BeSafe Partner With The National Union Of Students To Offer Discounted, High Quality Condoms

BeSafe have partnered with the National Union of Students to provide teens and young adults with high quality, discounted condoms. Designed to eradicate the ramifications of unsafe sex such as unwanted pregnancy and the spread of STDs, students are offered a discount of close to 75% off when paying with an NUS Extra Card.

The range of colourful scented condoms boasts 600mg of lubricant, 300mg more than any other condom brand ensuring a heightened pleasurable experience as well as optimised safety. With alarming statistics from the Health Protection Agency revealing that young people aged 18-24 within the UK face the highest risk of developing an HIV infection, teens are urged to prioritise safe sex with partners.

Within the last decade, the 18-24 demographic has seen a rise in new AIDS diagnosis of 70%. The staggering statistic has motivated leading condom brand BeSafe to partner with the National Union of Students to make safe sex a priority. Designed to encourage students to enjoy their fun and dynamic lifestyles whilst being conscious of safety and promoting affordable health, students are able to purchase condoms at discounted prices by entering their Student Extra Card number when they check out online.

The titillating, safety conscious range includes an assortment of condoms designed to the highest standards that comply with rigorous testing procedures. Encountering an identical process to the world’s leading condom manufacturer, all products are marked with a ‘CE’ symbol confirming that they are able to prevent disease.

Keyvan Khodakhah, managing director of BeSafe Corporation Limited says, “Being a teenager is about having fun. For students especially, sex is a part of that. Horrifying statistics surrounding unplanned pregnancies and raging STDs are influencing the way that students conduct their sex lives. We want to promote a culture of safe sex so that we can diminish the risks posed to young people. Sex is fun and enjoyable, but the party is over as soon as someone contracts an infection or falls pregnant. We want to show teens that safe sex should be second nature and that condoms can be a fun, pleasurable and intimate way to enjoy sex with a partner that also keeps you safe.”

Students are able to purchase a mixed assortment of condoms in batches of 18, 24 or 30. Typically priced between £15 - £25, the students discount dramatically reduces the price to between £4-£5. Students can also purchase three condoms from any of the brands range including ArouseMe, ExciteMe, LoveMe, SurpriseMe, TeaseMe and HoldMe, also available on Amazon.

Students not in possession of an NUS Card can purchase one for £12 providing discounted purchases for a full 12 months from the date of purchase. All profits generated from sales garner much needed income for Students’ Unions and also provide funding for NUS Student Welfare Campaigns.

Khodakhah added, “Students are becomingly increasingly health conscious in their habits, from the foods they eat to how much they drink to how they conduct their sex lives. We are happy that our condoms can help young people to make wise decisions whilst having fun at the same time.”

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About Besafe Corporation Limited: Besafe Corporation Limited prioritise the health and well-being of teenagers and young adults primarily aged 18-24. Their range of condoms, hand sanitizers and sun tan lotions are designed to promote healthy, proactive choices as teens and young adults enjoy their busy lifestyles. Their high quality range of colourful, scented condoms is enabling millions all over the world to indulge in safe sex whilst eliminating the consequences of unwanted pregnancy and disease. Founded in 2007, all condoms undergo a rigorous testing procedure and are CE certified.