as it announces another cultural signing. Contemporary Swiss pop art painter, Gabinka is the latest name to join the festival’s ever growing list of illustrious artists lending their talent to the inaugural event.

Riding the waves of success from her recent debut at the Friars Club Gala in New York and subsequent exhibit at Miami’s Art Basel Festival, Gabinka’s kaleidoscopic paintings will grace the walls of the Salon Croisette at the Hotel Majestic Barriere throughout the Cannes Fashion Festival. Festival attendees will be able to view a curated collection of Gabinka’s work, as well as order select pieces.  

Cannes Fashion Festival Managing Director, Rose Marie Perez said, “We’re ecstatic to have secured such a well-known name to exhibit as part of the first ever Cannes Fashion Festival. We adore Gabinka’s work and with her vivid colors, stunning attention to detail, quirky themes and bold portrayals, we believe she is the perfect fit for the event.”

To show her support for the Cannes Fashion Festival and charities, Gabinka will donate a unique art piece to be auctioned off during the Royal House of Mandela Gala Dinner on May 20. With the support of the Mandela Foundation, the event presents the Mandela International Film Festival in honor of the legendary politician, revolutionary and philanthropist Nelson Mandela.

Born in the Czech Republic, Gabinka grew up in the hold of a communist society. Though rather than quash her curiosity for freedom, creativity and the Western world, the end of the revolution saw her embrace these liberties through painting and art. Exploring themes of emotions, sex, power and pain, her masterpieces are a reflection of the synchronized good and bad that exists in everyday life. 

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About Gabinka

Born in the Czech Republic and currently residing in Switzerland, Gabinka is an expressionist pop art painter. Her work explores a myriad of themes, all played out with vivid colors, fluid lines and intricate detail. She has showcased her work at several events, culminating with an exhibition at the Majestic Hotel as part of the 2015 Cannes Fashion Festival. She is currently sponsored by Swiss firm Artlima AG and managed by former Michael Jackson manager, Dieter Wiesner.