ArtPlus Launch Exclusive Couture Skin Jewellery Collection with Private Label Design Service

In perfect time for the Christmas party season when ladies all over the world will be dressing to impress and puckering up under the mistletoe, fashion forward accessory designers Artplus, are proud to reveal their new range of skin jewellery. Also on offer is a private labelling service providing high street brands the opportunity to design their own unique accessory collections.

The new Midnight Collection of skin jewellery certainly ups the style ante and offers any outfit a touch of elegance, whether it’s a strapless dress, a backless gown or a sleek mini designed to bare those pins.

There are dozens of beautiful styles and designs to choose from, some perfectly suited for ring fingers, others designed specially to line up with the spine, and some which can be placed anywhere on the body, from arms, legs and ankles to the chest area, shoulder or neckline. Comfortable and durable, these striking fashion accessories are an elegant alternative to permanent tattoo. Women have the option to mix and match designs to suit their outfit and even style their own.

Body art, particularly skin and Swarovski tattoos are now “couture” and having become bespoke, designs are limited only by imagination. Promoted by various music artists, fashion designers and media superstars by way of music videos, catwalk’s and fashion shows or exposure through media coverage, consumer demand is high.

Yang Ge, the CEO of Artplus comments, "We are looking for select global partners who share our vision, passion and recognise the opportunities our skin jewellery brings not only today but for the foreseeable future. We want to hear from buyers who are inspired by our collections and are confident they can order sufficient quantities either as Artplus branded or under their own private label."

This service allows the world’s most coveted brands to complement their latest collections with a stunning range of high-impact skin accessories.

Whether clients introduce the midnight collection to their customers or commission their own designs,  ArtPlus designers are confident they can produce an end product  that not only is  beautiful, comfortable and durable but something complimentary, enhancing our partners brands and fashion collections.

Yang Ge continues, “We’re currently offering a unique private label service that will enable some of the fashion industry’s leading lights to add stunning skin art to their range, as a dramatic accessory that is sure to impress. Our world-class design team can produce bespoke skin jewellery based on any specifications. Customers also have the option of sending in their own artwork and see it brought to life with our unique formula. Designs can be as unique as the individual"

ArtPlus Skin jewellery complements a range of outfits, from high fashion to street style, and the ArtPlus team can collaborate with brands targeting a variety of demographics to create beautiful, elegant and eye-catching skin accessories that fashionistas will go crazy for.”

All skin art and jewellery from ArtPlus is made with quality materials with an emphasis on durability, flexibility, safety, lightweight and the most natural feel. The jewels that provide the finishing touches to each design are genuine Swarovski crystals and each piece is hand finished to ensure quality without compromise – making it perfect for adding a touch of sparkle to any outfit or occasion.

As fashion brands seek ways to stand out from the crowd and tap into the latest trends, ArtPlus gives buyers and decision-makers a fantastic way to incorporate something new and exclusive into their existing range of products. Body art is renowned as one of the most powerful forms of self-expression, and with couture options from ArtPlus, luxury brands can maintain their elite image while offering a beautiful accessory with mass appeal.

The fashion-forward women of today don’t want to follow trends – nor do they necessarily want to set them. They want to march to the beat of their own drum – and the ArtPlus private label offering allows brands to cater to this exact need.

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