Art2Arts Community Continues to Grow Ten Years On

As online art gallery Art2Arts celebrates its tenth year in operation this May, a steady host work from contemporary artists are added to the websites roster of talent each day. Showing no sign of slowing down, this innovative platform for buying and selling art continues to grow and it celebrates a decade in business.

Coinciding with the thrilling landmark, Art2Arts welcomes innovative and vibrant new work from Pauline Thomas this May. Already a huge hit on the site, her latest offering of bold abstract paintings ‘Success’, ‘Ignition’ and more add to her established night time scenery offerings, in an exciting move by the artist.

Dublin born, London based Maureen Greenwood offers up ‘More Memories of Norway, the latest in her consistent output of dreamy scenescapes and nostalgia available to buy online, all created in her signature style.

With her large scale paintings for sale, award winning artist Hannah Adamaszek has also joined Art2Arts this month. Her mystic portraits of a gazing woman are created in cheery pastel hues, produced to help form a peaceful escape for the viewer, away from their chaotic life.

Michelle Gibbs, director of Art2Arts commented, “For any company it is a momentous time to achieve ten years in business, and I have enjoyed celebrating it with my community of artists who have helped us continue to keep uploading a steady stream of original artwork to be discovered in our online art gallery. This month we have welcomed a plethora of pieces from artists who have joined us at this exciting time. It is also amazing to see established artists who have been with us from the beginning to keep on using our website, supporting us more as we enter our tenth year of providing beautiful paintings for sale for happy homeowners. This landmark has motivated me to keep on searching for the best creative talent, to ensure our community grows for another ten years to come!”

Supporting the platform from the start, Caroline Ashwood is a long-standing artist who has been selling her abstract canvases bursting with colour for ten years with Art2Arts. CK Woods textured floral scenes, stamped with a distinctive quality has also ensured happy customers keep returning back to the online art gallery time and time again.

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Art2Arts is a growing online art gallery and community of artists all striving for the same goal - to offer something unique and one-off to customers. It prides itself on selling no mass produced prints, with only original artwork on offer to home-owners, collectors and businesses looking for that something different.