Bikinner Launches Brazilian Collection to Celebrate E-Boutique Grand Opening

Things are heating up at the Bikinner e-boutique which is celebrating its grand opening with the launch of a super sexy Brazilian bikini collection. The teeny tiny sets feature a myriad of audacious styles designed exclusively for girls that aren’t afraid to flaunt what their mamas gave them. Summer may be fading to a distant memory but for the ladies with their sights set on midwinter getaways, Bikinner is sizzling with sexy sets.

The online Brazilian based company is now delivering gorgeous bikinis across the globe. Defined by cheeky cuts, colourful palates and oodles of sex appeal, the brand new Brazilian collection is utterly off the hook.

It offers ladies a chance to step out in the fieriest Brazilian styles sourced straight from the nation’s most talked about designers. Defined by rich colours, daring styles, cheeky cuts and bold embellishments such as metals, stones and leather, Bikinner sets are utterly unique. For beach goers in search of something a little hotter than a run of the mill high street swimsuit, the Bikinner e-boutique is a must shop destination. 

Brenda Herrera, Head of Sales and Stylish Chief, says that "Brazil has an enormous quantity of small designers producing hi-quality bikinis that are not marketed or available to the global potential buyers".

While the bikini may not have been invented in Brazil, the nation’s racy ladies quickly reimagined it as a sexy and sensual design that created a global stir. Today, Brazil launched more swimwear trends than any other country on the planet. From the sun kissed beaches of Rio de Janeiro to catwalks of New York city, Brazilian flair has well and truly made its mark in the global beach fashion scene. 

The seductive style of Brazilian beachwear is underpinned by an inherent sense of self-esteem, security, maturity and of course, a healthy relationship with the physique. Brazilians call this the "the cult of the body" and Bikinner exists to celebrate this philosophy. Led by a stylish team with a keen eye for hunting down Brazil’s latest bikini trends, Bikinner is the go to retailer for bathing suits that rock. HQ sifts through samples from thousands of Brazilian beachwear manufacturers, with only the crème de la crème making an appearance on the e-boutique.

Herrera says, “We’re so excited to finally launch our e-boutique and what better way to celebrate than by launching a seriously sexy Brazilian bikini collection that will have jaws dropping? You’re welcome ladies!”

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Bikinner is an on-trend e-boutique retailing a stunning collection of bikinis for the modern woman. The team hand selects designs from thousands of Brazilian brands to curate a collection of the country’s hottest sets.