Award Winning Director Invites TV Fans To Be A Part Of Brand New Crime Drama Series

Award winning director Jamaal Green has announced the launch of a crowdfunding campaign which will give psychological thriller and crime drama fans the chance to back the brand new web series, ‘Chronicles of a Profiler’. The drama has been written and directed by up-and-coming film maker Jamaal Green, Creative Director of the New York production company Time Squared Arts.

In return for supporting the crowdfunding campaign to back the cost of producing the series, benefactors will receive a range of once-in-a-lifetime rewards including the chance to be a part of the series and pen a crucial plot arc. The rewards on offer range from a mention on the ‘Chronicles of a Profiler’ social media channels, access to exclusive behind the scenes footage and a special mention in the credits to being an extra or walk on in a future episode. The highest endowments will get the chance visit the set or to become filmmakers themselves by creating an integral plot point for an episode.

Jamaal Green, creator of ‘Chronicles of a Profiler’ said, “Already a lot of work has been put into creating this dark crime drama. We have made the first episode and are getting ready to release it on the web. Now we need the help of the public, through crowdfunding so we can get the rest of the series completed and uploaded so that fans of the genre all round the world can enjoy it. The team and I are eternally grateful to anyone who helps this project come to fruition, which is why we are offering some fantastic rewards in return for support.”

The series itself is a tense, psychological crime drama with elements of the supernatural. It is set in the woods of Bucks County, Pennsylvania and centers around the world of Jack Sheppard, a reclusive former detective who has isolated himself from outside world in order to escape from his dark and checkered past. Jack also has a gift; haunted by lucid dreams in which he can see horrific crimes being committed, sometimes even before they happen. Although these dreams occur to him in precise detail, the only faces he is able to see are those of the dead. Though he has cut himself off from his past, friends, family and a longtime foe track him down and force him to confront his inner demons.

The series is sure to appeal to any fans of dark psychological dramas and detective stories, such as the recent smash hit ‘Hannibal’ or the 90’s classic series ‘The X Files.’ Written and directed by award winning film maker Jamaal Green, it is being produced by Time Squared Arts, a production company based in New York’s legendary Film Center Building. The company specializes in creating short films, music videos, web series and commercials.

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Jamaal Green is the Creative Director at Time Squared Arts.  A graduate of the Digital Film Academy in NYC, Jamaal is a writer, cinematographer and award winning director.  His short film, Curveball, was selected into multiple festivals and won best short at Indie Fest USA and Atlantic City Cinefest.   He recently wrapped up his most recent project, a dark drama, Character Flaw, and is working on ‘Chronicles of a Profiler’.